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AARP Pushes Food Stamps Enrollment For Seniors

From the Daily Caller:

AARP encouraging seniors to sign up for food stamps

By Caroline May | July 28, 2013

The Pennsylvania chapter of the AARP is encouraging area seniors to enroll in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program, or food stamps.

According to the AARP Bulletin, several dozen volunteers with AARP Pennsylvania are encouraging potentially eligible seniors to enroll in the nutrition assistance program by handing out postcards with information about how to enroll.

Bill Donnelly, 79, of Clairton is one such volunteer… Donnelly explains, however, that his peers are at times wary of signing up for assistance. “People have their pride,” he told The AARP Bulletin. “But if we get 1 out of 10 or even 1 out of 100 people, it’s worth it.”

Of course, nobody wants old people seniors to go hungry. But food stamps have become the ‘gateway drug’ to total government dependency.

In fact, once you qualify for food stamps you automatically qualify for many other government benefits, as well as Obama-Phones. So the AARP is acting a little like the local drug pusher, who wants to give you the first one ‘free.’

All they want to do is break down the senior’s resistance. Their foolish pride.

Bill Johnson-Walsh, AARP’s state director in Pennsylvania, told The Tribune-Democrat, of Johnstown, Pa., that the campaign has initially focused on Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, but will move across the state by 2014…

The Bulletin reports that AARP Pennsylvania estimates that 347,000 people 50 years old and over are “food insecure.” …

And they know this how? In reality, AARP is looking at 347,000 potential Democrat votes.

According to an AARP Bulletin report in June, AARP Connecticut and End Hunger Connecticut have joined forces to encourage SNAP enrollment among seniors with town hall meetings, mailers and leaflets at libraries and doctors’ offices…

In 2011, the AARP Foundation launched a pilot initiative to assist seniors with SNAP enrollment in Georgia, where the Athens Banner-Herald reported in 2012 that the foundation found nearly two-thirds of eligible seniors were not enrolled.

The outrage! Everyone must be dependent on the government.

In eight months, AARP Foundation staff and volunteers were able to assist over 1,100 older Georgians fill out SNAP applications, according to the Banner-Herald’s report.

AARP New York has also worked with area groups since 2010 to increase SNAP enrollment among the senior population in their state, according to an AARP Bulletin article from July 2012.

The effort has included pushing for easier, less stigmatized access on a state level, as well as mailing information to potentially eligible people, assisting with enrollment at senior centers and hosting educational events.

Christine Deska, New York AARP’s anti-hunger program coordinator, explained to The Bulletin that getting seniors to sign up can be difficult, as can the application process, due to the amount of paperwork.

“This is a population that will say ‘How can I help you?’ instead of ‘I need some help,’” Deska told the Bulletin.

And they can’t have people thinking like that!

“If you’re eligible, you’re entitled. These are designated dollars for you if you fall on hard times.”

“If you’re eligible, you’re entitled"? That is the entitlement mentality in a nutshell.

In November 2012, the AARP Foundation announced it would be expanding Georgia’s pilot program to four additional states.

SNAP participation has reached record highs in recent months. According to the most recent data from the Agriculture Department, the number of people enrolled in SNAP has averaged about 47.6 million for fiscal year 2013, compared to 28.2 million in 2008

What a feather in Obama’s cap. And what a tribute to our booming economy.

Karen Patyk, AARP’s Hunger Impact Area program manager, explained to The Daily Caller that AARP’s SNAP outreach initiatives are tied to AARP’s Drive to End Hunger.

“Participation in the SNAP program is for the general [eligible] population high currently, about 75 percent. Senior participation, those 60 and older, seniors defined by USDA guidelines, only one out of every three [eligible] seniors receives the SNAP benefits to which they are entitled,” Patyk said…

Again, this cannot be allowed to stand!

In two years, AARP has helped seniors submit nearly 30,000 SNAP applications, according to Patyk.

And how is the AARP rewarded by the government? Do they get a bounty per head?

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5 Responses to “AARP Pushes Food Stamps Enrollment For Seniors”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Okay, this is full blown Fascism.

  2. Astravogel says:

    On the gripping hand, look what the Seniors’ savings,
    that they worked hard to make, have had the interest
    they depended on to suppliment their meager Social
    Security stolen by the Democrats.

  3. Noyzmakr says:

    “The Bulletin reports that AARP Pennsylvania estimates that 347,000 people 50 years old and over are “food insecure.”

    What the hell is ‘food insecurity’? Tonight, instead of rib-eye steaks on the grill, we’re having roast chicken…..on paper plates.

    I have an aquaintance who signed up and recieved $200 a month in food stamps at the height of the recession. He gained 35 lbs. in a year. Judging by the shape of the welfare class around my little slice of America, that seems to be the norm.

    He and his wife were grilling pork chops, steaks and chicken almost every night while I was eating hot dogs and potted meat to make ends meet.

    After a year there food stamp amount dropped to $16/month because his wife got her job back. He considered quitting his job just to keep the benefits rolling in. By that time they were getting rent assistance, they’re heating fuel bill was subsidized and who knows what else I don’t know about.

    It’s just as Steve describes above. Just like getting hooked on drugs, and just like drugs, it’s ugly getting off of them. I’m afraid it’s going to be bloody.

  4. yadayada says:

    rolling right along according to plan and right on schedule for the ’14 elections. the moment they start receiving $200 (or more) a month in benefits, they’ll think they’re “entitled” to it. they’ll not give it up willingly. it IS a gateway drug. they, their friends, and neighbors will find other $$ they’re missing out on and get their meat hooks into it and there they go……. it’s guaranteed they will never vote for those eeevil republicans who build their careers taking away gubmint bennies from rightly deserving folk (also known as taking food out of the mouths of children/elderly/poor/etc.)

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