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80 Plus Afghan Schoolgirls Sick From Odor

From a clueless Associated Press:

80 Afghan schoolgirls sick in week; poison feared


April 25, 2010

KABUL — More than 80 schoolgirls have fallen ill in three cases of mass sickness over the past week in northern Afghanistan, raising fears that militants who oppose education for girls are using poison to scare them away from school, authorities said Sunday.

The latest case occurred Sunday when 13 girls became sick at school, Kunduz provincial spokesman Mahbobullah Sayedi said. Another 47 complained of dizziness and nausea on Saturday, and 23 got sick last Wednesday. All complained of a strange smell in class before they fell ill.

None of the illnesses have been serious, and medical officials were still investigating the exact cause. The Health Ministry in Kunduz said blood samples were inconclusive and were being sent to Kabul for further testing.

Sayedi blamed the sickness on "enemies" who oppose education for girls. Presidential spokesman Waheed Omar said any attempt to keep girls out of school is a "terrorist act." …

Last year, dozens of schoolgirls were hospitalized in Kapisa province, just northeast of Kabul, after many collapsed with headaches and nausea. A strange odor filled the schoolyard before the students fell ill. The Taliban was blamed, but research into similar mass sickenings elsewhere has suggested that some might be the result of group hysteria

Sure it is “group hysteria.”

After all, when have the Taliban ever gone after school girls?

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5 Responses to “80 Plus Afghan Schoolgirls Sick From Odor”

  1. jobeth says:

    “The Taliban was blamed, but research into similar mass sickenings elsewhere has suggested that some might be the result of group hysteria…”

    We must never “profile”. Just because the Taliban has objected to education for girls in the past….Just because there have been multitudes of little girls having had acid thrown in their faces on the way to school…that gives us no right to blame them.

    Profiling is bad…we must examine all the Swedes. It could well be them! Or the Japanese!
    Or the Canadians…or any number of other groups.

    Just because these actions fit past rhetoric and actions, gives us no reason to racially profile.

    Sound silly? Of course it is.

    So is it silly that AZ is having to do the Fed’s job while the Feds call THAT profiling.

    Where oh where has my beloved country gone…I suppose its in ether land with common sense.

    I guess the next time a bank robber is described as having black hair and aa blue coat we will be mandated to ignore the black hair and blue coat and stop all the blonds with red coats.

    Change we can believe in?

  2. joeblough says:

    More of that high-tone taliban morality we keep hearing about.

  3. crate says:

    group hysteria , wow there has to be a reason a group is scared like that?

  4. wardmama4 says:

    Wait – I thought that the Tal-i-ban (as The Won pronounces it) wanted to surrender and just get on with life as usual (as long as Sharia Law is instituted) in their madrassa.

    You do know – while all the muslims are screaming about how awful the World (the US in particular, Christians next in line – Ok maybe the Jews next) are to muslims in the World – that in fact – more muslims are killed by other muslims every year in the past 3 decades.

    Hmm, given the past history of Sharia Law, the Tal-i-ban and the above fact – I’d have to come down on the side of a Tal-i-ban terroristic attack rather than group hysteria (always, always use the word hysteria when referring to the female gender – it’s in Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals).

  5. Georgfelis says:

    Mass sociogenic illness is the occurrence of a group of nonspecific physical symptoms for which no organic cause can be determined and is often transmitted by ‘line of sight’. In this case I might be willing to say it would be the most probable reason for the symptoms, in particular if (as they say) no chemicals were detected. MSI has popped up in the US even among doctors, and since we have a group of highly-stressed young women as the subject group here, that makes it more probable. (See http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15080215 )

    Now that does not mean I don’t think these bastards are above using nerve gas on children, just that I don’t think they actually did it. Yet.

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