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80% Of Americans ‘Unhappy’ With Washington

From CBS News:

Poll: 80% of Americans unhappy with Washington

Poll analysis by Sarah Dutton, Jennifer De Pinto, Anthony Salvanto and Fred Backus | March 26, 2013

Amid the debate over the federal budget and the failure to come to an agreement to avoid the sequester, eight in 10 Americans are unhappy with how things are going in Washington, including 30 percent who are angry, up nine points since December and the highest level of anger recorded since the question was first asked in 2010.

Dissatisfaction with Washington cuts across party lines, but Republicans and independents are more likely than Democrats to say they are angry.

Elections have consequences.

In addition, the percentage of Americans who say the country is headed in the right direction (32 percent) is down eight points since early February…

As anger toward Washington has risen, President Barack Obama’s overall approval rating has taken a bit of a hit. Forty-five percent of Americans now approve of the job Mr. Obama is doing as president, down from 52 percent last month…

That is a seven point drop in one month. And more proof that his sequester gambit did not work.

Mr. Obama’s overall rating among independents is more negative (50 percent) now compared to last month (37 percent)…

Which is a whopping 13% change of heart among independents in just one month.

Americans continue to believe the sequester cuts will be bad for the country (41 percent) in the long run, and just 28 percent expect their effect to be good for the country. However, the view that sequester will have no impact has doubled since early March before the cuts took effect, from 12 percent up to 23 percent now…


Partisan views on this are only slightly different. Republicans are mixed as to whether the sequester will be good (36 percent) or bad (36 percent), and Democrats are more pessimistic (48 percent believe the sequester will be bad). Independents are the most likely of all three groups to see no impact.

Americans assign political blame about equally to President Obama (35 percent) and congressional Republicans (39 percent) for the failure to avert the sequester.

Oops again.

Thinking more broadly about the deficit, most Americans do not see a clear connection between a lower deficit and an improved economy. Fewer than half, 42 percent, believe cutting the deficit will improve the economy, but nearly as many – 39 percent — say they are not sure, and another 9 percent think there would be no effect. On the other hand, it couldn’t hurt: just 6 percent say it would make things worse…

Our news media and education system are to be congratulated. To paraphrase Shakespeare: ‘Some are born dumb. Some have dumbness thrust upon them by the news media and the schools.’

In order to reduce the deficit, Americans are not willing to cut three major items in the federal budget: they’re opposed to cutting defense (58 percent) and strongly opposed to cutting programs like Social Security and Medicare (eight in 10). They’re somewhat willing to make cuts to other, unspecified programs that benefit them, but personally paying more in taxes finds little favor…

Oops once more. This is not the way it was supposed to work.

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4 Responses to “80% Of Americans ‘Unhappy’ With Washington”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Washington DC will never be able to buy enough bullets

  2. River0 says:

    Problem is that most voters see Obummer as detached from the corruption, incompetence, and stupidity. They’re “low-information voters”, meaning they haven’t the capacity or character to connect the simple line of dots. They don’t even listen to what he and the Demonicrats SAY, and somehow think they’re not responsible for the catastrophe unfolding before our eyes.

    The president’s approval rating would be 24% if these voters had even average awareness. His disapproval rating would be75%.

    Sure, some GOP RINOs are complicit.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I’ve given this LIV thing a little thought and I think it comes down to our societal behavior. The things that are hard to do…people prefer that others do for them. Just like anything else, there’s the things we enjoy thinking about and then there’s the hard things. Tough decisions, making a judgement, evaluating a situation, what used to be known as “critical thinking” which, I believe is no longer taught in school as a means to an end; The end being adult, independently thinking people.

      But given that so much else in life is now taken care of by others, is it any stretch of the imagination that thinking critically is now done by others FOR others. Only it’s not objective, critical thinking. It’s barely even thinking at all. It’s propaganda fed to the drooling mouth-breathers who want others to do their thinking for them.

      The other facet is that the person whose thinking is done by others is therefore not responsible for any of it. And, by going along with the national socialist line of “thinking”, you can’t ever be held to have been responsible for any of your actions related to that thinking.

      Put more directly, it’s yet another way to avoid responsibility. The expression that they just do what the TV tells them to do isn’t that far off the mark, it would seem. Being an adult and being a conservative means being responsible for oneself.

      But being a liberal means that it’s nature’s fault or someone else’s fault or the timing wasn’t right or any number of a million and one things to avoid the truth which is that the individual who is in a crack put themselves there. Yes, I’ve done it and been forced to admit it to myself. Bitten off more than I can chew, spoken “out of turn”, gotten my facts wrong, having to apologize, all of it.

      But liberals never are, or do.

      I heard once upon a time, “The reason they get so angry with you is because they expect so much of you.” In other words, they don’t get mad at anyone who they don’t expect anything from. Thus if your expectations are low, don’t be disappointed when they even fail to meet them.

      Therefore, we have millions of people out there who I expect nothing from. I drive my car that very same way. I fully expect the other idiot to do the stupidest possible thing and try to ruin my day. Hell of a way to think about things but…it’s saved me and my car or truck many times. I instantly assume that nitwit on their cellphone is going to blow the stop sign and drive right into me. That line of reasoning has paid off several times over the years. Driving defensively they call it.

      I live defensively as well. I fully expect that when I call the power company, the twit on the other end is going to be of no help at all and will not understand my question. Very often, customer service is a misnomer at best and a haven for otherwise unemployables at worst. I hope for the best but expect the worst. Sucks…but…again…here we are.

      That’s life. But on a humorous note…nothing makes me smile harder than a liberal trying to deal with a customer service twit. The irony….

    • River0 says:

      A-men, Rusty. We’ve traveled so far down the socialist, no consequences road – having crossed the Rubicon ages ago – that there’s only one opportunity left for all of us. Total collapse, the clear consequence of corruption and ineptitude.

      The truth and what to do about it cannot be discussed anymore.

      Richard Fernandez at PJ Media has this piece entitled Last Mover Advantage; Just survive, until the low-information voters destroy themselves.


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