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ACORN Accuses GOP Of Voter Suppression

From an ACORN press release, which has been dutifully promulgated all over the internet:

New Mexico Incident Highlights Republican Suppression Scheme

October 18, 2008

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — After the New Mexico Republican Party claimed Thursday that fraudulent voters—including some registered to vote by ACORN—participated in the June, 2008 Democratic primary, ACORN contacted some of the voters Republicans said were bogus.  ACORN presented its findings Saturday morning during press conference at ACORN’s New Mexico headquarters.

The voters that the Republicans named in their press conference on Thursday were quickly reached by ACORN Thursday night.  They include three 18 and 19-year-olds and a new citizen, all  first-time voters.   Their legitimacy was confirmed by the Bernalillo County Clerk.  All confirmed that they voted in the June primary and expressed outrage that the Republican Party is targeting them.

“This is un-American,” said Celestina Balderas, an ACORN leader. “What we have learned today is that a new citizen who votes in America now risks getting attacked by the Republican Party.  ACORN will not allow this scare off new, legitimate voters.”

“What these Republican operatives did is criminal,” said ACORN member Dana Gallegos. “They violated these voters’ privacy,  and they want to deprive them of their right to vote. These kinds of dirty tricks tear at the fabric of our democracy. We demand an apology from the Republican Party, and we demand that Senator McCain denounce these partisan scare tactics.”

ACORN confirmed with the Bernalillo County Clerk that the voters in question were all legitimate. They include:

    * Dora Pargas Escobedo, a 67-year-old immigrant who became a naturalized, United States citizen this year,

    * Brittany Nicole Rivera, an 18-year-old Albuquerque resident,

    * Francine Gonzales, a 19-year-old Albuquerque resident,

    * Francisco Martinez, also a recently-turned 19-year-old Albuquerque resident.

ACORN registered 80,000 voters in New Mexico this year.

Note that all of ACORN’s claims of “voter suppression” seem to boil down to the revelation of these four innocent voters’ names.

But if these names were mentioned in a GOP press conference, they don’t seem to have made their way into any news articles. (A Google news search for these names comes up empty.)

And there is no mention of these names in the original allegation of voter fraud as it appears on the Republican Party of New Mexico’s website:

Fraudulent Votes Cast in New Mexico

Written by Shira Rawlinson  
Friday, 17 October 2008

Obama’s ACORN Must Be Shut Down Before Election, All Activities Investigated 

(Albuquerque, NM) – Public records released in New Mexico today confirm that fraudulent voter registrations are in fact turning into fraudulent votes. ACORN, currently under investigation by the FBI, is now confirmed to be responsible for producing fraudulent voter registrations and illegal votes in New Mexico.  An inspection of public records has revealed that illegal votes were cast in New Mexico’s 2008 primary election.

“This is a bombshell.  We now have undeniable proof that a significant number of fraudulent voters were cast in Democrat primary races for the New Mexico state legislature as a result of ACORN’s voter registration fraud,” remarked State Representative Justine Fox Young (R-Albuquerque).  “No longer can ACORN argue that their phony voter registration forms don’t translate into fraudulent votes.  They do and today we can prove it.”

The Republican Party released copies of public records demonstrating 6 specific examples of fraudulent voter registrations, including one for the well known 80’s pop band Duran-Duran.  The party also released 28 examples of suspected voter fraud and possible identity theft that occurred in the 2008 New Mexico primary. 

“It is safe to say that the number of illegal votes being cast dwarfs the 366 votes that decided the 2000 Presidential election in New Mexico,” said Nina Martinez, Secretary for the Republican Party of New Mexico. “Barack Obama contributed $832,000 to ACORN, organized an ACORN subsidiary, represented them as their attorney, trained some of their members and received ACORN’s endorsement.  Obama should withdraw his financial support from ACORN and come clean about what he knows of their activities.  Every fraudulent vote cancels out an honest vote.  We must ensure the integrity of this year’s election.” 

“Let me begin by saying that this is about voter integrity – Voter fraud challenges the fundamentals of our democracy.  This is about free and fair elections. The Bernalillo County Clerk has identified fraudulent registration forms.  She has turned the fraudulent forms over to District Attorney Kari Brandenburg for investigation and prosecution.

The information already handed over to the DA on a silver platter was enough to result in them taking action to stop the cheating BEFORE the election starts, but that has not happened. DA Brandenburg and the AG must take action immediately if there is any hope for a fair and legal election in New Mexico,” said Lisa Torrco, Candidate for Bernalillo County District Attorney.  “DA Brandenburg has a duty to investigate ACORN before the election, but once again, she is passing the buck. 

ACORN tends to favor the democrat candidates, Ms. Brandenburg is a democrat and I can only wonder if that is why Ms. Brandenburg has failed to act on the fraud.  Perhaps that is why she is dragging her feet, in a hotly contested District Attorney race.  Perhaps she thinks she will benefit from the fraud. I am here today to join with all New Mexicans, democrats, independents, and republicans alike who care about fair and legal elections in calling once again on DA Brandenburg and the AG to do the work they were elected to do.

I and every other good citizen want a fair election.  A fraud is being perpetrated on the citizens of New Mexico.  Every citizen has the right to cast a vote and have their vote count.  When voter fraud is perpetrated it affects every person’s vote.  This could very well affect the outcome of the election.”

So exactly who is violating voters’ privacy?

And even in the highly unlikely event that ACORN’s claims are indeed true, the New Mexico GOP claimed to have found 28 suspicious ballots in a review of just 92 newly registered voters.

And they listed the details for 10 suspect ballots.

From the Albuquerque ABC affiliate KOAT:

N.M. Republican Party Finds 28 Suspect Ballots

October 17, 2008

The New Mexico Republican Party said they believe 28 people voted fraudulently in an Albuquerque state House district in the June Democratic primary.

The Republican Party found the problems in a review of 92 newly registered voters in House District 13.

State Rep. Justine Fox-Young, an Albuquerque Republican, said a number of the suspected fraudulent voters voted by absentee ballot.

Republicans released details for 10 of those votes. The registration cards that were filled out had no social security numbers, drivers license numbers or birthdates for the voters.

Pat Rogers, an attorney who advises the state GOP, said they plan to turn the suspect ballots over to the state attorney general’s office and the Bernalillo County district attorney.

Gosh, how wicked of the GOP to be suspicious of voter registration cards that have “no social security numbers, drivers license numbers or birthdates for the voters.”

Yeah, that surely is suppression, plain and simple. What were the Republicans thinking?

Still, one has to wonder why ACORN is so silent about the other six voters whose details were released.

Is it possible that they were in fact fraudulent?

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10 Responses to “ACORN Accuses GOP Of Voter Suppression”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    Thats a hoot.The fire calling the kettle black!! (no pun intended) This is coming from a non-partisan group right? A group with a tax exempt status? The power monkeys speak as if they have not done anything wrong. You are to stupid to know that this ain’t going away. You’ve parlayed your race hate & bait card one time too many. If Jesse didn’t want to castrate obamas’ ACORNS, I’d swear that this bile was being spewed by his tax exempt camp!! My sincere hope is that you lose everything you didnt work a minute for and you ungrateful haters of any color but your own, end up on your asses. Take Rev. Wright with you too! I’d say go by to Africa but they don’t want you lazy free loaders there either!

  2. wardmama4 says:

    In OH we have Mr. ’72 registrations’ Voter, In IN in one area 105% of the residents are registered to vote, again in OH we have several students who used the same address to register – none are attending college in OH or are OH residents, in NV the Dallas Cowboys registered to vote, Mickey Mouse is registered to vote – and what do these all have in common – Yes, you got it right on the first guess ACORN.

    I love when the Republicans simply use the courts to keep voting legal – ACORN cries foul, but when caught with their fraud for all to see – they say it’s just one or two here – what’s the problem?

    It is a CRIME – that is what is the main problem.
    It opens the door to actual voting fraud – that is a serious problem.
    It inflates the numbers so that voters believe that Obama Dems are in the majority (therefore going to win, therefore opens another door to voter fraud) – that is a serious problem.
    ACORN is taking taxpayer dollars and yet appear to be partisan – that is a serious problem.
    ACORN ‘donated’ money to the very candidate that they appear to be partisan for – that is a serious problem.

    Seems to me – there are quite a number of reasons to investigate this situation in each and every state. However ACORN’s constant cry of foul will make sure that the masses understand exactly who is intimadating the vote.

    And covering up exactly who is stealing the vote.

  3. Voice of Reason says:

    Well gang there sure as hell won’t be any hinkey voting in Indiana. The Repub’s here got sick of it after all the crap over the years that sent Julia Carson back to Washington year after year, so they implemented a voter Id law that stuck. Oh don’t get me wrong….the Demmies fought like hell………all the way to the SCOTUS…..and the SCOTUS even challenged them to produce ONE citizen who had been disenfranchised because they had to show ID to vote and guess what…………….nada. Zippo.

    I am glad to see ACORN wasting it’s time and The Magic Negro’s money running up the roles here. Wait until Mickey Mouse shows up and tries to vote without an ID or by using Donald Duck’s……..he will be SOL.

    And while the roles are being artificially inflated thereby queering the polls here…….don’t be fooled. Indiana won’t go for Obambi. No matter what the “garbage in, garbage out” polls say.

  4. Anonymoose says:

    …..And except for California they’ve been registering away in every battleground state you can name. Just an honest “get out the vote” campaign, nothing behind it, really…..

  5. Like the brilliant man said, “Voter fraud is now viewed as a civil right.”

    It’s one reason why Jane & Joe Democrat don’t see ACORN’s organized crime as a big deal. And why they’re so sympatico with the open borders/full amnesty crowd.

    100% mob rule is the goal. By any means necessary.

  6. David says:

    I like the map ACORN produced. Funny how that states that ACORN doesn’t work in are states fairly well assumed to go blue. Guess here in Oregon every one is all franchised up.

  7. Odie44 says:

    Not only is ACORN in toss up states – but notice the so-called “new voter registration” percentages. California, almost twice the size (in population) of Ohio has 1/8th the new voter registrations, while net, net – California continues to grow in population, whereas Ohio has remained flat since the last election.

    Clearly the 2004 results has caused ACORN to go full force into illegal activities.

    Fraud is evident by their own statistics – in fact it’s impossible to think such a wide range can possibly be “legit”.

  8. curvyred says:

    OMG those bad, bad Republicans, they won’t even allow Mickey Mouse, the dead or Freddie from Ohio who cares so much about the election process he wants to vote 72 times!!!!! For shame, for shame **** extreme sarcasm****

  9. sheehanjihad says:

    within a year, it will be against the law to be critical of anyone who adores Obama and the democrat politburo. Open fraud! Not only open, but being done on such a scale as to wonder who the hell is in charge of this country…the law? What law? I am sick to death of these jerks.

  10. crosspatch says:

    The thing is that the mean old Republicans are discriminating against the non-existent. Non-existent people everywhere are being deprived of their vote by Republicans insisting on things such as identification. Heck, if it weren’t for election day, our late ancestors wouldn’t have anything at all to do all year. The non-existent have rights too! Also, they are depriving people who enjoy voting often on election day their pursuit of happiness. It is downright anti-American not to allow people to vote as many times as they want … as long as they are registered Democrat and voting that way.

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