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Taliban Throw Acid On Afghan School Girls

From those defenders of the faith at the Associated Press:

Acid attacks keep Afghan girls away from classes


Fri Nov 14

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – No students showed up at Mirwais Mena girls’ school in the Taliban’s spiritual birthplace the morning after it happened.

A day earlier, men on motorcycles attacked 15 girls and teachers with acid.

The men squirted the acid from water bottles onto three groups of students and teachers walking to school Wednesday, principal Mehmood Qaderi said. Some of the girls have burns only on their school uniforms but others will have scars on their faces.

One teenager still cannot open her eyes after being hit in the face with acid.

“Today the school is open, but there are no girls,” Qaderi said Thursday. “Yesterday, all of the classes were full.” His school has 1,500 students.

Afghanistan’s government condemned the attack as “un-Islamic” and blamed it on the “country’s enemies,” a typical reference to Taliban militants. Qari Yousef Ahmadi, a Taliban spokesman, denied the insurgents were involved…

Qaderi said he believes there were multiple teams of assailants because the attacks took place at the same time in different neighborhoods. Provincial Police Chief Mati Ullah Khan said three people have been arrested. He would not provide further details because the investigation was not completed.

The country has made a major push to improve access to education for girls since the Taliban ouster. Fewer than 1 million Afghan children — mostly all boys — attended school under Taliban rule. Roughly 6 million Afghan children, including 2 million girls, attend school today

“They don’t want us go to school. They don’t like education,” said Susan Ibrahimi, who started teaching at Mirwais Mena four months ago. She and her mother, also a teacher at the school, were wearing burqas on their walk to work when the motorbike stopped next to them.

“They didn’t say anything. They just stopped the motorbike and one of the guys threw acid on us and they went away,” Ibrahimi said in a telephone interview.

The acid ate through the cloth covering Ibrahimi’s face and left burns down her left cheek. The acid also burned her mother’s hand.

“I am worried that I will have scars on my face,” said Ibrahimi, who is 19 years old and not married.

Fifteen people were hit with acid in all, including four teachers, Qaderi said…

The United Nations called the attack “a hideous crime.” …

The attacks are “contrary to previous assurances Afghans have been given that there would not be further attacks against schools or students,” the U.N. said in a statement.

Arsonists have repeatedly attacked girls’ schools and gunmen killed two students walking outside a girls’ school in central Logar province last year. UNICEF says there were 236 school-related attacks in Afghanistan in 2007. The Afghan government has also accused the Taliban of attacking schools in an attempt to force teenage boys into the Islamic militia.

In Wednesday’s attack, three young women were hospitalized for burns. Two were released Thursday morning, but 17-year-old Shamsia Husainai was still lying on a hospital bed unable to open her eyes. Her brother Masood Morbi said her body shook about every 10 seconds.

She could talk, but her brother said her words were mangled. Her face was covered with a cream to treat her burns. The doctors were giving her pills to blunt the pain.

Husainai’s younger sister told The Associated Press on Wednesday that they had been walking on the street with a group of friends, all of whom were wearing a typical Afghan school uniform of black pants, white shirt, black coat and white headscarf.

Fourteen-year-old Atifa Bibi was also badly burned on her face but she was released from the hospital late Wednesday…

A handful of teachers showed up Thursday, but Qaderi said the only students who tried to attend were about 20 primary school students who arrived late in the afternoon and were sent home because the school had already decided not to hold classes.

Ibrahimi, the young teacher who was burned, said she and her mother stayed home.

“Yesterday we didn’t go to school. Today we didn’t go to school. I don’t know about the future,” she said.

Where are the human rights groups? Amnesty International? The ACLU? Where is NOW?

Afghanistan’s government condemned the attack as “un-Islamic” …

If only.

The attacks are “contrary to previous assurances Afghans have been given that there would not be further attacks against schools or students,” the U.N. said in a statement.

Where would we be without the UN?

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6 Responses to “Taliban Throw Acid On Afghan School Girls”

  1. texaspsue says:

    This is horrible. My prayers to the victims. I hope this doesn’t break their spirit.

    If the Taliban keeps this violence up Afganistan is going to experience another “Anbar Awakening”. From what I read on the military websites, the citiznes are just about fed up with the Taliban and their brutal attempt to rule the Country. I’m just saying… enough is enough at some point. I think we’re going to see a big turnaround shortly. :-)

  2. Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

    “I think we’re going to see a big turnaround shortly. :-)”

    I certainly hope so texaspsue, it will be long overdue.

  3. Retired Geek says:

    Honor Killings of females all over the world and happening now in America.

    Islamists conduct most of these ‘Honor Killings’ but other cultures do as well.

    Where they can conduct the ‘Honor Killings’ in public, the time honored way of these animals is to bury the female waist deep in a hole and then stone them to death.

    Stoning to death is a slow, brutal, ghastly death.

    These women and girls have committed such ghastly acts as not having meals served on time.

    These women and girls have committed such ghastly acts as not wearing Burkhas or veiling their faces properly.

    I worked for a while in an Islamic country where I saw women trying to eat ice cream cones with veils on, being careful not to show their face.

    Street vendors work the streets with vegetables and so forth and women let down baskets to get their purchases, if no male is available to escort them to the street.

    These women face ‘stoning to death’ if they do not use hand signals to indicate their purchase because they are not allowed to speak to any man who is not family.

    We can expect more women in America to suffer ‘Honor Killings’.

  4. untrainable says:

    Where are the human rights groups? Amnesty International? The ACLU? Where is NOW?

    They’re nowhere. They’ll be nowhere. Nothing will be done, in fact this is probably the last time you’ll even hear about these attacks. But fear not! The Obama is going to make everybody love each other, whether they like it or not. Badness is coming to an end, so we won’t have to worry about things like this happening again. Right? I know it’s true, because he said so.

  5. wardmama4 says:

    I read this story and see an eerie parallel to liberalism – the schools became indoctrination camps controlled by the Taliban, the Taliban thugs discouraged education for the majority and the females were relegated to brood mare status – no need ever for education.

    Those segments of our society that are failing and in poverty – seem to be in a similar position forced there by the liberal controlled schools which were failing the whole development of the individual, union control making schools so useless that most in the worst areas don’t bother graduating, thus a new generation has a larger majority that is un/under educated, and the females are relegated to breeding for dollars – no need ever for education.

    No wonder the Liberals won’t call it terrorism – we have seen the enemy and it is us.

  6. Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

    “Where are the human rights groups? Amnesty International? The ACLU? Where is NOW?”


    They’re exactly where they need to be to accomplish their mission of helping destroy the US. They are nothing but a (pardon my language) bunch of pussies that would never dream of actually putting themselves in harms way. They care absolutely nil about women, civil liberties or the powerless in this world.

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