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Afghans Claims US Killed 140 ‘Civilians’

From a conflicted Reuters:

The last page of a list of 140 Afghans that villagers say were killed in a battle and U.S. air strikes last week in Farah province is seen after it was obtained by Reuters in Kabul, May 13, 2009.

U.S. strikes killed 140 villagers: Afghan probe

By Hamid Shalizi And Peter Graff – Sat May 16

KABUL (Reuters) – U.S. air strikes earlier this month killed 140 villagers, an Afghan government investigation concluded on Saturday, putting Kabul starkly at odds with the U.S. military’s account.

The official death toll, announced by the Afghan Defense Ministry, makes the bombing the deadliest incident for civilians since U.S. forces began fighting the Taliban in 2001, and is likely to worsen anger over the presence of foreign troops.

A copy of the government’s list of the names, ages and father’s names of each of the 140 dead was obtained by Reuters earlier this week. It shows that 93 of those killed were children — the youngest eight days old — and only 22 were adult males

The Afghan government paid the relatives of victims the equivalent of about $2,000 for those who were killed and $1,000 for 25 others wounded, it said

The U.S. military says it believes the death toll was lower than the official Afghan figure, but says it cannot provide a figure of its own because the dead were quickly buried.

It says the Taliban were to blame for deliberately putting villagers in harm’s way to create outrage over civilian deaths, and some names in the government’s list of victims may be fake. According to the military’s version of events, many of the dead may have been fighters, and some civilians may have been killed by militants throwing grenades, rather than by air strikes

Look, they have the names of the dead on a list. That should be enough proof for anyone.

But, once again, note the new tone in this articles about civilian causalities from our media masters.

If Mr. Bush were still President, we would not be hearing about how the locals lie for money and how the Taliban kill civilians to add to the totals.

And Reuters would be shouting this – supposedly the worst civilian death toll in Afghanistan ever – from the rooftops.

But suddenly they are a lot more circumspect with Mr. Obama as Commander In Chief.

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2 Responses to “Afghans Claims US Killed 140 ‘Civilians’”

  1. canary says:

    Wonder if an implant in Reuters might be aiding and tipping off the Taliban.
    Two school attacks on our U.S. soldiers in the last few days, the Talilban using Taliban children in schools as human shields. AP witnessed one such surprise attack on us. If these parents liver their children, they’ve had 8 years to get them away from the Taliban. That baby could be one of Bin Laden’s many children. Why don’t these idiots tell Bin Laden to sacrifice himself to allah for the best interest of Afganistan. Toss his head over.

  2. Confucius says:

    “But suddenly they are a lot more circumspect with Mr. Obama as Commander In Chief.

    Of course. This is Obama’s war.

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