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ACLU Publishing Comics For The Masses

From the ACLU’s "Stand-up" site:

Stand Up! Defenders Of Freedom

The ACLU presents Defenders of Freedom, our first graphic novel. Defenders of Freedom has two stories based on critical civil liberties issues.

This story looks at the government’s abuse of power.

Abuse of Power
Even in the age of global terrorism, the U.S. should be committed to being Safe and Free. Learn how to protect your freedoms.

This story takes a look at race and discrimination.

Racial Profiling
Any police or security practice in which a person is treated as a suspect because of their race, ethnicity, nationality or religion is racial profiling. Learn how you can stop it.

At least they are recognizing the education level of their audience.

But how soon before these comic books are being passed out in our public schools?

Assuming they aren’t being distributed already.

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