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ACORN Spinoff Charged Of NY Vote Fraud

From Fox News:

‘They Tried to Steal an Election,’ N.Y. Voter Fraud Case Heats Up

By Eric Shawn
Published October 20, 2009

Brian Suozzo voted with an absentee ballot in the Working Families Party primary on Sept. 15 because, as his application stated, he was "at home recovering from medical procedure."

Jessica Boomhower’s application said she would be attending a "work conference in Boston." Michael Ward couldn’t vote in person because he was "taking care of elderly parent." Kimberlee Truell was on a "Bus trip to casino," as was Miguel Vazques.

The only problem with these absentee ballot records at the Rensselaer County Board of Elections in Troy, N.Y., is that they’re phony, voters and investigators say — and they’ve prompted what’s being called an unprecedented investigation of suspected voter fraud.

Thirty-eight forged or fraudulent ballots have been thrown out — enough votes, an election official admits, to likely have tipped the city council and county elections in November to the Democrats. Candidates would have been able to run both on the Democratic and Working Families Party lines in two weeks, and that could have given the Democrats the general election.

Which is why these people target local elections. They are easier to steal.

A special prosecutor is investigating the case and criminal charges are possible. New York State Supreme Court Judge Michael Lynch ruled that there were "significant election law violations that have compromised the rights of numerous voters and the integrity of the election process."

Among the reasons cited on the fraudulent forms for absentee voting: "traveling to Buffalo," attending a "screen printing conference in Syracuse," "working late shift," "working construction," and "home — ill."

"Someone took my signature and voted with it and I felt extremely violated," Suozzo told Fox News. He is a soft-spoken 28-year-old environmental engineer who says he never saw, let alone signed, the Working Families Party Absentee ballot application that carried his supposed signature. He was flabbergasted that someone would vote for him and submit it.

"The whole thing seems dirty to me," Suzzo said. "You wonder how often this happens and people don’t get caught." He says he did not have any type of medical procedure, adding "I haven’t been to the hospital in years."

"I feel that I was gypped," Boomhower said, ruefully. "I didn’t get to cast my vote on my own."

Boomhower, a 28-year-old home health care worker, says three men came to her door asking her to sign a ballot application. It wasn’t until after the election that a private investigator brought her the news that an absentee ballot indeed showed she had voted, when she actually had not.

"I can’t believe they thought they would get away with this," she says angrily, noting that the false claim that she was in Boston could have jeopardized her job. "I don’t want to see this get tossed aside," she told Fox News

"They tried to steal an election," says Bob Mirch, the majority leader of the Rensselaer County legislature who suspected voter fraud and started the investigation after being alerted to a large number of absentee ballot application requests that were noticed by the Republican Board of Elections commissioner.

"Not only does it undermine the system, but if these people were allowed to do this, we could never have a fair election… I’ve been doing this for 35 years, when I saw this, it sends a chill through my body right now." …

Hillary Clinton garnered 2.7 percent of her total votes from the WFP line when she first ran for Senate in 2000, which increased to 5 percent of her total vote in 2006. In September, Clinton’s former campaign manager for her 2000 Senate run, New York City Councilman Bill DeBlasio, who has been endorsed by the WFP, beat two long-established politicians in the Democratic primary. Critics also accuse the Working Families Party of having a long association with the troubled activist group, ACORN. Bertha Lewis, ACORN’s CEO, is one of the party’s co-founders. The New York Times reported this month that "Patrick Gaspard, the White House political director, worked with ACORN in New York to set up the Working Families political party and sat on the party’s board with Ms. Lewis."

The WFP has also endorsed New York Democratic Sen. Kristen Gillibrand, who was one of only seven Senators who voted against cutting federal housing funds to ACORN in September

Rensselaer County Democratic Chairman Tom Wade and Troy City Council President Clem Campana held a news conference refuting the charges, and called for a wider probe, claiming "a thorough objective investigation by a special prosecutor will reveal a culture of corruption within the county Republican administration."

Naturally. And don’t forget George Bush.

We have had occasion to discuss the so-called Working Families Party. Most famously, we were the first to note that they were the group behind the attack on the (Democrat) AIG executive’s house in Connecticut.

As we have also noted, they are really just another ACORN spinoff. And, as the article notes, just like ACORN they have also worked very closely with Hillary Clinton. But their main objective is to get radicals elected in state and local elections in New York and Connecticut.

From Discover The Networks:

Working Families Party

According to the party’s website, WFP is a coalition founded jointly by ACORN, the Communications Workers of America, and the United Automobile Workers. However, ACORN clearly dominates the coalition. New York ACORN leader Steven Kest was the moving force in forming the party, and WFP headquarters are located at the same address as ACORN’s national office, at 88 Third Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.

An outgrowth of the socialist New Party, WFP was created in 1998. According to a 2000 article by the Associated Press, its objective was (and still is) to "help push the Democratic Party toward the left." In pursuit of this goal, WFP runs radical candidates in state and local elections.

As DTN also notes, the WFP is heavily funded by George Soros. What a surprise, huh?

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5 Responses to “ACORN Spinoff Charged Of NY Vote Fraud”

  1. TwilightZoned says:

    This only the beginning. People (read libs) become dangerous when their world is threatened.

    The R’s had better grow a spine regarding voter fraud as it will be rampant across the country – not just Chi Town, the home of “vote early and vote often.”

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    Notice how much the foreigner Soros money is in the news lately?

    Where in the $#*k is the Justice Department?
    Are they going to take a bye on this also?
    There are people who need to be in jail for a long time over this……..

    I ‘vote’ we create a “Open Season” on commies and cull the herd.

    • mr_bill says:

      Soros’ money isn’t really “foreign” since it was funneled to him from the coffers of the US anyways. He would have to spend billions of mis-appropriated tax dollars before he would have to dip into his own pocket.

      Gotta love Wade and Campana’s defense, they’re channeling Johnny Cochran: Dozens of fradulent votes, all for democrats, and they’re hot about the Republican party.

    • Adam Moreira says:

      Soros though is an American citizen (and has been since 1961). Just saying…

  3. Liberals Demise says:

    Adam, Soros can launder more money in a day than you, me and Mr. Bill make in our life time.

    As for being an American citizen since 1961, how many Americans willingly undermine the system at every turn with their money? (Besides dingleBarry and the Zombies?)

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