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ABC Presents Bush-Basher As Vet Spokesman

From those unbiased journalists at ABC’s Blotter:

Paul Rieckhoff

Veterans Feel Left Out, Ignored in Bush Speech

January 24, 2007

Dana Hughes Reports:

It’s not what President Bush said but what he left out of his State of the Union address that has outraged a major veteran’s group, the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

In his nearly one-hour State of the Union address, President Bush never mentioned the 1.6 million veterans the war has already produced, while repeatedly asking the American public and Congress to support his plan to send 20,000 more troops to Iraq.

"For the second year in a row, the president chose to mention the troops only really as a prop for his policies and ignored that these folks are coming home as new veterans," says Paul Rieckhoff, the executive director of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and an Iraq war veteran himself.

The lack of a mention shows "veterans aren’t a priority for the Bush administration," says Rieckhoff.

Rieckhoff says, in his view, it’s irresponsible for Bush to talk about increasing troops in the ongoing war without addressing shortcomings in health care and economic benefits that now plague an overburdened Veterans Affairs Administration…

The articles continues on with much more whining and hand wringing by  Mr. Rieckhoff over President Bush’s horrendous slight.

But no where is it mentioned in the piece that Mr. Rieckhoff is against the Iraq war and a long time professional Bush-basher. His so-called organization is dedicated to it.

Mr. Rieckhoff also favors the nation with his ponderous pondering at Zsa Zsa Huffington’s site. Here is a sampling of his recent entries:

Paul Rieckhoff

Bush Fails to Mention America’s 1.6 Million New Veterans in SOTU

Tonight President Bush once again failed to demonstrate a real commitment to the 1.6 million new American veterans who have been created under his watch. For the second year in a row, the President in his State of the Union address chose to mention the troops only as a prop…

The Surge: Bush’s Latest Bad Call

The President’s New Way Forward isn’t just the wrong change of course. It’s no change at all.

Since Day One, the Administration has tried to conduct this war on the cheap – not enough troops to secure Baghdad and prevent looting, not enough armor to protect the troops we sent,…


President Ford died last week. And President Bush didn’t attend the services.

James Brown also died last week. And President Bush didn’t attend the funeral.

He was on vacation.

And this weekend, the 3,000th American service member died in Iraq.

The President won’t go to that…

Better Late Than Never: Accountability

The resignation of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld earlier today is welcome news, especially for those men and women in uniform who have suffered the consequences of Rumsfeld’s mistakes and failed policies.

In the Army, the concept of personal accountability is the most important part of a Soldier’s life. To survive…

President Bush’s Frat Boy Attitude

Last week’s White House press conference was notable for a number of reasons. First, any time President Bush answers questions from the press is a noteworthy event, given that he has deigned to do so fewer times than almost any other modern President. It was also notable because mere…

Mr. President, You Would Understand If You Had Fought

I want to commend Senators McCain, Graham and Warner, and also General Colin Powell, for their unequivocal stand against the use of torture on enemy detainees. They are right on this issue. And the President is wrong.

As veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, IAVA’s members are…

Mr. Rieckhoff  has been spewing similar or worse Bush hatred for years.

But ABC News trots out this guy’s Huffington blog post word for word as if he is speaking for all US veterans.

This is the propaganda our media pass off as news each and every day.

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