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Afghanistan Taliban Reject Any ‘Buy-Off’

From Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan, which calls itself “The Voice Of Jihad”:

The Impracticable Decision of the London Conference

Thursday, 04 February 2010

The London Conference is the eighth conference on Afghanistan held since the flagrant invasion by the crusading invaders eight years ago. The conference was convened to find an effective way for reconstruction, stabilization and elimination of the current crisis.

At the outset, all  such  conferences  are puffed up into larger-than-life portrait but, with the passage of time, they lose their luster and become target of hatred and resentment of the Afghan people. The reason that leads to failure of these conferences is the unrealistic approach usually adopted by  participants of the conference towards solution of the Afghan problem and crisis. regardless of the ground realities in the country. This is because those, whose hands are stained with the blood of the Afghans and are involved in their  torturing, take the initiative to convene the conferences. They are those who still want to sacrifice the Afghans for their colonialist interests.

The Americans and the British always have direct or indirect hands behind  convening these conferences and they want to achieve targets, which they have not been able to achieve them at the battle find [sic].

Americans and the British at the London conference were encouraging the participating countries  to share the burden of the fiasco which is the   result of their wrong policies  in the country. They want to put the military expenditure on their shoulders. This year the conference was held under the name of stabilization of Afghanistan and reconstruction but the money accumulated  at the end of the conference will be spent  for military purposes or will end up pouring into the pockets of the venal officials of the Karzai corrupt administration.

The Afghans are witness to this hard fact that tens of billions of dollars, which were promised during the previous conferences on Afghanistan, were never spent for basic needs of Afghanistan, but were  stashed away in  foreign accounts maintained  either by the donors or by the corrupt rulers of the Karzai Administration. The new phenomenon in the conference was the political bribe which they want now to give to the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and,  for this purpose, they have collected $ 500 million dollars.

The Americans, the British and other donors do not know that the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate are fighters in the way of Allah (Swat). They willingly lay down their lives and sacrifice their wealth for the defense of their Muslim people and independence of the country.  They are not  ready to trade on their lofty goals.

We would like to declare to the conveners and donors of the London conference that the leadership  and  Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate are not like the mercenary rulers of the surrogate Kabul regime who are always  ready to willingly bear  the stigma of treason by selling their faith, Jihad and the country. The leadership and Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan have proved their decisive stance to all in the past eight years. During the past eight years, the Islamic Emirate has  not shown any willingness to reach collusion with any party as regards the Jihad, the country and the people, national and Islamic interest. Now, it is  not ready to have any illegitimate, valueless deal about the victory, which is near at hand.

If the Mujahideen of  Islamic  Emirate wanted to accumulate wealth or other mundane goals, they had more than what the London conference would give them and they still have more than the conference participants offer.  But  the invading Americans and all  their  invading allies should  understand the objective of the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate  is more  lofty and exalted  than that the rulers of  the White House could imagine  its price.

These sacrificing Mujahideen believe that the obtainment of this lofty goal is only possible through laying down their lives.

Rather than turning to  any mundane goals , they consider themselves committed   to  the command of this verse of the Holy Quran:

Allah has purchased of the Believers,

Their persons and their goods:

For theirs ( in return)

Is the Garden ( of Paradise):

They fight in His Cause,

And slay and are slain:

A promise binding on Him

In Truth, through the Torah,

The Gospel and the Quran:

And who is more faithful

To his Convenant [sic] than Allah?

Then rejoice in the bargain

Which you have concluded:

That is the achievement supreme. (S.9: 111)

This is exactly what we had predicted.

Which, of course, took no real prognostic skills, since Mr. Karzai has been trying to buy off the Mujahedeen with government jobs for years to no avail.

But this statement from the Afghan Taliban also puts the lie (once again) to Mr. Obama’s oft-repeated claim that Islamic terrorism is merely the product of poverty and the lack of opportunity.

It is not. It is a religion. And it cannot be bought off.

Besides, whatever happened to the truly American concept of “millions for defense, not one cent for tribute”?

A sentiment first expressed about the Muslim Barbary Pirates.

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3 Responses to “Afghanistan Taliban Reject Any ‘Buy-Off’”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Good Lord, above. Save us from idiots who think Other Peoples Money can solve every problem.

  2. canary says:

    Detox might not even work on the summit leaders dusted with Afgan bio-chemical fairy dust. Put them in cages next to the monkeys and mice.

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