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Afghan Publisher Arrested – Edited Koran

From those defenders of the faith at Reuters:

Afghan publisher arrested for changing the Quran

Unofficial translation misinterprets homosexuality and adultery

Man was arrested while trying to flee to Pakistan

Monday, 05 November 2007

Afghan police have arrested a man accused of publishing an unofficial translation of the Quran that has sparked protests in parts of the country, newspapers said on Monday.

The translation sparked an emergency debate in parliament and protests in at least two parts of the country as key passages were changed.

MP’s accused the publisher of misinterpreting the Muslim holy book on many issues including homosexuality and adultery in his translation into Dari, the second most used language in Afghanistan.

Ghaus Zalmai, the publisher of the translation, was arrested on Sunday trying to cross the border into neighboring Pakistan. Zalmai was also a spokesman for Afghanistan’s attorney general.

This is a plot against the religion of Islam, and no one will ever accept the book as the holy Quran,” daily Armaan newspaper quoted Judge Abdul Salam Azimi as saying.

The Supreme court has ordered an investigation into this matter and to bring the culprits before the court,” he said…

Of course this is exactly what the left is worried about happening in this country when those Bush-supporting fundamentalist Christians finally get their way.

Which is one reason why they are siding with the Taliban. And also why they are trying to institute thought hate crimes throughout the land.

Still, one wonders what the exact transgressions were?

Did this blasphemer try to downplay how such acts are to be punished by stoning?

This is a plot against the religion of Islam…

What isn’t?

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