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ABC Posts Interrogators Names, Photos

From The Weekly Standard:

ABC’s Shame

ABC runs a report showing the names and faces of two CIA contractors who may have had a role in the waterboarding of KSM and Abu Zubaydah. The network apparently outsourced this report to a freelancer named Matthew Cole, whose record in Nexis includes just three bylines — two stories for Salon (one of which about "how Bush administration aid to Pakistan helps fund insurgents who kill U.S. troops"), and one for the San Jose Mercury News just two days after 9/11 reporting "anxiety about a backlash" among Muslims, who assure the reporter that the attack "has nothing to do with Islam."

In other words, Cole is a left-wing partisan with questionable reporting chops. This is obvious from the quality of the story tonight. Cole repeats the now throughly debunked claim that Zubaydah and KSM were waterboarded 83 and 183 times respectively. He posts video of the two refusing to answer questions in what is staged as a faux perp walk with no discernible news value other than to portray them as criminals. And, most amazingly, Cole indicts the two men for not having any experience prior to their work for the CIA — as though being "previously involved in the U.S. military program to train pilots how to survive behind enemy lines and resist brutal tactics" isn’t relevant.

ABC’s conduct here, exposing two men who will now become obvious targets for terrorists and left-wing extremists, is deplorable. Will the Obama administration investigate who leaked their identities? Or is it now open-season on Americans who were only doing what their government asked of them in order to protect their country from attack?

Where is the outrage?

Remember the outcry when the CIA desk jockey Valerie Plame was outed by her publicity hound hubby Joe Wilson?

Where are the cries for investigation? For Congressional Hearings?

These are actually agents who should be protected by law.

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, May 1st, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

18 Responses to “ABC Posts Interrogators Names, Photos”

  1. JohnMG says:

    …..”Will the Obama administration investigate who leaked their identities?…..”

    Yeah. Just as soon as they find out who was behind the AF-1 flyover debacle without the president’s knowledge. Count on it!

  2. oki2 says:

    “two CIA contractors who may have had a role in the waterboarding ” … MAY have had? So these two get outed and they may not have even had a role in this? Horrible that they were even leaked, worse yet if they had nothing to do with it.

  3. proreason says:

    In due course, these “journalists” will be identified, put on trial, and held accountable for their traitorous acts. Only God will have mercy on their contemptable souls.

  4. Liberals Demise says:

    ABC is a bunch of back stabbing, conniving, motherless dogs who need the flesh torn off them with a horse whip by those they aid and abet.

    Jackboot licking obama sycophants have tossed their pearls before swine!!
    I wouldn’t pee on their backs if they were on fire. I would fan and feed the flames!


    • GL0120 says:

      I volunteer to pee on their backs and I don’t even care if they’re on fire; it would be my patriotic duty!

  5. crosspatch says:

    I suppose all I can do is this:

    I will never follow a link to an ABC site and we will never watch any ABC programming in our home.

  6. MinnesotaRush says:

    I’m gonna think out loud here for a minute. I think we CAN DO MORE.

    What’s folks’s thoughts on staging a very focused national campaign of selectively boycotting randomly selected sponsors/advertisers of ABC and its’ affiliates?

    ABC is told why .. because of their unquestionable and repetitive anti-American behaviors, reporting, reporters, and their visible bias .. and more importantly, their sponsors/advertisers are told why.

    Then, once a month, 2 or 3 sponsors/advertisers names are selected and they are boycotted on a national scale for a month. Repeat it as often as we need to. Heck .. if we can launch a meaningful campaign, do it thru out the biased and anti-American MSM.

    Drive the sponsors/advertisers away from these propagandists! None of ’em will know which month it’ll be their turn to be boycotted.

    ABC’s (et al) behavior(s) are despicable and need to be stopped. Can we hit ’em in the pocketbook hard enough and long enough to help them “change”???

    Whatta ya think S&L’s? Can we combined .. influence enough of our friends, relatives, associates, acquaintences, etc .. to send some loud, loud messages? Kind of a financial mortar in addition to the TEA Parties.

    Whatta ya think?

    • curvyred says:

      I used to really enjoy Good Morning America – I still admire Robin , but I will no longer watch and I have let sponsors know I will no longer purchase their products.

      I suppose now I will have to boycott ABC as a whole entity – especially in light of them publishing the faces of “men who MAY HAVE BEEN involved”

      I think this should be part of the Tea Party Movement.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Count me in…..”So long GMA and Jake Tappers’ blog and Proctor&Gamble products and anyone else who does business with these Anal Ports!!”

      Back in a bit….gotta e-mail those that have drawn my ire!!

    • proreason says:

      I don’t even click to NBC, CBS, ABC or CNN. A few times a year, I’ll watch a sports event, but I ration that.

      I also don’t watch the Dallas Mavericks, since the loathsome Mark Cuban is the owner (the poster-boy 17-year old liberal, inmo.)

      But boycotting products advertised on the networks is problematical, since every manufacturer advertises on all the major outlets.

      I do recommend avoiding the easily identifiable GE products, like light bulbs and appliances. I would rather buy foreign. At least there is a chance foreign companies appreciate America.

      If there are other businesses as beneath contempt as GE, I’d like to know about it. For example, Chrysler is now off of PR’s list. I’m not subsidizing the UAW except as I’m forced to by the knife at my throat to pay taxes. I’ll also be voting with my wallet about the banks and credit card companies in the next few months. The ones that end up nationalized will be off the list.

      I wouldn’t mind seeing a thread opened by Steve where people could throw ideas around about companies that don’t deserve our business.

    • MinnesotaRush says:

      Boy, I’d be all for that if Steve is willing. We could compare notes and come up with a meaningful and productive strategy. Whatta ya think, Steve? How could we do something to visit back and forth on this subject? Would appreciate your thoughts on this.

      Could we start some commentary in the Selected News side? Newsflash .. “America Answers Back to MSM (ABC) with their Pocketbooks”.

      Seriously tho’, what might be your thought/direction?

    • AngryD says:

      I’m in. Email me at AngryD@rocketmail.com. Something like this has been needed for years.


  7. oldswimcoach says:

    Where is Valery Plame speaking out on Outing CIA operatives… Didn’t these guys do an oped in Vanity Fair? No?

    So they were really undercover, in a foriegn country? Hmm… seems like ther should be a law…

  8. artboyusa says:

    COLT LUGER, CIA Torture Master, returns in “America’s Shame”!

    “Frosty chocolate milkshake?”



    “Nuh unh”.

    “How about a foot massage?”

    “No way”.

    “C’mon Abu” pleaded Colt Luger, CIA Torture Master “Help me out here. I can’t just go back to my supervisor and say that you didn’t respond to enhanced interrogation – he’ll kill me!”

    “Tough noogies, infidel” sneered Abu, as he lolled in the swaying hammock. “Top me up, will you?”

    The frizzle bearded Islamist extended the empty glass and Colt refilled it with fruit juice and replaced the tiny umbrella. “Here you go, Abu” he said.

    “Are you sure this is fresh squeezed? It tastes a little watery”.

    “I squeezed it myself this morning! Look, how about some magazines to help you while away the lonely hours? I’ve got Playboy’, I’ve got ‘Hustler’, I’ve got “Boy’s Life” too…”

    “What are you implying? I’m not into that stuff” objected Abu.

    “That’s not the word on the tennis court. Anyway, they’re yours just for answering a couple of easy, multiple choice questions. Waddaya say, huh?”

    “Forget it, you passive bedmate of Crusaders and Zionists. Your harsh interrogation methods will not loosen my tongue!”

    “You seem a little tense” murmured Colt, gently massaging Abu’s shoulders. “Oh my, yes – you’re all knotted up”.

    “Mmmm…that feels good. Keep going. Tell me, pig – are you Americans for real? I mean, seriously: if you’re going to torture someone, do it and shut up about it. If you’re not, then don’t. This way you’ve got the worst of both worlds – you’ve got all the stigma of torture without the results. It’s pathetic, really”.

    “If you’ve got a complaint, there’s a feedback box on our website or you can complete this form…”

    “I’m not complaining –I’m just saying, that’s all. And I didn’t say to stop rubbing…”

    “Sorry. How’s that?”

    “Nice. Anyway, my advice is to forget the whole ‘torture’ thing. You’re not really into it anyway, not like my people are – or the French”.

    “Sorry. Maybe we can try harder”.

    “Now, those Froggies knew something about torture, let me tell you! Back in the 50s they’d beat those Algerians like gongs, light ‘em up like Christmas trees, chuck them out of planes – you name it”.

    “Um, I don’t think that stuff’s in my manual”.

    “Got results too. Of course, they kinda lost their case in the court of world opinion along the way. You should read Albert Camus on the subject; he has some really interesting insights…”

    “Albert who?”

    Abu sighed. “Albert Camus –‘Camoo’ to you. You know; the Existentialist writer. Sheesh – what cow college madrassah did you go to, anyway?”

    “Julius Rosenberg Community College” huffed Colt, defending his education. “Associate’s Degree in Media Studies”.

    “Goody for you”.

    “Look, you’ve forced me to get rough Abu. You want to play hardball, let’s play hardball. Here’s the deal: if you answer my questions you can have this brand new issue of…’Goat World’* magazine!”

    “’Goat World’? exclaimed Abu excitedly. “Really? The latest issue? For my very own?”

    “Uh huh”.

    “No! No! What am I saying? Tempt me not, blue eyed spawn of Satan and a she-monkey – you can martyr me before I speak one word!”

    “Check it out” teased Colt, flipping casually through the pages. “Look at her: those big yellow eyes, those swollen udders, imagine that coarse fur, that musky goat aroma…”

    “Stop it! STOP IT!!! Enough – I’ll talk! I’ll talk…”blubbered Abu. “You have… broken me”.

    “Huh? Oh right…broken you. Hang on a sec while I call ABC to see if its okay for us to keep talking…”

    * turns out there really is a website called goatworld.com – who knew?

    • proreason says:

      It’s impossible not to admire your PC discipline, Artboy.

      Not a single mention of camel love.

  9. catie says:

    Well, I won’t watch ABC either anymore. I don’t watch NBC and I don’t buy any GE products even if they are cheaper or have more features for the dollar. The only thing I watched on ABC was “Super Nanny” but not anymore.

  10. artboyusa says:

    Camel love? Now that WOULD be cruel and unusual…for the camel.

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