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Cindy Sheehan Follower Runs For Office – In TX!

I wonder if the good citizens of Cedar Park, Texas realize that one of the candidates for their City Council last May is also a moderator for the Camp Casey Alumni Yahoo Newsgroup and an all-around Mother Sheehan fan?

From the anti-Semitic scamsters at the Crawford Peace (Of The Action) House :

camp casey alumni yahoo group

Submitted by Margaustin on Fri, 2005-09-02 05:15. Waging peace

Glen Fine has set up a yahoo group for everyone who was at camp casey. You can connect with all the friends you made and coordinate peace efforts.


A yahoo group is where you sign up and then receive emails everytime someone sends an email to the group. For example, I will send an email about Cindy’s visit to Austin to the camp casey alumni yahoo group. Then everyone in the group will receive it. If you don’t want to receive email but want to read the messages, you can check that box when you sign up. If you have never done it before, it is pretty fun.

Hope to hear from you at the group soon!

Hugs from Margaret

And from the Yahoo Group’s home page:

campcaseyalumni Camp Casey Alumni


This is the meeting place for people that have been and are involved with the Camp Casey (Crawford, Texas) movement started by Cindy Sheehan.

We urge you to post ideas, and anything to communicate to other cities.

We are here to talk about issues, ideas, offers, and visions. Please keep personal attacks off this group. Anyone abusing the priviledge will be kicked.

We have links in the "Links" area to relevent websites and Blogs.

(Note the requisite VFP/Camp Casey "spelling" on all of these pages.)

What Glen stands for:

Glen Fine – A Fine Line

Glen Fine – for Cedar Park City Council – Place 1

Vote for Experience, Integrity, and Honesty

What I stand for !

Hi, Please navigate this site to any choice you wish in order to find out why I am in the thick of things with respect to getting out Troops out of Iraq.

Who am I ? I guess I am just like any one of you. A parent, and a middle class citizen that is fed up with the status quo. It seems we are so ready just to take things as they are and not exert ourselves in an engine for change.

Until Cindy Sheehan’s protest I have been rather quiet about my views. My wife and I went up to Camp Casey and helped out where we could.

Then Hurricane Katrina hit, and we have been helping where we can. Pam has spent nights down at a local convention center helping out.

I have, throughout my life, been involved with advocacy whether it be for civic organizations,or local governments. I get ridiculed for not being a Rebublican because people know I am quite a conservative person, both morally and ethically, but I can not be part of a political party that has the perchance to repeatedly distort the truth (and in some cases outright lie) in its attempts to snowball the American public.

Over the past five years we have seen gas prices almost triple, local taxes double, and noone at a political level seems to be part of changing that.

Within this site is information about the issues facing our nation.

Oh, Please exercise your Vote ! It is the only way we will change our nation.

And from our hero’s contact page:

Vote May 7th for Glen Fine   

How to contact me

If you want to e-mail me click here

If you want to call me you can at 512-257-9059 at my home, or 512-497-9059 (my cell).

Regular Mail: My address is:

1103 Deer Horn Cove
Cedar Park, Tx 78613

Oh, Please exercise your Vote ! It is the only way we will change our nation.

To contact me click here

My favorite part:

I am quite a conservative person, both morally and ethically…

Meanwhile on his "Iraq" page, Fine says:

Until Cindy Sheehan’s protest I have been rather quiet about my views. I have found my voice.

It will surely surprise you to hear that Mr. Fine lost back in May. He garnered less than 18% of the votes cast for that office.

That’s what comes of being so conservative — both morally and ethically.

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