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ACORN Fraud Used Dallas Cowboys Names

From the Associated Press:

Owens, Romo names surface in Nevada voter-fraud probe

October 7, 2008

LAS VEGAS — Nevada authorities seized records Tuesday from a group they accused of submitting fraudulent voter-registration forms — including for the starting lineup of the Dallas Cowboys.

“Tony Romo is not registered to vote in the state of Nevada, and anybody trying to pose as Terrell Owens won’t be able to cast a ballot on Nov. 4,” said Secretary of State Ross Miller.

State authorities raided the headquarters of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, a group that works to register low-income people.

Miller said the raid was part of a monthslong investigation, and he contended the group had submitted registration forms that used false information or duplicated information on multiple forms. He did not estimate how many.

Bertha Lewis, interim chief organizer for ACORN, said the group has been working with election officials to weed out fraudulent forms from those submitted by the canvassers it hires.

“Today’s raid by the secretary of state’s office is a stunt that serves no useful purpose other than to discredit our work registering Nevadans,” Lewis said.

“For the past 10 months, anytime ACORN has identified a potentially fraudulent application, we turn that application in to election officials separately and offer to provide election officials with the information they would need to pursue an investigation or prosecution of the individual,” Lewis said.

She said ACORN had turned in 46 problem applications submitted by 33 former employees to election officials in the Las Vegas area, where it has registered 80,000 people.

According to its national Web site, the group has registered 1.3 million people nationwide for the Nov. 4 election. It has encountered complaints of fraud stemming from registration efforts in Wisconsin, North Carolina, New Mexico, Michigan, Ohio and Missouri

Miller said no one had been charged or arrested in Nevada.

His spokesman, Bob Walsh, said investigators were using information from various sources, including the FBI and the U.S. attorney’s office in Nevada.

“You don’t have to read too many cop novels to know that sometimes people will tell you a grain of truth to try to hide the rest of the truth,” Walsh said. “I’m certainly not suggesting that ACORN is that nefarious, but at the same time just because they handed over 50 to you doesn’t mean there aren’t 150 others out there.”

Somehow this reminds us of how John McCain named the defensive line of the Green Bay Packers when he was being tortured by the North Vietnamese.

Only it’s different.

(Thanks to Brad for the heads up.)

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9 Responses to “ACORN Fraud Used Dallas Cowboys Names”

  1. oki2 says:

    Geez, give’em a break. They are REPORTING the bad ones people! Only 0.0575% of their applications are bad and they are REPORTING them! Let them do their good work! Even the Secretary of State’s spokesman is saying they probably only have maximum of a 0.23% error rate.

  2. Sir Corky says:


    A town in Indiana has said that approximately half of ACORN’s submitted applications are either invalid or suspect, and there are ten states total who have stated that they have found invalid applications. That doesn’t sound like .0575%. Where did you even get that statistic?

  3. gipper says:

    “She said ACORN had turned in 46 problem applications submitted by 33 former employees to election officials in the Las Vegas area…”

    Applications were all voting for Barack Obama and included names such as John Q. Public, Ima Voter, Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan, George W. Bush, and all of the Seven Dwarfs. In other words, if it wasn’t going to fly under the radar, they kept it as “proof” ACORN was on the up-and-up.

  4. Liberals Demise says:

    If you can’t win on the up&up, then steal it!! They have tagged 800 plus false registrations so far. Minorities stealing the election. Who spelled Mickey Mouse for them? This isn’t over yet. Wait…next they will pull the race card! What are the odds in Vagas?

  5. GuppyNblue says:

    It’s the same story with these guys every election cycle. The corruption in our government starts with the election process itself. If we had an honest government ACORN would not only lose their tax exempt status but wouldn’t be allowed to register voters at all.

    Thanks to ACORN and politicians like Sen. Obama, working people who can’t afford to buy a home of their own have been financing a bunch of deadbeats. Now they’re being forced to bail them out for defaulting on what should be called welfare mortgages. In last night’s debate Obama claimed that he sent a letter to Fed Reserve Chairman Bernanke warning of the coming mortgage crises. The truth is they’ve always known that the mortgages they were extorting couldn’t be afforded and it was their plan all along to have working tax payers pay for them. We all know that this is just part of the wonderful redistribution of wealth he has planned for this county.
    To read Obama’s letter click here .

  6. oki2 says:

    Sorry, forgot to do that /sarcasm thingy other people do. I got the numbers from the stats listed there… 46 problems out of 80,000 applications. I can’t believe that they think that only 46 out of 80,000 could represent ALL the “bad” applications. Given how often I, myself, am able to mess up a form, I would guess that even with non-malicious intent, there are more errors than just 46 out of 80,000.

  7. gipper says:

    My first comment was supposed to be facetious, but truth is stranger than fiction.

  8. Steve says:

    Again, all of this once again raises the question about online voter registration.

    If no human being is going to eyeball the list, how will they notice names that should not be on the list. A computer is not going to recognize the names of Dallas Cowboys players.

    Which is of course exactly why Obama and the Democrats pushed online registration through.

  9. Sir Corky says:

    Sorry I didn’t pick up on the sarcasm oki2. This election has got me more riled up that usual and I’m just quick to pounce :(

    Malkin wrote a great article exposing many of the various ACORN scandals in this election cycle.


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