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90% Of Unaccompanied Alien Children Released In US

From the UK’s Daily Mail:

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Hundreds’ of illegal immigrant children are being handed to relatives who are in the US illegally too, as HHS admits it makes NO EFFORT to find out their immigration status

By David Martosko | 18 June 2014

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services makes no effort to determine the immigration status of adult relatives when they show up to claim unaccompanied minor children who entered the U.S. illegally, a spokesman at the agency confirmed on Wednesday.

Why look a ‘an act of love’ in the mouth? (To paraphrase Jeb Bush.)

But is this really so surprising? Did we really think HHS was making sure these kids only get turned over to relatives who are in the country legally?

If so, why wouldn’t the relatives just send for these kids out in the open? Why use expensive ‘coyote’ smugglers?

Tens of thousands of the under-18s – ‘Unaccompanied Alien Children’ (UACs) in government-speak – have poured across the U.S.-Mexico border in recent months, creating what President Barack Obama has termed an ‘urgent humanitarian situation.’

How do they ever verify that they are under 18? Do they rely on the honor system again?

HHS, which houses them until family members can be found, has begun releasing illegal immigrant children ‘by the hundreds’ into the custody of adults who are illegal immigrants themselves, an HHS official familiar with the situation on America’s southern border told MailOnline late on Tuesday.

An official spokesman for HHS’s Administration for Children and Families confirmed on Wednesday that the agency has no system in place to verify whether the adults are here legally.

Kenneth Wolfe told MailOnline on Wednesday that ‘around 90 percent of the minors in the UAC program are released to verified sponsors (mostly family members) in the U.S.’

Asked if ‘verified’ means that the adults’ immigration status has been checked, he responded, ‘No.’ He also answered ‘no’ when asked if there is ‘an effort made to ascertain the immigration status of the adults who claim the kids.’ …

Naturally. We wouldn’t want to force them to live in the shadows.

[An] HHS official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to comment to the press, said his agency first tries to find a legal U.S. resident related to each child to take custody. But barring that outcome, he cautioned, ‘I know they’re more concerned with clearing the caseload than with the immigration status of the adult sponsors.’

As many as 90,000 are expected to go through the system during the government’s fiscal year that ends on September 30. The official said the glut of cases at military bases serving as ‘holding facilities’ threatens to ‘overwhelm our ability to care for all these kids in the long-term.’ …

Which is the whole idea.

The official said the glut of cases at military bases serving as ‘holding facilities’ threatens to ‘overwhelm our ability to care for all these kids in the long-term.’ ‘It’s just not sustainable, is what I’m telling you,’ he said. ‘So to bottom-line it, would you rather see these kids in glorified warehouses or reunited with a family member who doesn’t belong here?’

That is what is known as a ‘false dichotomy.’ Why not send them back home? It would be easier and cheaper. And it would reunite them with their families.

According to official statistics from the Department of Homeland Security, deportations of illegal immigrants under the Obama administration have spiked to new highs. But those numbers are deceptive: Changes in terminology have left head-counters with no choice but to roll several categories together, now classifying cases where immigrants are stopped and turned back at the border as ‘deportations.’

Now that is something we have never heard before. Why is that?

Actual expulsions of people who have crossed the border unlawfully and then settled in America’s interior are down more than 40 per cent since Obama’s first year in office. The resulting contradiction allows Obama to publicly embrace a tough-on-immigration image while privately assuring his Latino constituency that he means to allow more Mexican and Central American aliens to stay with each passing year.

How can anyone with eyes to see doubt that?

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  1. GetBackJack says:

    Doesn’t matter to me. I’m pretty sure the federal government will hunt me and kill me sometime before the end of the 2017 Lightworker’s rule .. for being a professing Christian

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