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Advertising Agency Behind Hopenhagen

A press release from, of all people, Ogilvy & Mather:

Hopenhagen Celebrates Earth Hour with City Leaders at COP15

Mayors join forces with citizens of Hopenhagen to push for global deal

COPENHAGEN, Dec. 18 /PRNewswire/ — Citizens of Hopenhagen gathered in City Hall Square with Mayors from around the world to mark WWF’s Earth Hour Hopenhagen in a show of support for reaching a global deal on climate change.

As the lights were switched off, West Wing actor Bradley Whitford made a moving declaration of hope to the assembled crowd: "On behalf of my children and my children’s children, I hope our leaders have the imagination and vision to face the issue of a lifetime."

While politicians struggled to reach agreement at the UN Conference outside of town, city leaders, NGOs and ordinary citizens were busy recording messages of hope, united in a mood of optimism that the will of the people would prevail. The number of citizens of Hopenhagen is now 6 million, showing how the campaign has captured people’s imaginations. "People’s ambassador" David Kroodsma spoke of the honour and privilege of representing citizens of Hopenhagen and called on political leaders to seize the moment.

"We are grateful to all the citizen’s of the world who have reached out to their leaders and made their voices heard. They have truly embraced the idea behind Hopenhagen," said Seth Farbman, Managing Director of OgilvyEarth. OgilvyEarth and Ogilvy & Mather created the Hopenhagen campaign in support of the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

To become a citizen of Hopenhagen and see the latest messages of hope visit hopenhagen.org.

The Hopenhagen movement is a global movement to inspire people of the world to share their voice of support for a positive outcome at COP15. Those voices are shown in the messages from the citizens of Hopenhagen on hopenhagen.org. Hopenhagen partnered with WWF’s Earth Hour for Earth Hour Hopenhagen.

SOURCE Ogilvy & Mather

Let’s hope they lit candles and had torchlight parades to protest carbon emissions.

By the way, please note that Hopehagen is the brainchild of those arch capitalists, the advertising agency of Ogilvy & Mather.

You know, the very same fiends who make a living encouraging people to buy things they don’t need, which causes us to rape the earth of its riches and fill our landfills with unnecessary junk.

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, December 18th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

6 Responses to “Advertising Agency Behind Hopenhagen”

  1. ptat says:

    Well put, Steve! More world class hypocrisy!

  2. Right of the People says:

    WWF’s Earth Hour Hopenhagen

    Man, even the World Wrestling Federation is supporting this global wa—-, uh climate change crap? Were Rick Flare and the Rock there too?

    Okay, they’ve had their hour now lets all get back the business of living productive lives. Anything the third world is for, I’m against.

  3. Confucius says:

    Ogilvy & Mather is owned by WPP Group.

    WPP is a British conglomerate with a global influence in advertising and communications. Its board of directors include:

    –Martin Sorrell who is also CEO of WPP and on the advisory board to Cool Earth, a British NGO whose mission is to save the planet and combat global warming.

    –David Komansky who is a former CEO of Merrill Lynch and a current director of BlackRock. BlackRock is a financial juggnernaut involved with hedge funds. It is also at the epicenter of our current financial mess and influencing the direction of our government’s trillion dollar bailout.

    –Jeffrey Rosen who is an Ivy League law professor and a regular contributor to NPR, The New Republic and the New York Times.

    –Philip Lader who is another Ivy League lawyer who also served in Bill Clinton’s cabinet. He has ties with Morgan Stanley.

  4. GetBackJack says:

    Advertising and PR Agencies are the new globalist masters, and don’t you doubt it. Image or substance.

    Take PR Newswire, for example. They tout that they’re responsible for over 92% of the “news” that makes it into the media machine. Last time I used them, I put $100 on their counter with 400 unedited and un-fact checked words and got it into every news room in America in under ten minutes. Broadcast, radio and print.

    Little old me. A nobody.

    Imagine what seriously professional opinion makers and propagandists do every day with a “news” service that blatantly exists to purchase access and placement.

    Believe nothing until it’s been officially denied.

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