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Companies Who Advertise In The NY Times

As we noted a few months back, the New York Times is so proud of their ability to rise above such a parochial thing as patriotism that they have listed this as a great moment in their illustrious history:

New York Times Timeline


The Times is widely denounced for an editorial praising an Austrian peace proposal that falls short of unconditional surrender. Adolph Ochs’s patriotism is questioned; The Herald begins a circulation drive with the slogan "Read an American Newspaper."

This is certainly more true today than ever.

I’ve never been much for petitions or boycott campaigns. But it is long since time someone did something about the treasonous behavior of the New York Times.

To that end I propose that we should try to compile an exhaustive list companies who advertise in the New York Times.

Then, those who wish, will have a ready way to contact The NYT’s sponsors.

A poster a t Free Republic named Windchime began a list culled from the June 27, 2006 online edition of the New York Times: 

It is a very good starting point.

(Though it’s pretty ironic to see the Central Intelligence Agency listed as an advertiser.)

If anyone comes across more, please post the name of the company and ideally an internet link for them, and I will update the list.

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