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A Step To Obama’s Nuclear Free World

From a giddy Associated Press:

US-Russian deal on nukes nearly completed

By Deborah Seward, Associated Press Writer – Sun Mar 21

PARIS – Nearly a year after President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev ordered negotiators to work on a new treaty to reduce their nuclear arsenals, the two countries say they are finally close to completing a deal.

A deal — a small but important step toward Obama’s goal of a nuclear arms-free world — could build momentum and trust toward resolving other key nuclear issues. They range from how to pressure Iran and North Korea to abandon their nuclear ambitions to reducing the number of tactical nuclear weapons that are so unpopular in Europe. It could also set a positive tone for a key conference on nuclear non-proliferation this spring.

On another level, it could bolster Obama’s credibility, which is being battered on multiple fronts: the disappointing results of the Copenhagen climate change conference, ongoing economic miseries, faltering Middle East peace efforts and growing skepticism about last year’s Prague speech in which he promised to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

"It’s important to show the Prague speech was not just rhetoric," Mark Fitzpatrick, senior fellow for non-proliferation at the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies, told The Associated Press.

An agreement would end a drought in disarmament accords between the United States and Russia, which were a hallmark of the Cold War years and were negotiated even during the worst periods of tension between them. It officially would reconfirm Moscow’s nuclear superpower status, which remains an essential element of its national identity and prestige.

"For Russia, it’s the mother of all the negotiations," said Thomas Gomart, head of the Russia Center at the French Institute for International Relations in Paris, said in an interview. The magnitude of Russia’s nuclear arsenal, Gomart says, is what distinguishes it from other nuclear powers and is the "ultimate guarantee" of superpower rank

You see, its nuclear arsenal is all that makes Russia great. The "essential element of its national identity and prestige.”

So of course it will give all of that up for Mr. Obama’s “dream of a world free of nuclear arms” and to help restore his “credibility.”

While a new START treaty would be an important step to show the rest of the world that Russia and the United States are serious about nuclear downsizing, it will not result in a nuclear-free world in the short term. Many challenges still block that goal.

One Kremlin official, who asked not to be identified because he was not authorized to speak on the subject, said Russia recognizes that pushing for a ban on nuclear weapons could help slow their spread.

"We understand the importance of going toward a zero nuclear world," he said.

But he added that, as a practical matter, the world will never eradicate nuclear weapons because there will always be rogue states and terrorists who want to obtain them.

Western experts too say there are obstacles to a nuclear-free world, including Russia itself

No kidding.

Too bad we don’t have any “experts” in the administration.

Or even any “competents.”

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7 Responses to “A Step To Obama’s Nuclear Free World”

  1. mathews says:

    a nuke treaty with Russia with NO verification, NO on site inspections

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    You mean we can’t trust them?
    B. Hussien Obama does ………………. ’nuff said!

  3. tranquil.night says:

    Bamster: “Look Vlad, baby, we know you ain’t goin’ to do s*** for us but – tell you what – how about I throw away some of our nukes and you say you’re doin’ the same. We’ll make it a big and chummy historic signing out in Putingrad – err Moscow – and you can teach me how you comrades deal with those pesky peasants carrying with their mean signs and vulgar words out in the streets.”

    Putin: “Just no bows please, it’s too embarassing for you.”

    O-blah-blah: “Ah heh heh heh. Then I, uh, guess we have an accord then. Now that I have my street cred back my media can tell everyone not to worry about Iran but Israel.”

    Medvedev: “We’ll support you with that! Btw, we’ll be helping Iran get their plant online by Summer.”

    DingleBarry: “Just make sure it’s operating within UN guidelines.”

  4. AcornsRNutz says:

    Didn’t we have a treaty with them at the onset of the cold war concerning nuclear missle defenses? Were we not about 15 years behind the power curve when we were SHOCKED to learn they didn’t follow it? America had better get its head right about these worthless documents known as treaties, particularly when they are reached under threat of more peace. Treaties don’t work that way. The only treaty you can trust is when the guy signs it under armed guard with great fanfare at some place symbolic of the might of your country. Oh, and it has to be following the utter destruction of all that made his country function. This is insanity.

  5. TerryAnne says:

    Oh…only Russia.

    Funny how the AP choses to ignore the 800 pound gorilla pitching a fit so it’s noticed: Iran.

  6. canary says:

    On a trip Obama took with Lugar to Russia they visited an installation in Donetsk where rows of workers were dismantled weapons. The director told them they needed the U.S.’s money to deal with all the weapons left over from the Cold War and Afganistan; securing and disabling these weapons scattered across the country would take 60 years. Obama said he even visited a lab with anthrax. Obama learned that these tools of destruction might find their ways into the hands of warlords in Somalia, Tamil fighters in Sri Lanka, and “insurgents in Iraq”.

    I was reading an unimpressive article in a magazine where Robert Gates said we were going to get the excellent Soviet Union’s helicopters over in the Middle-East, but I do believe there has been some crashes carrying British troops. Didn’t Obama & Gates think to have them mechanically checked first.

    • JohnMG says:

      …..”Didn’t Obama & Gates think to have them mechanically checked first……”

      C’mon, Canary. Re-read what you just wrote. You just asked; “Didn’t Obama & Gates think”? Don’t ya think that’s asking a lot of ’em? I mean……..

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