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ABC: 57 Terrible Consequences From Sequester

From the always dependable ABC News:

57 Terrible Consequences of the Sequester

By CHRIS GOOD | February 21, 2013

If the heads of 20 federal agencies are to be believed, disastrous consequences await if President Obama and Congress fail to reach a budget deal, triggering the automatic, across-the-board cuts known as "sequestration." …

And, of course, ABC believes them.

In short: Unless a budget deal is cut, the country will be in deep trouble, according to the Obama administration’s highest-ranking agency officials.

The White House disseminated some of these projected cuts in a press release this month, and it seems possible that some alarmism is going on…

You think? Well, it doesn’t matter. ABC is going to report them as if they are actually going to happen, anyway.

(In the following list we are removed most of the preposterous paragraphs after each preposterous claim, to preserve space and sanity.)

[I]f no deal happens, here’s what the agency heads warned will occur under a full year of budget sequestration:

1. Air Travel Disruption
2. Longer Security Lines at Airports

You see, there aren’t long lines now. Also notice how this one problem warrants two separate listings.

3. Slower Extreme-Weather Forecasts
"The government runs the risk of significantly increasing forecast error and, the government’s ability to warn Americans across the country about high impact weather events, such as hurricanes and tornadoes, will be compromised…"

‘Auntie Em!’ Let’s hope no money is taken away from their budget for climate change research.

4. Greater Risk of Wildfires
5. Pest-Infested Crops
6. Nationwide Meat and Poultry Shortage

7. Prison Lockdowns
A furlough of nearly 36,700 Bureau of Prisons staff for an average of 12 days could "endanger the safety of staff and over 218,00 inmates," Attorney General Eric Holder wrote to the Senate Appropriations Committee on Feb. 1.
8. Slower Gun Background Checks

Isn’t this last a good thing, at least according to our media guardians?

9. Fewer FBI Agents
10. Immigration Backlog
Unable to hire immigration judges, the federal government would see immigration applications pile up.
11. Longer Waits for Passports and Foreign Visas
12. Neglect for Mentally Ill, Homeless, and Substance Addicted
Cuts to the Department of Health and Human Services would mean fewer services for vulnerable parts of the population…
13. 125,000 Would Be at Risk of Homelessness
Housing vouchers, shelter programs, and rural rent assistance are also on the chopping block…
14. 600,000 Women and Children Thrown Off WIC

The low-income nutrition assistance program would see cuts, too.
15. 424,000 Fewer AIDS Tests, 7,400 Fewer Patients Could Get HIV Medications
16. No Rent Assistance for 7,300 AIDS Patients
17. 807,000 Fewer Hospital Visits for Native Americans, Hospital Closures
18. Dilapidated Low-Income Housing, Closed Projects
19. No Child Care for 30,000 Kids, No Head Start for 70,000
20. Longer Waits for Disability Payments
21. $725 Million in Cuts for Low-Income and Special-Needs Students
22. Cuts to Schools on Indian Reservations
23. Native American Tribes Would Lose Almost $130 Million
24. Higher Risk of Terrorism
25. Untranslated Wiretaps
26. Less Surveillance

Again, these last three are listed separately. Besides, are they bad things? The news media didn’t used to think so.

27. Classified Information Vulnerable to Foreign Spies
28. An Even More Porous Border

This last is a problem?

29. Untended Nukes
30. U.S. Less Prepared for a ‘WMD Incident’
31. FBI Will Eventually Be Using Broken Equipment, Could Have Trouble Tracking Fingerprints
32. 1/3 Cutback in Pacific Naval Presence

We thought Obama said ships were out of date. Like horses and bayonets.

33. Reduced Army Readiness
34. No Maintenance for Some Ships and Planes
35. 46,000 Defense Jobs Could Be Lost

We thought it was 800,000?

36. Some Air Force Planes Can’t Fly
37. Less Cybersecurity
38. $1 Billion Cut from Disaster Relief

After we just spend $60 billion on Sandy?

40. Coast Guard Operations Cut by 1/4, Drugs Coming In on Boats
41. $500 Million Cut from Foreign Economic and Military Aid
42. $380 Million Cut from Global AIDS Funding
43. Less Security at U.S. Facilities Abroad, Less Protection for Americans Abroad
Despite the attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, and the sensitivity surrounding U.S. embassy security in the wake of that attack…

At last, the Obama administration and their media minions remember Benghazi.

44. Freed Up Terror Money
45. U.S. Attorneys Will Take 2,600 Fewer Cases
46. Smaller Unemployment Checks
47. 1,200 Fewer OSHA Inspections, Potential for More Workplace Deaths

Like Ft. Hood?

48. Fewer Mine Inspections
49. No Job Training for Hundreds of Thousands of People, Less Training for Veterans
50. 1,928 Fewer Small Business Loans
51. Slower Reporting on Economic Data, Less Analysis of It

What we will ever do without the administration’s ‘seasonal adjustments’?

52. Parks? Can’t Use ‘Em.


53. 128 Refuges Could Close

Again, two entries for the same thing.

54. Less Drilling and Exploration, Offshore and Onshore
Cuts to Interior Dept. would mean delays in oil and gas permitting, Secretary Salazar warned…

Oh, our sides! Say it isn’t true!

55. Fewer Air-Quality Forecasts
56. 1,000 Fewer Environmental Compliance Inspections
57. Less Nuclear Cleanup

Who would want to live in such a world with a 2% reduction in government spending?

What a testimony to hysteria. And to our government’s own shameless propaganda against its own people. (Which, by the way, is supposed to be illegal.)

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4 Responses to “ABC: 57 Terrible Consequences From Sequester”

  1. untrainable says:

    If you want to save $85 billion dollars, tell the Fed to stop printing worthless money to prop up the stock market… for a month. THEY’RE PRINTING $85 BILLION DOLLARS A MONTH!!! EVERY MONTH!!! They call it quantitative Easing Round 3.

  2. mr_bill says:

    57 consequences? That’s one for every state nerobama visited during his 2008 campaign!

    I’m going to keep saying it. The government claims to do all these things for $85 billion. Why don’t they keep this $85 billion and give up the other $4.5 trillion that doesn’t seem to be tied to anything government is Constitutionally empowered to do?

    • captstubby says:

      57 consequences.
      as in Heinz ketchup?
      is this the way ABC is reporting

      on the Heinz stock fiasco being investigated by the SEC?

  3. captstubby says:

    the conclusion of a vast, 5,125-year cycle in the Mayan calendar has been seasonally adjusted.

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