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Afghan Troops Are Entering ‘Taliban Town’

From a distraught Reuters:

Smoke billows as Afghan army and Coalition forces return fire during an engagement with Taliban forces in Farah Province, December 5, 2007.

Afghan troops enter Taliban town as rebels flee

By Hamid Shalizi Mon Dec 10

KABUL (Reuters) – Afghan army troops reached the centre of the Taliban stronghold of Musa Qala on Monday, but it was too early to say if the southern Afghan town had been fully captured, a spokesman for NATO-led forces said.

As the only sizeable town in Taliban hands, Musa Qala in Helmand province is symbolic for both sides in the conflict and its capture would be a major military boost for the Afghan government and its Western backers.

“The Afghan National Army has reached the centre of Musa Qala,” said International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) spokesman Major Charles Anthony. “I have not said it has been captured though.”

Taliban forces had fled Musa Qala toward mountains in the north, a resident said.

Thousands of Afghan, British and U.S. troops surrounded Musa Qala in an operation to retake it that began on Friday.

A British army spokesman said forces were pushing into the town, but it had not yet been captured.

As well a Taliban military stronghold, Musa Qala has also become the major Afghan centre for heroin production in a province that produces nearly half the world’s supply of its raw-material, opium, Afghan and international officials say

More good news for Western Civilization, and bad news for the terrorists and their Democrat and media allies.

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