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Propaganda Photos From Jackson, Reuters

Reuters does it again. A classic propaganda Kodak moment courtesy of Reverend Jesse Jackson (and son):

US civil rights leader Jesse Jackson (R) inspects buildings in Beirut's southern suburbs that were damaged by the recent conflict between Israel and Lebanon's Hizbollah, August 29, 2006. REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir.

And to think some say Reuters "stages" their photos.

It turns out that the "Made In USA" sign was put up by the Hezbollah in advance. This has become a popular propaganda tool for them:

Even the red banner has gotten around:

But certainly Jesse Jackson is media savvy enough to notice to have noticed the sign and realize how it and he were being used for the photos.

Jackson was at least complicit, if not eagerly willing to help advance Hezbollah's and Reuters' anti-American propaganda.

And when will the Reverend inspect the damage inflicted by Hezbollah upon Hymietown

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