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A Letter From A Special Forces Soldier’s Wife

I thought the members here would enjoy this email the site got from a reader:

To: Sweetness-Light.com
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 22:50:40 -0800 (PST)

XXXX XXXX wrote:

As the wife of a 18Z6 (United States Army Special Forces Sergeant Major),  I want to thank you for supporting our military. I know of quite a few soldiers’ wives who read your site and take comfort in your common sense approach with the occasional bit of wit thrown in.

The horrific antics of Soros and his ilk not only effect the troops–they effect the families of the troops as well. It’s absolutely disingenuous–nay–it’s a blatant lie–to claim you support the troops but do not support the troops missions, regardless of where those missions may be.

If the Democrats or liberals are that concerned about exit strategies, perhaps they should go back a few years and work on the Balkan’s exit strategy. You know, the one that Clinton said before his first election, He will never send our troops to the Balkans to solve a European problem and then after his election he sent our troops to the Balkan’s to solve a European problem. While getting ready for his second election–he then said, our troops would only be in the Balkan’s "one year". Of course this was back in the 1990’s. The Democrats have had us occupying the Balkan’s twice as long as WWII lasted.

Or we could try the Haiti exit strategy under Clinton. Go in and replace a murderous right wing dictator with a murderous left wing dictator. Spend several years there, declare a photo-op victory–and then depart ignominiously leaving Haiti worse than we found it. The point being, Clinton withdrew the troops early and let Haiti revert to savagery. Thank you for your time,


It’s always heartening to hear such kind words, especially from folks in the military.

And what she writes about the Democrats and Clinton is certainly true. They have the most convenient memories.

As we’ve noted previously, none other than that stalwart John Kerry (D-France) penned a screed for the New York Timesdemanding we invade Haiti and install a Communist dictator there.

The America-hating left has no problem using our military, risking the lives of our brave men and women, as long as it is notused in the interest of the United States.

They are that twisted.

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