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Gordon Soderberg, Vet For Piece Of Action?

Can anybody make this out?

It looks to me almost like Gordon Soderberg is setting himself up as an independent griftercharity. And yet this is posted on what I guess is still the mothership, the Veterans For (A) Peace site (such as it is):

Gordon Soderberg

A Veteran For Peace in New Orleans

As you know, members of Veterans For Peace have been working on Katrina relief since September, 2nd. We have raised over $500,000 to cover the costs of tools, food, fuel, supplies, building materials and housing for volunteers. We have donated over 300,000 to partnering organizations so they may build on their efforts and these donations to continue their work.

What you might not know, National Veterans For Peace Inc, Board of Directors controls the money and they as do we, want to make sure that it is put to use in the communities we have been serving. However, their is still a great deal of work to do, years in fact. And the money raised so far, was intended for supporting victims of Katrina, not the long term needs of VFP volunteers.

In order to continue to deliver long term support for the communities we serve and our partnering organizations, members of Veterans For Peace need to raise new donations to cover the costs of their housing and living expenses, buy their own equipment, and pay for transportation costs.

This money will be used to pay for the costs of rental housing, food, utilities, car insurance, fuel, equipment, and a $200 per month for entertainment for each volunteer Veteran For Peace who continues to serve the communities and organizations in and around New Orleans.

Please help veterans, help the gulf coast.

Housing rental costs: $12,000 (one year)

To house four veterans doing volunteer work in New Orleans, Alabama, and Mississippi areas.

Food and Entertainment $4,000 (one year)

Utilities & Food: $4,000 (one year)

Car Insurance, Maintenance, and Fuel Costs $10,000 (one year)

Media production tools and Internet access: = $20,000 (one year)


Computers, software, digital still and video cameras.

The commercial media has stopped telling the stories of residence and the lack of federal aid to many of them. Veterans For Peace members realize that these stories need to be told and the ongoing recovery efforts by partnering organizations in documentaries, websites, and in the news. Commercial media won't and can't do these stories justice, veterans can!

Please send what you can to:

A Veteran For Peace in New Orleans
C/O Gordon Soderberg
513 Patterson Dr #3
New Orleans, LA, 70114

Gordon Soderberg
Veteran For Peace

I wonder who proofread this for Mr. Soderberg. I also wonder if the Veterans For (A) Peaceare aware he is throwing around such numbers, admitting that they have raised $500,000. (Though they probably have raised much, much more.)

Especially since there is still no evidence of the VFPhaving spent more than a couple thousand or so on hurricane relief — and only then because the Spells tricked them into it.

I also have to wonder if the charity 501c-3 tax exempt status Veterans For (A) Peace(wrongly) enjoy is endangered by Gordo asking for money for rent and food and even entertainment? Something tells me it is.

Something also tells me that asking for such things in the name of helping the Katrina victims is probably going to attract the interest of the FBI's Kartina Fraud investigators, who are almost certainly already on the job.

But you just can't keep a Veteran For A Peacedown.

Gordo is determined to  find somebody to pay for him to live, and to supply him with the computer and media equipment he has been begging for since years before Katrina struck.

You can't expect him to get a job or anything. Come on. He's a vet!

Thanks to eagle-eyed reader, JohnX, for the heads up.


JohnXhas noticed some big changes at Gordo's begging bowl site.

It looks like the VFPhonchos have thought better of lending their name and already dodgy tax exempt status to Mr. Soderberg's latest grift efforts:

New Orleans Voices for Peace!

We have a new name, New Orleans Voices For Peace has been formed after a request by the board of directors of Veterans For Peace to stop representing our goals and actions as members of Veterans For Peace. We are members of that organization. However, we understand their intent not to associate with this project is justified as we are moving far to fast for them to control us.

Therefore, we have changed the name of our site and the requirements for membership and participation in this new "Not for Profit". Which means, we can not accept tax exempt donations.

Those of you who feel the same as national Veterans For Peace and no longer want to participate we understand and will remove your account and all your posts to this site. Just let admin@neworleansvfp.org know you are not interested in continuing your association.

We thank you for your participation and know that we welcome anyone from Veterans For Peace who feels it is necessary to break the bonds of military association to achieve a real peace in our own lives and in the world.

Veterans and non veterans from anywhere in the world are welcome as long as they do not want war or violence to be used as a means of settling disputes between countries, communities, organizations, businesses, schools, religions, or individuals.

Gordo seems a mite confused about the whole tax exempt thingy anyway.

By the way, what do you suppose Mr. Soderberg figures war should be used for? (And how would he have handled Hitler?)

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