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Admiral: US Can Intercept North Korean Missile

From a reassured Los Angeles Times:

U.S. can intercept North Korean missile, top admiral says

By David S. Cloud and Jung-yoon Choi | April 9, 2013

WASHINGTON — Responding to concerns that North Korea is preparing to test a medium-range missile after weeks of bellicose threats, the commander of U.S. forces in the Pacific sought to reassure Congress on Tuesday that the Pentagon would be able intercept a missile aimed at the United States or its East Asian allies.

Navy Adm. Samuel J. Locklear said Pentagon agencies would quickly recognize if a missile’s trajectory was headed into the open ocean, and that U.S. anti-missile batteries on ships and land would knock it out of the sky if it was deemed a threat.

"We have a credible ability to defend the homeland, to defend Hawaii, to defend Guam, to defend our forward deployed forces, and to defend our allies," Locklear told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Lest we forget, if the Barack Obamas and Hillary Clintons and John Kerrys had had their way, we wouldn’t have any kind of missile defense. And we wouldn’t have any kind of protection against the North Koreans.

When running for the Presidency in 2008, Obama practically promised to put an end to our missile defense programs. And he has done a lot towards achieving that goal.

In fact, Obama was talking about doing away with our missile defenses, when he told Russia’s Medvedev that he would be able to be more ‘flexible’ after he was re-elected.

U.S. and South Korean officials have said that the Pyongyang regime may launch the missile as early as Wednesday.

The U.S. has never sought to shoot down a North Korean missile, and it’s unclear if such a move would escalate the tension that has roiled the region. The Obama administration has moved additional military forces into the Pacific, but has sought to calibrate its response in the matter to avoid fueling the crisis…

Yes, perhaps we had better allow a missile to land on Guam rather than risk provoking the North Koreans.

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One Response to “Admiral: US Can Intercept North Korean Missile”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    “…..would be able intercept a missile aimed at the United States or its East Asian allies.”
    –But probably won’t until the very last second, after it was launched, and tracked.

    “…..if it was deemed a threat.”
    –But if it wasn’t, then we will just watch it splash into the ocean, which is a violation of the U.N./U.S. sanctions and observe the cheers from Pyongyang.

    “…..but has sought to calibrate its response in the matter to avoid fueling the crisis…”
    –Which mean we will act like lawyers and NOT destroy it on the launch pad UNLESS it is determined it is armed, and maybe allow it to launch IF it doesn’t go anywhere important, UNLESS it is nuclear-tipped, then we will destroy it on the launch pad. BUT if it’s harmless, we will track and BLOW UP the missile, UNLESS it doesn’t fly near our allies, or UNLESS it’s Japan, then we can allow it to fly over their land and provoke them, THEN shoot it down, UNLESS it’s probably going to land in the water, then we will let it land UNLESS it’s near Guam or some territory we have, THEN we will shoot it down, but we MAY NOT because we don’t want to increase tension, but we will let N.Korea increase it however they want, and win the battle by launching it, which is the only thing they want to do anyway.


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