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ABC/WP Poll: 80% Support More Border Security

From ABC News:

Public Views on Immigration Reform Underscore the GOP’s Conundrum

By Gary Langer | Apr 3, 2013

Nearly six in 10 Americans support a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, but with Republicans firm in their opposition by a wide margin – a challenge for a party torn between reflecting the views of its base and seeking to broaden its appeal.

Notice how they put this. "Nearly six in 10." That sounds like a lot more than 57%, which is a bare majority. (Even after this ABC/Washington Post poll undoubtedly oversampled Democrats, as they always do.)

With negotiations in Washington proceeding, 57 percent in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll support the most contentious part of immigration reform, a process by which illegal immigrants may gain citizenship.

Also notice how vague this is. Who opposes illegal immigrants never being allowed to apply for citizenship? Most people would support them applying through the usual pathway. They are just opposed to blanket amnesty.

In fact, here is poll question: "Overall, do you support or oppose a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants?" What could be more vague? We already have a path for illegal immigrants. They can apply just like everyone else.

But Mr. Langer would have you think this means a majority support blanket amnesty, which actually is the most contentious part of immigration reform.

Two other elements – stricter border control and more visas for highly skilled workers – win broader backing, from 80 and 72 percent, respectively…

Notice how the whopping 80% support for stronger border control is buried. Moreover, you have to wonder. If there’s nothing wrong with amnesty, why do so many people want to keep more illegal aliens out?

Tellingly, a path to citizenship is backed by 69 percent of nonwhites, including 80 percent of Hispanics and 67 percent of blacks – groups that overwhelmingly favored Barack Obama in his successful re-election campaign. That falls to 51 percent of whites, who preferred Republican Mitt Romney by 20 points…

Gee, that really is telling.

There’s also a sharp generational break in this poll produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates: Adults younger than age 40 – a group that decisively favored Obama over Romney in the election – back a path to citizenship by 67-30 percent. Support drops to a bare majority, 51 percent, among those 40 and up, a majority of whom voted for Romney…

Well, if young people are for it, then we suppose we have to have it. They are always right on everything. Besides, it’s not like they don’t just parrot whatever they have been told by their parents and the entertainment media.

Those differences underscore the challenges facing Republican Party leaders: Stay loyal to the policy preference of their party faithful and core support groups including whites, older adults and conservatives, at the risk of clinging to an inadequate support base; or seek to appeal to groups such as Hispanics, younger adults and moderates, at the risk of alienating the party’s core.

ABC is so concerned about the prospects for the GOP.

And also buried is this:

Hispanics are at the other end of the spectrum on increased border security; 61 percent support it, a low among groups, compared with 93 percent among Republicans.

Which still means that a clear majority of Hispanics support increased border security.

Overall views on a path to citizenship and border security are essentially unchanged compared with ABC/Post polls earlier this year and in late 2012…

What’s this? We thought the country was suddenly clamoring for amnesty.

In fact, here are some sample headlines from the Washington Post over the last two days:

The Morning Plum: Republicans increasingly isolated on many major issues
Can GOP keep tough stance on immigration and win? In Arizona, the answer is yes _ for now
Can the GOP survive embracing unpopular issues? Sure.
For GOP, ‘path to citizenship’ is a lot like gay marriage
The Morning Plum: The GOP dilemma on immigration

This is what they call in basketball a ‘full court press.’

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