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A ‘Non-Happening’ In Central Park NYC

What if they gave a rally for Obama on a perfect summer day in Central Park, New York City — and nobody came?

Despite the hype.

And the pitchmen.

And the fact that one could register to vote.

And even though there was a very nice podium for speakers. (Which no one ever seemed to use.)

And the beautiful “artwork” on display.

And the finely crafted buttons for sale.

And the opportunity to make your very own Obama T-shirt.

And the uplifting music that was performed.

Including this gentleman, who serenaded about how much he was afraid of John McCain, Ann Coulter and CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

And the chance to pose (for free) with a reasonable simulacrum of the great man.

And to discuss the issues of the day with other thoughtful individuals.

Despite all that, it was a pretty sad turnout for the belly of the beast of liberalism.

Apparently, most people had better things to do in the park on such a beautiful day.

Weird, huh?

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