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A Reader’s Report On A Cindy Sheehan Speech

Our very own Zilla braved the rampant lunacy of a Mother Sheehan event at Montgomery College, the Woodlands, Texas, to provide us with a firsthand account of the momentous occasion.

The photographs are understandably less than ideal, given the covert circumstances under which they were taken:

The requisite Communist agit-prop.

A body condom?

Perhaps it’s a Code Pink burqa.

Cindy checks her watch.

The same old story.

The oracle speaks.

The turnout.

Zilla’s report:

Ok, I just got back from seeing her-snagdom. I almost couldn’t go in.

When I was walking up to the front doors of the theater, I started laughing, uncontrollably, and there were some people looking at me. It took a few minutes to gather myself before I could go in.

The "rally" was pretty tame I thought. Once I stopped laughing, and got in the door, there were about 25 or so people in the lobby. And I thought, "Well, this all looks normal enough."

But then, in came the "pink things." What they were, was people with huge pink veils that covered their whole body. There were strips of paper attached to the veil. I’m not sure what the papers said.

These "pink things", there were two I think, walked slowly around the lobby and into the theater and back out again. Walking in front of them was another "person" reading out the Bill of Rights very loudly.

These two man "pink" squads roamed in and out up until the speakers started.

I would estimate the turn out at 120-150 people. Which isn’t many.

I left part way through Cindy’s rant. Mainly because my battery died but also I was curious if anyone would say anything to me for walking out in the middle. They didn’t.

I swear, you ever think of something funny at church or somewhere where you really shouldn’t laugh out loud? I was hurting!

More to come…

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