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Aaron Hernandez Killed Two Men Over A Spilled Drink?

From the Associated Press:

Aaron Hernandez killed two men over spilled drink: prosecutors

May 28, 2014

BOSTON — In the months leading up to a fatal double shooting, Aaron Hernandez had become increasingly convinced that people had been “testing, trying or otherwise disrespecting him” when he went to nightclubs, prosecutors said.

When a man bumped into Hernandez while dancing, spilling his drink, that may have been the last straw. Authorities say the former New England Patriots star followed the man and his friends, then opened fire on their car, killing two men and wounding a third.

Why wasn’t there are restraining order on Mr. Hernandez to keep him from owning a gun? After all, he played in the NFL. So you know he is violence prone.

“I think I got one in the head and one in the chest,” Hernandez said to a friend as they raced from the intersection where the victims were shot as they sat in their car, prosecutors said at the former tight end’s arraignment.

Hernandez, already charged with killing another man last year, pleaded not guilty Wednesday to seven charges — including two counts of first-degree murder — in the 2012 shooting that killed Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado.

You really need a scorecard to keep track.

The night de Abreu and Furtado were killed, Hernandez and a friend drove from Connecticut to a Boston nightclub called Cure, Suffolk County First Assistant District Attorney Patrick Haggan said. They were standing at the edge of the dance floor when de Abreu accidentally bumped into Hernandez, smiled at him and did not apologize, according to prosecutors. Haggan said de Abreu and his friends did not appear to recognize Hernandez and had no idea he was upset.

Hernandez became increasingly agitated and told his friend that de Abreu had deliberately bumped into him and “was trying him,” Haggan said…  Hernandez then told his friend he believed he was “being targeted and being disrespected,” Haggan said…

Haggan said Hernandez later drove around with his friend until he saw de Abreu, Furtado and others going to their car, then followed them and pulled up alongside their car at a red light. Hernandez leaned out the driver’s side, said “Yo, what’s up now,” followed by a racial slur, then fired at least five shots into the car, killing de Abreu and Furtado and injuring a man in the backseat, Haggan said…

So it was a hate crime, too? (The two men were from Cape Verde.)

The two were shot about six weeks before Hernandez signed a five-year, $40 million contract with the Patriots…

Only $40 million? No wonder he felt like he was being disrespected by everybody.

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2 Responses to “Aaron Hernandez Killed Two Men Over A Spilled Drink?”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Whoa there, Sparky. Sign him to a One Year deal for the Broncos .. on their Defense. Put a little spine and killer attitude into the Defense to match their awesome offensive capabilities. After all, the Denver team didn’t bring a Defense to the Super Bowl, so a killer of two would be a good thing this Season.

  2. yadayada says:

    you can take the thug out of the hood, but ………

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