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85% Of College Grads Move Back Home

From CNN’s Money.Com:

Boomerang kids: 85% of college grads move home

By Jessica Dickler, staff writer
October 14, 2010

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) — Getting a degree used to be a stepping stone to limitless career opportunities. Now it’s more of a hiatus from living under your parents’ roof.

Stubbornly high unemployment — nearly 15% for those ages 20-24 — has made finding a job nearly impossible. And without a job, there’s nowhere for these young adults to go but back to their old bedrooms, curfews and chore charts. Meet the boomerangers.

"This recession has hit young adults particularly hard," according to Rich Morin, senior editor at the Pew Research Center in DC.

So hard that a whopping 85% of college seniors planned to move back home with their parents after graduation last May, according to a poll by Twentysomething Inc., a marketing and research firm based in Philadelphia. That rate has steadily risen from 67% in 2006.

"It’s peaking at levels we have not seen before," said David Morrison, managing director and founder of Twentysomething.

Mallory Jaroski, 22 graduated from Penn State University in May but has been living at home with her mother while looking for a job in press relations. "It’s not bad living with my mom, but I feel like a little kid. I have a little bed, a little room," she says

They voted for Mr. Obama.

Now they have to lie in it.

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16 Responses to “85% Of College Grads Move Back Home”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I’m reminded of country comic Jerry Clower’s line …. “them kids you sent out in the wide world? Theyll be coming home (two beats) and they’s bringing more with’em!”

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    …but I feel like a little kid. I have a little bed, a little room,” she says…

    But have them you do…Lots of people in this economy have lost everything. Think about that when you whine about your “little bed, little room” you spoiled little sh–.

    • mr_bill says:

      But Rusty, they are entitled to a McMansion, paid for by the sweat and labor of others. /sarc

      Its only a matter of time before the regime begins confiscating forclosed homes and giving them to our unemployed young people so they can feeeeeeeel better about themselves. They’ll probably call it something ridiculous like “emotional justice.”

      Our entitlement generation needs a dose of modesty and a spoonful of shame to remind them exactly how well they have it. Even the poorest among us live better than much of the rest of the world.

  3. proreason says:

    This has the potential to be the best news of the millenium.

    But…..that assumes the little darlings don’t want to live with mommy and daddy…..and in the age of Obamy, my assumption may be wrong.

    • untrainable says:

      That assumption goes both ways. Do the kids want to be there, and do the parents want to spend their retirement cash keeping the little darlings in the fashion to which they have become accustomed? All those ultra-lib parents out there are about to reap the benefits of their beliefs and have an entire generation of couch lounging loafs living in their basements. Hoisted on their own philosophy. Now THAT is fair.

      Unfortunately, when the libs get what they deserve, the rest of us have to suffer along with them.

    • proreason says:

      Yes, to complete the point, I assume that 23 year olds don’t want to live with mommy anymore and hence some at least will turn against the policies that are making it happen.

      As you added, the parents can’t be very happy about the situation either.

      If this continues another year, it’s hard to see how the Moron can be re-elected. The youth vote was a big part of his criminal coalition in 2008. Of course, young people weren’t really criminal, just hopelessly stupid.

      Having to live with mommy must be demoralizing.

      PS: if I had any adult kiddies at home, I would set a strict rule about no visitors behind closed doors, unless kiddie signed a pledge to vote conservative. I might even do what that brilliant parent did, and remove the door to kiddie’s room.

  4. Curmudgeon says:

    My dad removed a few doors in his time, too. Any door slamming or sulking behind locked doors and said door went bye-bye.

  5. Right of the People says:

    Notice what a worthwhile degree she has, “press relations”? Are times so bad she can’t get a job with the Lame Stream Media?

    Our daughter moved back in after getting her bachelors but with our set of rules. She hated it so much she actually found a job and moved out after less than six months.

  6. Mister C says:

    The current economy not withstanding, having a liberal arts degree entitles you to being able to think deep thoughts about your unemployment.

  7. Curmudgeon says:

    I moved back home after college while working my first two big jobs until I got married. No friction over rules, though, I was not a child demanding to be treated like an adult, but an actual adult, seeking my parents advice on quite a lot. I still remember those first “work conversations” over dinner, comparing stories.

  8. wardmama4 says:

    Actually we have two (sort of 3, but disabled is a totally different situation) adult children in that situation. Our 22 year old daughter is living with us – the job she has applied for and passed two hurdles of the application process requires that any changes in her life (new job, new address) starts the entire process over again (FBI background check and polygraph are last two steps). And our 32 year old daughter (and two sons) are living with her dad – due to a hubby who can’t seem to tell the truth about a damn thing. Both graduated in May – older daughter is gainfully employed – and hoping for a promotion that will move her to KY on her own finally. . . The conundrum for us comes in Dec – will my hubby also be considered a ‘recent’ graduate returning back home – since he will graduate and stay at home?!? I ask as I worked (Census) for all of a month in ’98 and counted for the rest of the year as part of the women with children under 18 employed outside the home. I know how the stats game works in DC – just as my husband (required by his VA program – not to work this school year) – will be counted among the unemployed (when stumping for the next stimulus package) but cheerfully ignored when attempting to make the jobless numbers not look so dismal.

    The liberals intentionally destroy every system/institution that has worked for decades in America – such as causing the crappy little (little being the operative word) house we live in to be ‘valued’ at 3 times the one (with 4 times the land) we had in the 90s in KY and 8 times the one (all about the same general square footage) in CA in the 70s – why? And to be taxed at the same rate as my son’s 3 story (and at least twice the land) home in TN? Simply so that someone who never worked a day in their life – can get a home on our dime? Who wins at all in this sordid scenario?

    Rush said it best – the current Administrations agenda is a house of cards – pull out one of the cards and the whole thing will collapse. The sad thing is the people like my adult children who are just starting out are the ones who will get hurt by this crap for a long time – and their children will hurt even more – if this crap continues.

    Typical liberals – always create a lose-lose situation and then act like they should be award prizes and patted on the back for their ‘good intentions’.

    God Help America
    A Proud American Infidel

    • Liberals Demise says:

      wardmama……..you may want to lay down the law to that returning graduate husband of yours. Remind him that there will be no frat parties at your house and no all night keggers.

      Thanks for sharing your success story with us and CONGRATULATIONS!!

  9. Old Army says:

    Interesting. My wife and I must have done something to really screwup our oldest son. While in his last year in college, he worked 2 part time jobs. He graduated 2nd in his class, then worked 3 part-time jobs while looking for full time employment. In May he found full time employment after only 3 months. He is now married and the horror of it all….he and his bride are paying their own bills PLUS saving $500 per month.
    Lucky??? some but hard work and persistence is what has paid off for them. No sense of entitlement to anything. They both know if they want something they have to work and save for it….Thanks Dave Ramsey for making our family tree fork in a great direction.

  10. ncwiseguy says:

    this article points out a major problem of obama s programs on education.

    we can educate til the cows come home, and that is all well and good. but having done that we ve set expectations of our educated youth on jobs. well i got news for you……….there are NO jobs.

    where did obama go wrong. he should have focused on jobs instead of education. that way the job market would have drawn the youth into particular fields, given supply and demand for expertise in different skillsets. and education would have filled those voids very nicely.

    but what has he done………..put the cart before the horse. all this education and NO jobs.

    wrong barrack…….you did it wrong again!!!!

    • proreason says:

      ncwiseguy makes the key point.

      Parents helping their children is a good thing. Wanting to help is normal, even noble.

      The fact that it is necessary despite the great wealth of this country is a horrible thing. And it is a phenomenon that although not new or unique, is much worse because of the policies of the criminals in congress and the white house.

  11. Coco Q. Rico says:

    I don’t think it’s a disaster for adults to live with parents, as long as parents aren’t undermined by other liberal policies like abortion without parental consent or Dan Savage Internet videos that secretly speak to young people about coming out of the closet as gay against their parents’ wishes.

    If you live on someone else’s property, you have to live on their terms. If that’s understood then this may just be a neutral shift in American experience. Extended families were the rule rather than the exception for most of American history.

    I teach college and most of my students live with their parents. It’s not unhealthy, and most of them also work and contribute money to their households.

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