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9 Out Of 10 Tents Empty At Occupy London

From the UK’s Daily Mail:

Un-occupy the City: Nine out of ten tents remain empty overnight at St Paul’s protest camp

Thermal imaging suggests protesters return home or to hotels overnight

By Tom Kelly
25 October 2011

The anti-capitalist protest forcing St Paul’s Cathedral to close is a ‘big charade’ with only one in ten tents occupied overnight, the Daily Mail can reveal.

Footage from a thermal imaging camera shot by a police helicopter revealed that the ramshackle camp is almost completely empty during the cold nights.

It suggests the majority of the 300 ‘defiant’ protesters at the cathedral return home or to hotels after dark to sleep in warm beds.

Imagine if we had investigative reporters in our country. Instead, our journalists are working with the protesters. Helping them come up with ways to deceive the public and make their numbers seem larger.

Corporation of London councillor  Matthew Richardson said: ‘It’s incredible. The overnight monitoring of the site by the police showed that 90 per cent of the tents are unoccupied.

‘It just shows most of the demonstrators don’t have the courage of their convictions and are just here to make trouble.

‘Leaving your tent here overnight is a good way to do it. It’s a phantom camp – a big charade.’

One might even call it a ‘Potemkin Protest.’ It is certainly the same mindset.

St Paul’s shut for the first time since World War Two last week after the site doubled in size in a week and the demonstrators refused to move.

The protesters discussed the number of empty tents in the camp at a meeting on Sunday and made plans to organise a system to allocate them to any newcomers.

Giant signs hang over the encampment denouncing capitalism, but many of the activists spent much of yesterday sitting in a Starbucks overlooking the churchyard, several working on laptops.

However, most activists maintain a front of selfless commitment to their cause, with a sign attached to one tent proclaiming: ‘All day, all week, we’ll sleep on London’s freezing streets. Solidarity!’

Did anyone check the tent to see if anyone was actually ‘home’?

The revelation about the part-time protesters came as it emerged that any legal move to evict the camp would be likely to drag on for months. But St Paul’s is facing increasing pressure to take legal action to try to remove the protesters…

‘It could stay closed for Remembrance day, and even Christmas.’ Mark Field, Conservative MP for Cities of London and Westminster, said: ‘St Paul’s is a Unesco World Heritage site and they have turned it into a Third World shanty town

Which is their goal for all of us everywhere.

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