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Afghan: US Chinook Downed By Taliban Trap

From the Agence France-Presse:

US helicopter crashed in Taliban trap: Afghan official

By Sabawoon Amarkhail (AFP)
August 8, 2011

PULI ALAM, Afghanistan — The Taliban lured US forces into an elaborate trap to shoot down their helicopter, killing 30 American troops in the deadliest such incident of the war, an Afghan official said Monday…

The loss of the Chinook during an anti-Taliban operation southwest of Kabul dealt a blow to elite US special forces, which had 25 members on board — 22 US Navy SEAL commandos and three Air Force Special Operations Forces.

Five US Army personnel, seven Afghan commandos and an interpreter also died.

A senior Afghan government official told AFP on condition of anonymity that Taliban commander Qari Tahir lured US forces to the scene by tipping them off that a Taliban meeting was taking place.

He also said four Pakistanis helped Tahir carry out the strike.

"Now it’s confirmed that the helicopter was shot down and it was a trap that was set by a Taliban commander," said the official, citing intelligence gathered from the area.

"The Taliban knew which route the helicopter would take," he continued.

"That’s the only route, so they took position on the either side of the valley on mountains and as the helicopter approached, they attacked it with rockets and other modern weapons. It was brought down by multiple shots."

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity as he was not authorised to discuss the issue, also said President Hamid Karzai’s US-backed government "thinks" the attack was retaliation for the May killing of Osama bin Laden.

The Taliban themselves did not make such an assertion on claiming responsibility for the attack, which took place in the Taliban-infested Sayd Abad district of Wardak province

When questioned about whether the attack was linked to a trap laid by a Taliban commander, the militia’s spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said: "We have used various tactics over the past 10 years. This could also be a tactic." …

We are somewhat skeptical about this anonymous report. Especially, from a supposed Afghan. Especially when the Taliban themselves are not crowing about having trapped the US/Afghan forces.

The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said the cause of the crash was still being investigated but issued a statement giving details of the moments before the fatal incident.

"The operation began as a security search for a Taliban leader responsible for insurgent operations in the nearby Tangi Valley," it said.

The first wave of ISAF ground troops then exchanged fire with insurgents, killing several of them.

"As the insurgents continued to fire, the combined force on the ground requested additional forces to assist the operation," the statement added.

"Those additional personnel were inbound to the scene when the CH-47 (Chinook) carrying them crashed, killing all on board."

Afghan officials said an insurgent rocket downed the helicopter, which was said to have broken into several parts after being hit…

What a terrible day for our country.

God bless these men.

This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, August 9th, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

5 Responses to “Afghan: US Chinook Downed By Taliban Trap”

  1. canary says:

    Obama called the downing of the Chinook, the greatest loss of U.S. military soldiers in a single day in the entire war a “ONE-OFF” ?

    “US President Barack Obama pledged that the incident — which killed 38 people — would not keep foreign forces from prevailing in Afghanistan, and the Pentagon called the downing of the Chinook a “one-off” that would not alter US strategy.”

    Obama has broken the deadliest day of loss since the beginning of the Afghanistan war several times.

    Obama has broken the 6 monthly body count to occur in 6. + in a week.

    “and an interpreter also died.”

    wow. There is always an interpreter around when our soldiers step in a trap. Can we give him the benefit of the doubt when he was with so many elite invaluable U.S. soldiers. There’s been a consistent problem with interpreters and leaks since day one. Hard to tell with martyrs.
    And that is why our soldiers did not live in Afghanistan. Consistent is the corrupt afghan police we train killing our soldiers that train them. How dare a soldier with 80 lbs of gear take a sip of water during 3:00 o’clock prayers on a hot day.

    “In Washington, Obama said the loss of the 30 American troops would motivate their colleagues.”


    Colleagues? Did their brothers, U.S. soldiers get to pound the ground and area where the rocket was fired from? oh. no doubt a little one crawling around as a shield.

    “I know that our troops will continue the hard work of transitioning to a stronger Afghan government and ensuring that Afghanistan is not a safe haven for terrorists. We will press on and succeed,” the US president said.

    Obama is in lah lah land. The bastard just kept on making announcements of a pull out day loud and clear,
    ignoring common sense and politicians that you don’t do that. What better time for the terrorists to become bold and die for their false profit, slaughtering as many of our soldiers as they can. How many
    Afghan police and soldiers forced to serve under Karzai are planning a going away party.

    “Colonel Dave Lapan, a Pentagon spokesman, said he would “caution people against reading too much into a single combat incident.””

    F*** You Colonel Lapan and all the rest of your fellow feathered idiots.

    “At this point, it’s a one-off incident,” he told reporters, adding it did not amount to “any kind of watershed or trend.”

    Oh, so Colonel Lapan and Obama agreed on the term this is a “ONE-OFF”.
    Hi, mamas and papas. So sorry to hear you lost your son in a “one-off”.
    e statement added.

    “We still have the Taliban on the run. We’ve reversed the momentum that they had but they’re still going to inflict casualties,” Lapan said.

    Dumba** Lapan saying the Taliban are on the run is the same as saying the Taliban are sinning by running.
    I see a revolution as Karzai’s days are numbered. Kind of makes Iraq look like a success, I’d say.

    • canary says:

      I pray for the day we can call Obama a “one-off”. president.

      And I wish Michelle and Biden’s wife would stop the help our soldiers commercials, because I think Obama
      hates U.S. soldiers and the remind him he never reached manhood. Graduated from school, couldn’t make it as a lawyer, got writers block, and taught a few classes until he decided to pursue his passion to destroy America.

  2. canary says:

    THE WHITE HOUSE/ Office of the Press Secretary/Schedule for Week of August 8, 2011

    In the evening, the President will attend two DNC events in Washington, DC.

    On Tuesday, the President will visit Interstate Moving Services in Springfield, Virginia, to announce first of their kind fuel efficiency standards for work trucks, buses, and other heavy duty vehicles….

    On Wednesday, … the President will host an after dinner celebrating Ramadan at the White House.

    On Thursday, the President will travel to Holland, Michigan to tour the Johnson Controls Inc. advanced battery facility…helping automakers…

    Later, the President will travel to New York City to attend two DNC events.

    On Friday, the President will welcome the Super Bowl XLV Champion Green Bay Packers to the White House to honor the team and their Super Bowl victory.

    In a nutshell Obama is busy “this week”

    1. Celebrating RAMADAN MUSLIM Holiday at White House Wednesday? (you can bet he’ll be prostate praising allah and getting muslim $$$$$$$$$$$$)

    2. Partying with Super Bowl XLV Champion Green Bay Packers

    3. 2 days of soliciting auto makers

    4. 4 DNC conventions

    And to think his official site is asking for help as Obama is “busy” doing his “day job” ?

  3. proreason says:

    I don’t know about the report, but it looks like an inside job to me.

    It’s just too great a coincidence that the Seals were from the unit that offed Bin Laden.

    My guess is that some and Afghan mole gave the logistics away.

    As Steve says, god bless the heroes and pray that the marxist withdraws our guys before he gets them all killed.

  4. canary says:

    Goat f****ers Obama and Colonel must have read the NY Times and learned a new idiom “ONE-OFF”.

    The New York Times: The Origins of ‘One-Off’
    By Ben Zimmer
    July 2, 2010

    Donn Barclay e-mails: “I have been hearing and reading the phrase ‘one-off’ more and more lately. It seems to me that it is a serious bastardization of ‘one-of,’ as in short for ‘one of a kind.’ Frankly, it makes absolutely no sense at all.”

    … And as with other Briticisms that impinge on these shores (gone missing comes to mind), the idiomatic origins of one-off are mostly lost on American ears.

    Because Americans by and large have never encountered this use of off preceded by a number, one-off ends up, as Barclay puts it, making “absolutely no sense at all.” But when idioms make no sense, we often try to invest them with a new kind of sense….

    … But it turns out that one-off is the original (as the historical record proves), and one-of is actually the eggcorn, a seeming “correction” by those who think that one-off must be an error. For instance, a transcript of a 2007 speech by Francis Fukuyama at the Brookings Institution refers to 9/11 as “a pretty lucky one-of event.”


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