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ABC Blasts Bush’s New ($2 Mil!) House

From an outraged ABC News:

Be It Ever Not So Humble: Bushes’ New Home

The Bushes Buy New Home in Dallas

George and Laura Buy Home in Exclusive Dallas Neighborhood, Near Ross Perot and T. Boone Pickens

Dec. 5, 2008

Next month President Bush will trade the White House for a sprawling mansion in a posh Dallas neighborhood.

“The president and Mrs. Bush have purchased a home in the Preston Hollow neighborhood in Dallas, Texas, where they will live after the president leaves office in January 2009,” the first lady’s spokeswoman Sally McDonough said in a statement Thursday.

While the First Lady’s Office would not confirm the new home’s exact address reports say the Bushes have selected a house on Daria Place at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac

Though the home is valued by the county at more than $2 million, reports say the Bushes paid an additional million. The home is only a few miles from the planned location of Bush’s presidential library at Southern Methodist University, the first lady’s alma mater…

Though the new house can’t compare with the 132-room, 35-bath White House the Bushes will depart in January, their new home is enormous in its own right.

According its official listing on the Dallas Central Appraisal District’s Web site, the one-story house spans 8,501 square feet of living space, including four bedrooms and four bathrooms, and sits on a 1.134-acre property. It was built in 1959 but is said to have undergone several renovations.

There’s no swimming pool, but the home boasts a wet bar, fireplace, cabana, separate storage, detached garage and an 896-square-foot servants’ quarter.

President Bush’s new neighbors in this upscale Dallas neighborhood will include former presidential hopeful Ross Perot, oilman T Boone Pickens and other wealthy Dallas denizens…

The First Lady’s Office said that despite the move to Dallas, the couple “will continue to spend time at Prairie Chapel Ranch in Crawford, Texas.”

When asked about his new home today at an event at the White House, President Bush replied sarcastically to the reporter: “Why do you care? You live in Washington, DC.”

This purchase by the Bushes is so egregious that ABC even had to include it in their special photo section, “Home Is Where The Money Is“:

Home Is Where the Money Is

A house believed to have been purchased by President Bush is seen on December 4, 2008. The White House has announced that Bush and first lady Laura Bush have purchased a home in the Preston Hollow neighborhood in Dallas, Texas where they will reside after Bush leaves office in January 2009. The home has been appraised at $2.1 million but the Dallas Morning News reports that the Bushes paid considerably more for the four-bedroom home, which is located in a quiet cul-de-sac.

By the way, the next house in ABC’s gallery is:

Home Is Where the Money Is

An unnamed Russian oligarch has broken a world record by paying $745 million for Villa Leopolda, a mansion on the French Riviera, the London newspaper the Times has reported. The 20-acre property includes two guest houses and was once home to parties attended by Frank Sinatra and Ronald Reagan, according to the newspaper.

Yes, what a scandal.

An ex-President living in a $2 million dollar house on a cul de sac.

What luxury! What extravagance!

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, December 5th, 2008. Comments are currently closed.

46 Responses to “ABC Blasts Bush’s New ($2 Mil!) House”

  1. crosspatch says:

    I suppose it is all a matter of location. In my neighborhood a million dollars will buy you a 40-year old ranch style tract home. A new house of any size would be 2 million dollars in just about any neighborhood within 5 miles. That isn’t such an extravagant amount. It really depends on the area.

  2. proreason says:

    and poor Joe Biden had to scrimp and save his salary that has never been more the 176K per year to buy his measly 6,000 foot home on 14 wooded, lake-side acres on the East Coast.

    Slow Joe probably delivered pizza at night to accumulate the money.

  3. Cincinnatus says:

    At least the Bushes will be paying for this house with their own money, unlike the Clintons.

  4. Landshark says:

    Crosspatch nails it.

    Where I used to live, $1 million bucks was a starter home.

    Dallas is a weird market. You can go out in the suburbs and buy 6,000 sq. feet with a seven-car garage and all the amenities on 3 1/2 acres for less than $400k.

    You can also pay three or four million for a tear down in Highland Park or Preston Hollow.

    And for the record, 8,500 sq. feet with four bedrooms is NOT a “sprawling mansion” anywhere.

  5. wardmama4 says:

    You know they have doubled their living space from their Crawford home (8501 sqft vs 4,000 sqft) yet they still haven’t even gotten up to Al Gore’s 10,000 sqft or John Edward’s 28,800 sqft home for example – but ABC calls it a mansion (even without a tennis court or swimming pool)!?!

  6. U NO HOO says:

    “When asked about his new home today at an event at the White House, President Bush replied sarcastically to the reporter: “Why do you care? You live in Washington, DC.””

    If only GWB had been so brazen the past eight years.

  7. Colonel1961 says:

    Holy heck – I’ve got run-of-the-mill doctors, i.e., not even surgeons, down the street with two and three million dollar homes! Cut the Bushes some slack!

    Wonder what the home value of the alphabet network’s CEO is…

  8. bill says:

    Did Rezko buy Bush a house?

  9. cjokry says:

    U NO, I also wish Bush would’ve done as good a job defending his policies as he did his choice of homes. They were certainly worth defending, even if he didn’t have another election to win.

    His new house looks nice, too. I hope him and Laura enjoy it there. Yeah, those sound like some nice, appropriate sentiments to express. Maybe ABC could try saying something like that instead of fostering jealousy and class hatred.

    And I think Landshark has it right: 4 bdrm. 8500 sq ft 50 yrs old (several renovations!) on 1.1 acre. doesn’t in any way really spell “mansion.” (Honestly, I think he overpaid, nice neighborhood or not.)

  10. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    The MSM is just stoking the fires of class envy. Plain and simple. Personally I would rather have bought a nice four bedroom log cabin out in the woods. Preferably in the interior of Alaska where I used to live. The land up there is much cheaper.

  11. AmericanIPA says:

    That’s probably the cheapest home an ex-president has retired to since Eisenhower.

    Let’s not even beat the drum on the Obamas, Clintons, Gores, Edwards, Bidens, Kerrys, etc. et-bloody-cetera. That’s old and predictable news. Let’s just wonder aloud at what the homes of the people who report this stuff are probably worth. Is Dan rather or Katie Couric living in a little starter home? Doubtful.

    I just wonder if Cindy Sheehan and her truth police will have better amenities now that the Bushes live in a posh, sprawling mansion?

  12. BillK says:

    What’s the average price of a home owned by a member of Congress?

    For that matter, any idea what Obama’s place in Illinois is worth?

    Better yet, in the current climate, let’s have investigations into how much the Big Three CEOs paid for their homes…

  13. pdsand says:

    I’m glad he’s moving into this place, instead of way out in Crawford. I know he’ll have the secret service still, but I honestly worry about these nutjobs trying to kill him for his supposed crimes the rest of his life. It seems like if H. Ross Perot and T. Boone Pickens live there then it’s bound to be a safe place to live.

  14. retire05 says:

    Ummmm, Obama paid a total of $1,754,000.00 for his little shack in Chicago that sits on a lot waaaay too small while he still owed money on his student loans. Too bad that Tony Rezko is in jail. He could have helped George and Laura buy an even bigger place, all in the name of fairness, you know.

    Now, I would like to know how the Dallas Morning Democrat News knows how much the Bush’s really paid for their home in Preston Hollow. In Texas, deeds are record for the sale price “in consideration of $10” so that your purchase price is private. Even if the Dallas Morning Democrat News went to the court house to research the deed, the selling price would not be listed.

    Hell, if I was President Bush, I would move to Trophy Club where all the Texas Rangers live.

  15. Media_man says:

    Wasn’t the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s retirement house in Tinley Park worth about $2 Million? I don’t recall alot of carping from ABC about that. Which is really odd considering how his central message was Black liberation theology, railing against the “materialism” of White folk.

    At least SG is paying attention to what ABC is peddling. I never watch it.

    Their news division sucks as does their entertainment lineup.

  16. BigOil says:

    Ours is a country where achievement was once applauded. Someone who has an Ivy league MBA, is a trained jet pilot, owned an oil company, ran a baseball team, governed the largest state, served as a two term US President..should be admired, not derided.

    I’d say settling down in a 2 million dollar house, after GW’s lifes work, is a rather modest retirement.

  17. Gila Monster says:

    “As to that $2 mil mansion (for which the idiot paid an additional million when property values have been plummeting), I don’t think it’s large enough for the idiot. After the murder of thousands of American and Iraqis based on lies about the Iraqi threat, he should be sent to live in THE big house.”

    Well stated Regats, life in the wrap of a liberal blanket is oh so comforting, is it not?? How long have you exhibited the symptoms of BDS?

    So what do you say about the Clinton residence in Westchester County NY (Chappaqua) purchased in 1999 just before Billy Jeff left office?
    That was in excess of $1.7 million NOT counting the estimated $500,000 in renovations done prior to our first black President and family moving in when he left office.


    Bear in mind that was the first house that BJ and family had actually purchased, and lived in, since he was elected Governor of Arkansas in 1978, a Little Rock house that was valued at less than $100,000 prior to his AR gubernatorial election.

    Quite the residence improvement, eh? Not bad for someone that basically went to school and then entered politics, nothing more. Never ran a business, never served in the military, never did anything in the private sector, hell, he didn’t even inherit any significant monies, well, other than from taxpayers when he left political office.

    But that’s just all OK in your book, right Regats? The MSM obviuosly thought so. ;o)

  18. crosspatch says:

    Has anyone ever seen a picture of Jimmy Carter’s current home?

  19. artpa says:

    2 mil in that area is practically a mcmansion. Lets face it he now also needs to put up a contingent of secret service for the rest of his life too, to protect him from the likes of regats. If this was a dem, it would have not even made the papers much less with enough info to make sure people could find the house.

  20. Liberals Demise says:

    If this was a Dem……He’d be slummin’, right Plugs Biden?

  21. ezra says:

    Someone must have thin skin, because I really can’t see where ABC is outraged and/or blasts anybody in this article.

    Is Preston Hollow a posh neighborhood? Yes. Is 8,500 sf on one floor a sprawling mansion? Yes. Is the purchase of a new home by a president leaving office newsworthy? Yes. Did the previous president’s purchase of his home receive as much attention? Yes.

    In this case, SG, MSM = Boogie Man

  22. proreason says:

    drink deeply Ezra.

    Sprawling, Posh. Enormous. Boast. Sarcastically. I didn’t know those were common terms in our objective media’s lexicon.

    Wonder how they treated Obamy’s house purchased with Rezko’s money?

  23. BillK says:

    Thanks to the Texas papers and Washington Post, we now even have the Bush’s address: 10141 Daria Place, Dallas, TX.

    See it for yourself

    Google also lists it as the address of “Bill Fisher Real Estate.”

    Needless to say there are now “reviews” of “Bill Fisher Real Estate” that “thank” Bush for the war and the economy, mostly by people who took the time to sign up for a Google account simply to trash the President.

    Nice to know they have so little to do in their lives.

  24. cjokry says:

    ezra, maybe it’s not exactly a “blast” by ABC, but the tone of the piece is definitely envious. (“Home is where the money is” ,”Be it ever not-so-humble”.) The property is really nice and all, but it actually is a pretty down-to-earth looking home for a man leaving the post of President of the United States of America. As wardmama4 points out near the top here, some notorious wanabees for the post have bigger homes than that.

  25. DEZ says:

    “What a shame – all those toilets, totally wasted on the idiot Bush, who rarely did any reading.”

    That statement alone highlighted the extent of your education!
    Please go back to reading tabloids in your throned library.

  26. Barbie says:

    the Bushes deserve the best house in the world for what they’ve had to put up with from the irrational, violent, mindless left wing loons. I just hope he and Laura and their family are kept safe from the idiot leftwing…

  27. Barbie says:

    p.s. the loons on the left are going to have an absolute nervous breakdown wnen GW leaves office; they’ll be faced with the reality that their lives and minds are empty and have been for some time. Who will they focus to irrationally hate the next time? Let’s hope they eat their own…

  28. Anonymoose says:

    the loons on the left are going to have an absolute nervous breakdown when GW leaves office

    I agree, I’ve never gone to Daily KOS, it’s enough just to read the comments on the MSM websites. Except for Fox it’s non-stop venting. Bush is responsible for the economy, global warming, hatred, terrorism, and that goose in Montana who was migrating North instead of South.

    The Core Believers will never stop. Now that the dream of liberalism has been elected to office they’ll go into overdrive on how wonderful the world is and everything bad that happens is still Bush’s fault, either by history or proxy by the Republican party. After all, the evil Republicans manipulate and cause all the world’s problems.

    The average person, and all the “free thinking” college students who bonked for Obama without blinking, will start to see through the ruse…….I hope.

    As for Bush’s house, that’s not some palatial mansion, it’s more like the typical house of a doctor or lawyer. BTW, how come we never hear of where the Clinton’s live?

  29. Barbie says:

    The Bushes have selected a very modest house. I meant with all they’ve been through and the uncalled for personal ugliness and viciousness thrown their way, they deserve the best house in the world (if that’s what they’d chosen).

  30. heliotrope says:

    Think about a person who is comfortable enough in his own skin to settle into a 50 year old home in a settled neighborhood. There will be enough room for kids and grandkids and small parties. There is no McMansion ego hanging on the front porch. Also, there was no press drama as there was with the Clinton’s as they sought out their statement homes. Homes. Like Pappa and Momma Bush they just went about getting on with the next phase of their lives.

    What really amazes me is the amount of vinegar that is spewed in the comments section of the ABC site. I do not think the Iraqis wished worse for Saddam than the BDS people spray when they have to think of Bush. Anyone who is hooked on Darwin’s brand of evolution needs to explain the brach these poor critters fell from.

  31. Liberals Demise says:

    Regats…If Iraq is your country, why don’t you carry your slovin’ carcus back and do us all a favor by helping turn your country around. My,my how you love to talk a mean streak about the liberators that helped hang the most brutal of dictators you have witnessed and probly ran away from. Hey boot licker, those mobile trailors that were buried in the desert were …….. what? Frozen ice cream trucks? Mobile baby formula factories? NOOOOOoooooo………they were MOBILE ANTHRAX making labs!!! Buddy boy, you make me heave at the thought that you sat your sorry ass here in the States while REAL AMERICANS did the job you refuse to do!! YOU sir are a C-O-W-A-R-D of the most dispicable kind! Please….when you leave, wipe up the snail trail you leave behind you!! You give snails a bad name.

  32. Barbie says:

    Thank God we had a president who actually stood up for this country and, acting on intelligence and sanctioned by your precious liberal leaders, Regats,, tried to protect this country – even for mindless, uneducated, ungrateful cowards like Regats. And Regat, there was no greater shame than the needless deaths Bill Clinton allowed in Rwanda benacuse he didn’t have the testicles ore the intellect to stand against such slaughter. And what about all those civilians he and Madeline Albright allowed to die so they could bomb away aspirin factories? GW has proteccted this country and now under your precious brainless Bambi and his nominated AG Eric HOlder, our country is going to be in very much danger.

  33. Barbie says:

    So Regats go back to reading your precious Daily Kos – and you’ve no idea what GW reads – one thing for sure, he doesn’t read the KOS garbage that you so mindlessly inhale…

  34. Barbie says:

    p.s. Regats Don’t come to this site with insults about ‘neocons’ when you’re a typical, brainless moonbat…

  35. sheehanjihad says:

    regats….your ignorance is appalling. You buy into that “Bush lied” crap as though somehow he single handedly started the entire thing. Flawed intelligence, congressional backing, a UN mandate are only part of the Iraqi war.

    What you fail to realize is, people would much rather have you ranting your “Bush lied” mantra than the intelligence being ignored and Hussein, (Saddam, not Barak) not only could have, but would have used nukes if he had them, and the proof you choose to ignore that he already had used chemical weapons in the genocide of the Kurds.

    You drivel on about him being a traitor simply because he chose to be mistaken rather than be totally wrong, and if you think that Iraqis were “murdered” as a result, you can do so because the citizens of this country, OUR country havent been murdered wholesale by muslims, which has been and still is their intent. More Iraqi citizens were killed by jihdists’ bombs and summary executions than were ever killed by collateral damage from our own weapons. Just fact.

    This nation didnt go to war under false pretenses, this nation went to war because we couldnt afford to play nicey nice with a filthy lying pig like Saddam and most of all, we couldnt afford to be wrong about his stated intent. His support of international terrorism was legendary, and undeniably misguided people like you havent had a damn thing to worry about in his entire time in office. Take off your blinders…stop following what you read or hear in the MSM, but most of all, stop calling it your country. It isnt yours. It’s ours. And your being able to say the things you do, and believe what you want to believe is part of that privilege.

    Your statement of Bush being a traitor, of going to war under false pretenses, and by saying he has done more harm to this country than Bin Laden could ever dream of trumpets your total lack of understanding, and an unwillingness to look past your protest sign. A lot of good people have died for you to act like a jerk, and Bush has prevented you from dying since 9/11, a fact which you conveniently choose to ignore. Obviously, you have never been shot at, or threatened with being killed and had to act on it or die. Starbucks isnt exactly the front lines, I know.

    But, like anyone who believes in such a myopic fashion, who for some reason feels compelled to come to a conservative blog and vomit their opinion as though somehow it will carry some meaning, you do so bleating and being led by people who are doing their level best to make sure you wont be able to open your mouth at all. So insult all you wish, but you are simply sadly mistaken about an entire host of issues. You need to educate yourself with facts, and not comfortable sound bites that you hear on ABC. Talk about Bush! You are posting under false pretenses.

  36. DEZ says:

    “DEZ, that was something commonly known as a “joke”, ”

    Really, Jokes are supposed to have a humorous climax.

    As far as the UN inspectors having unlimited access for inspections, I am sure you can show us documentation or viable links, No? I didn’t think so asshat.
    Blix at best was an incompetant enabler who’s only accomplishment was writing letters that were laughed at by Saddam.

    Saddam thumbed his nose at UN warnings and sanctions for a decade, shot at coalition planes on nearly a daily basis, murdered his citizens by the thousands, and he ended up losing his head at the hanging at the hands of his own country men.

    We have all heard libtards like yourself screaming like blithering idiots the same talking points for almost a decade, “Bush lied people died, Impeach Bush? Global Warming, Water boarding, 9-11 was in inside job and on and on, Your like broken records that keep playing the same track over and over, nothing new, nothing original, and when you can find documentation to back up your BS, its been faked by left wing nut jobs like Dan Rather.
    Your catch phrases and conspiracy theories fall somewhere between Neanderthal and dull moron

    Run along, lick Obama’s sandled feet.

  37. Gila Monster says:

    Regats has spaketh thus, “This part was not a joke, but deadly serious. Bush lied “.

    Jeez!! A very original mantra from our liberal friends. Did you get that from your usual haunt over at HuffPo or did you think that one up all by your little lonesome self? Bush lied, blah, blah, blah, … you must be so proud.

    And neocon? That label is so passe, surely you can come up with something better, eh?

    By the way Regats, if you have links that prove that Bush lied, feel free to post them and I don’t mean blog posts at Kos or HuffPo or statements by Bill Maher, Rosie, Babs or CodePink.

  38. sheehanjihad says:

    Looks like Bush isnt the only one suffering from flawed intelligence. But at least Bush was given flawed intelligence instead of inheriting it.

  39. DEZ says:

    “Looks like Bush isnt the only one suffering from flawed intelligence. But at least Bush was given flawed intelligence instead of inheriting it.”

    See Regats? thats a joke, funny and inventive, its also based on facts!

  40. Liberals Demise says:

    Facts fly over the head of Regats pot knots. True fact is that Regats is a Houseboy lacky and knows nothing original. “MONKEY SEE / MONKEY DOOKEY”

  41. bobbys says:

    I think its great there down to earth but i dont like it for security reasons, After all the hate talk about him and you might notice the lack of respect by the Democrats even after they won i think he needs a safer place, There gonna play the blame game for a few years as a excuse for there lack of any leadership. they built up a level of hate never seen before so i fear for his safety.

  42. ezra says:

    So long as ex-presidents choose not to opt out of secret service protection, which Bush has not done, the secret service is involved in this type of decision and has no doubt evaluated this property based on their ability to maintain security. Nevertheless, I would not want to be his neighbor. I remember when Ross Perot was a big shot and the neighbors sued him over the crazy comings and goings at his home–security, helicopters, etc.

  43. Lipstick on a PIAPS says:

    THANK YOU, President Bush for stimulating the economy with a REAL private purchase of a home in the Dallas area. I wonder if Barak is going to be criticized for his massive spending on his innaugaral bash?

  44. Lipstick on a PIAPS says:

    Bush cheerleaders stoop to ad-hominem attacks?!?! Hey, when are you going to make a MOVIE about Barak being assasinated the way you liberals made a movie about President Bush being assasinated? Why dont you cry me a river reregats! Don’t come here bellyaching and moaning about mistreatment. It isn’t going to fly in here! The Pathetic Pig is Barak and his stupid bridges, roads and other make work to nowhere projects are going to go nowhere! Stew in your own sauce, beeee…….atch…………….!

  45. BushSucks says:

    Cincinnatus – Wake up! The Reagans did not purchase their Bel Air home. I thank God that soon Bush will be out of the White House. He practically destroyed the world.

  46. Georgfelis says:

    It looks like after the article was written, somebody went through it with an excessive adjective stamp. Sprawling, Mansion, Million, Posh, Exclusive….

    Turn in a paper like that in English class, and your teacher would red-pen it into a D- at least.

    There are elements on the Left that would cry and complain if President Bush moved into a doublewide mobile home in 2009. “Bwaaa, he’s ruining the neighborhood, look at his carbon footprint!”

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