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Shocker: Somalia Retreat Inspired Bin Laden

From National Review’s Media Blog:

Murtha: Change Directions Like Clinton Did In Somalia

06/16 06:27 PM

Rep. John Murtha appeared on The Situation Room this afternoon to talk about the Iraq resolution that passed in the House today. He spoke against the resolution and advocated withdrawing the troops like Clinton did in Somalia–

MURTHA: The thing that disturbed me and worries me about this whole thing is we can’t get them to change direction. And I said over and over in debate, if you listen to any of it, in Beirut President Reagan changed direction, in Somalia President Clinton changed direction, and yet here, with the troops out there every day, suffering from these explosive devices, and being looked at as occupiers — 80 percent of the people want us out of there — and yet they continue to say, "We’re fighting this thing." We’re not fighting this. The troops are fighting this thing. That’s who’s doing the fighting…

The author, Stephen Spruiell, goes on to cite the Frontline story "Hunting Bin Laden" to demonstrate how the pullout of Somalia may have inspired Bin Laden.

But we don’t need to take PBS’s word for it. We have the official bi-partisan 9/11 Commission’s Report:

The 9/11 Commission report also points out that Al Qaeda was actually behind the attacks there that brought down the two Black Hawk helicopters. So they considered it a complete and utter victory when the US pulled out because of it:

And, lest we forget, Jack Murtha was the primary mover behind getting Clinton to retreat from Somalia.

From a speech Murtha gave on the floor of the House:


House of Representatives – November 09, 1993

Mr. MURTHA. Mr. Speaker, let me just make a couple of points…

When I went to Somalia the first time, Mr. Speaker, my reservations remained the same. I told the new administration, when it came in, ‘We should get out of Somalia as quickly as possible,’ and in the middle of July I said, ‘Get our troops out because this could deteriorate into a very tragic situation.’…

The President has reassessed the situation…

Mr. Speaker, I would urge the Members to vote against the amendment offered by the gentleman from New York [Mr. Gilman] and give the President an opportunity to get the troops out in an orderly manner as quickly as prudently possible.

"Cut & Run" Murtha also picked an unfortunate example in citing Regan’s removal of the Marines from Beirut, since the 9/11 Commission points it out as the other source for jihadist inspiration:

Jack Murtha doesn’t seem at all fazed that he helped inspire Bin Laden to ratchet up Al Qaeda’s attacks on the US. Which ultimately led to the deaths of 3,000 innocent people.

History might not repeat itself. But stupidity sure does.

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