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9 Questions For ‘The Wall Street Occupiers’

9 questions to the Wall Street Occupiers From New York Magazine:

Are You Smarter Than a Wall Street Occupier?


Over the past month, the crusaders at Zuccotti Park have braved the elements, tussled with police, and stood their ground against Mayor Bloomberg [sic]. But how much do the protesters actually know about the economic system that they’re fighting to change? To find out, we asked 50 occupiers a series of questions about Wall Street, taxes, and government. The results were mixed.

The results are hardly "mixed." They show overwhelming pig-ignorance. Which should and probably does gladden the hearts of the editors of New York Magazine and the news media everywhere.

1. What is the Dodd–Frank Act?

Don’t Know – 84%

A financial regulations law – 10%

Separates commercial and investment banks – 6%

(The correct answer is “a financial regulations law,” passed and signed last summer.)

2. Does President Obama control the Federal Reserve?

No – 74%

Don’t know – 14%

Yes – 10%

"He should throw a hand grenade into it" – 2%

(The correct answer is “no.” The Federal Reserve is an independent bank — although the president appoints its board members, a fact most of the “yes” respondents emphasized.)

We suspect that Mr. Obama has more power over the Federal Reserve than these people would like to admit.

3. Who is the chairman of the Federal Reserve?
Don’t know – 42%

Bernanke – 38%

"Some a–hole/idiot" – 10%

"Some old white guy" – 8%

"He’s Jewish" – 2%

(The correct answer is “Ben Bernanke.”)

4. Is the U.S. economy currently experiencing inflation or deflation?

Inflation – 76%

Deflation – 12%

Don’t know / "Both" – 12%

(The correct answer is “inflation.”)

Actually, acording to the Obama administration we are not experienceing inflation. In fact, they claim to be more worried about deflation than inflation.

5. Who is Elizabeth Warren?
Don’t know – 64%

Professor / Senatorial candidate / etc. – 24%

"Warren Buffett’s wife?" – 10%

"First female president / hero" – 2%

(The correct answer is “professor, Massachusetts senatorial candidate, and financial reformer.)

Note that New York Magazine thinks Ms. Warren is a "financial reformer." Also, they seem to think these people should know her since she is the hero of the moment. Even though she was the woman who oversaw TARP, which the protesters hate so much.

6. What is the “S.E.C.”?
Don’t know – 68%

"Securities and Exchange Commission" – 28%

"The Southeastern Conference?" – 4%

(The correct answer is “Securities and Exchange Commission,” which regulates financial securities.)

"The Southeastern Conference?" LOL.

7. What is the top marginal income tax rate for the richest 1 percent?

Ten to twenty-five percent – 32%

Zero to ten percent – 30%

Don’t know – 26%

25 to 50 percent – 10%

"I know a whole f—ing family of billionaires who don’t pay a thing" – 2%

(A tough question, but the correct answer is 35%.)

Note that New York Magazine calls this "a tough question." While the tax rate on the so-called rich has been one of the biggest stories for the last three years.

8. But many wealthy filers pay only 15 percent on qualified dividends and long-term capital gains. What should it be?

Twenty-five to fifty percent – 30%

Fifty to eighty percent – 28%

Zero percent – 14%

Don’t know / didn’t answer – 12%

Ten to twenty-five percent – 10%

One hundred percent – 6%

(The correct answer is up for debate.)

And these people wonder why unemployment is so high?

9. What does the government spend more on? Health care and pensions, education, or the military?

The military – 94%

Health care and pensions – 4%

Education – 2%

(The correct answer is “health care and pensions,” which accounted for 43 percent of government outlays in 2010. Defense accounted for 20 percent.)

Again, this is another sterling testimony to our education system and our news media — and the rest of the Democrat Party. These are precisely the kind of answers that they want.

An uninformed electorate is the Democrat Party’s only hope.

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3 Responses to “9 Questions For ‘The Wall Street Occupiers’”

  1. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    Useful idiots

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    It’s clear that because the wayward left is dull of mind that the elected official-dom thinks ALL people are. Or, if you’re part of the collective that can dispute the vacuous and specious arguments of the national socialists, you must be ridiculed and belittled.

    However, that high-school methodology, though proven effective in some cases, is always lost on me; As it should with anyone who knows they’re right. Ridicule and belittling are actually the behavior of small-minded people and should be treated as such. One family member, regarding Obama, said, “I’m so sick of him. It’s always the same BS and he’s always so put-upon”.

    We have a “representative” government largely populated by perpetual victims. On first blush, who, even a loopy leftist, wants that kind of leadership? “You guys are always pickin’ on me; The tsunami in Japan was out to get me; The press isn’t my friend anymore”.


    And, distilled to its basic ingredient, the OWS crowd. Nothing to do, and all day to do it.

  3. wirenut says:

    Here’s the 10th question.
    Ever held a steady job or have employed others? My guess is in the “0” percent on that one.
    You only fear what you least understand. As stated above, time to educate, not indoctrinate. Our young need a dose of our founders, it’s up to us, to make it so.

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