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A “Veteran” Peace Protester – And His Medals

We have had occasion to mention Iraq Veterans Against War anti-war agitator and Cindy Sheehan companion Geoffrey Millard several times before.

We have also had occasion to wonder about his claims as an Iraq war hero. The last time we mentioned our doubts, he expunged his rather dramatic war bio from the internet.

But it would seem that he or someone close to him has posted a video of one of his rants (from the ongoing "Camp Democracy") at YouTube:

What really demoralizes the Troops

YouTube caption: Geoffrey Millard, an Iraqi War veteran, speaks on what really demoralizes troops.

I am no military expert, but to my eye and given his past suspicious claims, I find the number of medals to be somewhat questionable.

Perhaps I'm being overly suspicious. But so many of these "veteran" peace protesters to turn to have grossly inflated their military records, if they have even served at all. Such as Ward Reilly, Jesse MacBeth, and the IVAW’s Jimmy Massey — just to name a few.

(Thanks to JLO for the heads up.)


Here is a clearer photo of Mr. Millard and his medals:

(Also courtesy of JLO.)

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