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On 79 Year Old’s To Do List: Rob Bank

From the west Michigan CBS affiliate WWMT:

Police say 79-year-old made a to-do list that included bank robbery

March 02, 2010

CALHOUN COUNTY, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – A strange to-do list has landed a Calhoun County man behind bars.

Prosecutors say 79-year-old Donald Evans robbed the independent Bank on West Columbia in Battle Creek in February. The evidence against Evans includes a to-do list that specifies ‘robbing a bank.’

Battle Creek has seen bank robberies before, but the Battle Creek Police Department says it’s hard to remember if any 79-year-olds have been involved in such robberies before, but that’s what they say happened when Evans made a list of things to do in mid-February. At the end of that list was to rob a bank.

Who hasn’t found, as the years go by, that they have to write things down or they’ll forget to do them?

It’s not clear whether Evans had a weapon when he came to the Independent Bank on February 13th, but according to police what he did have was desperation enough to convince himself that robbing a bank was his only recourse for getting cash.

Police say the 79-year-old Evans was arrested on Friday after tips led them to him. Police say that when they found Evans, he even had a news clipping about the robbery. Now Evans could be facing some serious time behind bars, and police say he’s part of an alarming trend of desperation.

“I think you’re going to see an increase in bank robberies,” said Det. Sgt. Todd Madsen of the Battle Creek Police Department. “I mean there’s the guy that’s hitting Paw Paw, Coldwater, he’s done a string of them, and we had one here in Battle Creek that’s tied to some in Grand Rapids. I think that the way things are right now, financially, and hard times and stuff, you’re going to see an increase in robberies, especially the banks.”

We suspect that if this had happened during the Bush administration Mr. Evans would be the national poster child our “desperate” economic times.

But in the golden age of Obama this story probably won’t make it out of the local market.

Madsen said that Evans didn’t want to talk to police, but when he went to the Calhoun County jail he did say that he needed the money for women, gambling, and alcohol.

Fair enough! At least he didn’t want the money for something frivolous.

It was an excited statement, and Madsen suspects those are the things that got Evans in money trouble in the first place, and that he saw bank robbery as his last option.

Ah, so maybe it wasn’t the “desperate” times of a bad economy after all.

Evans will be prosecuted at the local level instead of federally, and his charges could send him to prison for life.

If only Mr. Evans had gone into politics he would be revered as an elder statesman, maybe even ‘a lion,’ for roughly the same behavior – just on a larger scale.

Heck, he might even be the chairman of the House’s powerful Ways And Means committee.

As the saying goes: ‘never steal anything small.’

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One Response to “On 79 Year Old’s To Do List: Rob Bank”

  1. jobeth says:

    ” he did say that he needed the money for women, gambling, and alcohol”

    The old boy was just working his way through his bucket list.

    At 79, the fact that women were still on his list of needs is admirable!

    I noticed he didn’t say he needs the little blue pill for assistance.
    However, I rather expect that’s the real reason he needed the amount of money only a bank can produce. I understand those little blue pills can be expensive! lol

    Hey, life has its necessities!

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