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ABC Claims Everyone Loved Lame Duck

From a shameless ABC News:

Poll: Obama and Lame-Duck Congress Popular – But Will it Quack Again?

77% Welcome the Lame-Duck Cooperation Between Obama and Congress

Jan. 14, 2011

Americans overwhelmingly welcomed the flurry of lawmaking between the lame-duck Congress and President Obama last month — but they’re hedging their bets on whether the duck keeps quacking.

Seventy-seven percent in this ABC News/Yahoo! News poll say it was good for Obama and Congress to agree to lame-duck legislation on tax cuts, unemployment benefits, gays in the military, the START treaty and aid to 9/11 responders. That includes majorities across the spectrum — 91 percent of Democrats, 79 percent of independents and 62 percent of Republicans.

Whether it lasts is another matter: Whatever the lame-duck session achieved, Americans divide evenly on the chances Obama and the Republicans in Congress will work together on important issues in the year ahead. Forty-eight percent are optimistic about it — just 14 percent "strongly" so — but about as many, 46 percent, are pessimistic about the prospects for political cooperation.

Optimism peaks among Democrats; 60 percent see cooperation ahead. That drops to 46 percent of independents and four in 10 Republicans in this poll, produced for ABC and Yahoo! News by Langer Research Associates. The survey was conducted before the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and 18 others in Tucson, Ariz.; further polling will indicate whether that event and its aftermath impact public views of the prospects for political cooperation.

OBAMA — The survey also marks the extent to which a president — even when hammered in the midterms, as Obama was this fall — commands the political stage. People who call the lame-duck legislation a good thing say by 62-31 percent, that Obama, not the Republicans in Congress, deserves more of the credit. On the other hand those who see it as a bad thing say by an almost identical margin, 61-29 percent, that Obama deserves more of the blame

And, of course, the media had nothing to do with this perception.

In case you were wondering, here is the full extent of the poll – the three questions— from which Mr. Langer magically teased out so much valuable information:

1. Thinking about the next 12 months, would you say you feel (optimistic) or (pessimistic) about [ITEM]?
a. The chances that President Obama and the Republicans in Congress will work together on important issues
b. The state of the national economy
c. Your own family’s financial situation

2. (Congress) and (Obama) agreed recently on issues including tax cuts, unemployment benefits, gays in the military, a nuclear arms treaty and aid to 9/11 responders. Regardless of your position on any of these issues individually, overall do you think it’s a good thing or a bad thing that (Congress) and (Obama) reached these agreements?

3a. (IF GOOD THING) Who do you think deserves more of the credit for these agreements – (Obama) or (the Republicans in Congress)?

3b. (IF BAD THING) Who do you think deserves more of the blame for these agreements – (Obama) or (the Republicans in Congress)?

So first the people being push polled were asked about the state of the economy and their family’s finances. And then they were asked whether they thought it was a good thing that Congress and Obama worked out a deal to extend the Bush tax cuts. – Which, of course, is the only legislation most people even heard about coming out of the lame duck session.

What a classic push poll. What textbook propaganda.

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7 Responses to “ABC Claims Everyone Loved Lame Duck”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    You have to just laugh that they even bothered to make the effort to ask anyone any questions in the first place, since they were going to arrive at their own desired conclusion. But, that’s the nature of “reporting” and “investigative journalism” nowadays. Pathetic, meant to mislead, intentionally skewed; A lie.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    To quote Cleavon Little, “S’cuse me while I whip this out …”

    … my guffaw, that is, at the hypocrisy and outright stupidity of lashing so many words together in this manner.

  3. Moose Breath says:

    I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more “polls” from the media this week. I’ll go out on a limb and say that El Rushbo and Sarah Palin will see their popularity drop to all-time lows. (Which is what the AZ shooting victims would’ve wanted, of course.)

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Actually, the MSM will tell us that that Palin and Limbaugh are at all-time lows while marketing people are breaking down the doors to get advertising time/space anywhere near them. Advertising space on the radio during Rush’s show is “stupid” expensive. He is the most listened to voice in America right now, I believe. Their popularity will soar, naturally simply because of the activity of the MSM which is now turning people off in droves, for, they have now completely forgotten their original charter, to serve the public. They have now bought into the notion that they control the message and thus, control us. They are wrong. I think more and more people are turning off their TV sets at 6:30 PM and 10 PM and going to the computer instead.

    • Right of the People says:


      I never, ever listen to the “network” news, haven’t for years. I couldn’t tell you who any of the network anchors are except for Comrade Couric since they made such a big deal about when she switched to one of the networks to another (not quite sure which one I remember seeing an ad about it while I was watching either football or baseball).

      I don’t think too many people under the age of forty-five or fifty even watch the main networks for news or for that matter. I find that the regular programming which except for Fox has sunk to subterranean lows and isn’t worth spit. And even Fox with stupid shows like Glee is slipping. They don’t call it the idiot box for nothing.

      XM radio (no commercials) for music and a good book is how we pass most evenings. I know some people would call it a “head in the sand” approach but I get enough news from radio and the web to keep up to date and lead a much more peaceful existence.

  4. Liberals Demise says:

    ABC is now smoking the product they are suppose to be pushing.
    Here we go again being told that ‘WE’ are happy with the shiite sandwiches
    they are forcing us to eat.

  5. preparing4theworst says:

    “Optimism peaks among Democrats, 60% see cooperation ahead”…Of course they see cooperation ahead, they KNOW that between them and the media that the Republicans can and will be browbeaten into the stupidest possible compromises and so hopefully providing the Dems with a treasure chest of campaign material for the next election. Call me pessimistic but after all they are all some form of politician and controllable by media outrage however contived or manufactured it may be.

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