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Dem Drive To ‘Write In Hillary’ In November

We have a new favorite website, WriteHillaryIn.com:


Wisdom, Heart & Hard Work

With a Clinton nomination seeming as questionable as an Obama victory this fall, what’s a Democrat to do?

WriteHillaryIn.com is a website created by and for Americans who do not want to be forced to choose between Barack Obama and John McCain in a general election.

We’ve seen better, and we demand better.

We believe that Hillary Clinton is the most qualified and visionary candidate for our country at this crucial and uncommon juncture in its brief but unprecedented history.

We will not vote for Barack Obama for a host of reasons, the most important of many being his indefensibly unimpressive legislative record.  It also seems clear to us, through his ongoing affiliations with radical groups and individuals, that this candidate holds disconcerting racial beliefs that we find unacceptable in any elected official in this country, black or white, red or brown.

Please click here to read the statement of purpose from the church that Obama attended for 20 years.

This will never be irrelevant to us.

We will not vote for John McCain for very different reasons having nothing to do with his qualifications, which are strong and evident.

We simply don’t want a pro-war President who is indifferent about the ailing American economy.

A vote for McCain is likely to be a vote for an extension of W’s tragically detrimental policies.

Click Here to check the rules in your state about Writing Hillary In.

Click Here to let the DNC know your intention of Writing Hillary In.

The link above connects you to a comment form on the DNC’s website.

Please choose ‘Election 2008’ in the ‘issue’ box, and mention this site in your comment to them.

Movements require movement.  They need to know how many of us there are.

At last, a Democrat “movement” we can all get behind.

Please click here to read the statement of purpose from the church that Obama attended for 20 years.

It is very satisfying to see our work for a year and a half here at S&L “coming home to roost.”

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