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82% Of KY Obama-Care Sign-Ups Are For Medicaid

From the Associated Press:

More than 26,000 Kentuckians sign up for coverage

By ROGER ALFORD and DYLAN LOVAN | October 25, 2013

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — Three weeks into the federal health care overhaul, more than 26,000 Kentuckians have signed up for medical coverage, the vast majority of whom will become Medicaid recipients.

Gov. Steve Beshear released updated enrollment numbers Thursday, showing that 21,342 people have been enrolled in the state’s Medicaid program and another 4,832 in private insurance plans through the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange…

Notice how the AP puts this. They refuse to come out an actually say that out of 26,174 ‘sign ups’ for Obama-Care, only 4,832 have actually been people signing up to buy insurance. Which means that a whopping 82% of Kentucky’s Obama-Care sign-ups have been for Medicaid. (21,3420 out of 26,174 = 81.5%.) But the AP doesn’t even mention that little detail.

In fact, On NBC’s On Meet The Press, yesterday, Gov. Beshear admitted that out of those 26,000 sign-ups, 21,000 people went straight to Medicaid." But nobody even blinked at this. Indeed, The New York Times calls Kentucky: "one of the most successful state-based exchanges."

"We’ve had sort of a perfect rollout in Kentucky," Beshear told The Associated Press on Wednesday. "We hit the ground running. We wanted to make sure that when this kicked off, it was going to work, and that our people would have every opportunity to sign up."

More than 300,000 people have visited the exchange website. Of that number, nearly 268,000 have conducted pre-screenings to determine eligibility for Medicaid or for government subsidies to buy private insurance. In addition, 51,482 people have begun filling out applications.

But the IRS has not been verifying incomes. The GOP only got the administration to promise to start trying to verify income as a concession in the debt ceiling deal. So one wonders how these people are having their eligibility determined.

President Barack Obama was so impressed with Kentucky’s smooth rollout of his health care reforms that he called Beshear on Tuesday to thank him…

Why not? The point is to get more people dependent on the government, one way or the other.

In fact, one could argue that the ultimate goal of Obama-Care is to take money away from Medicare (which people paid into all their working lives), and give it to Medicaid (which nobody paid a dime into). That is ‘social justice,’ Obama-style.

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One Response to “82% Of KY Obama-Care Sign-Ups Are For Medicaid”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I did not know you can just ‘choose’ to ‘sign up’ for Medicaid. I’ve been under the impression (apparently false) that Medicaid is needs-based and you had to be truly desperate to receive such Aid.

    I’m a fool.

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