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AFP Asks: Was The Iraq War Worth It?

From Agence France-Pressee:

Fri Feb 27, 12:43 PM ET

Undated picture showing US military personnel offloading coffins of US soldiers killed in Iraq at Dover Air Base in Delaware. President Barack Obama’s Iraq withdrawal announcement Friday was likely to stoke a painful debate: With thousands of US dead, countless Iraqis killed, and nearly one trillion dollars spent, was the war worth it?

Pictures of coffins.

And now hand-wringing about whether it was all worth it.

They never stop, not even for a breath.

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, February 27th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

29 Responses to “AFP Asks: Was The Iraq War Worth It?”

  1. Bronson says:

    It’s the wisest trillion we have spent in recent history.

  2. 1sttofight says:

    Worth a lot more than the dumptruck loads of pork currently being spent on vote buying projects in the USA being spent now.

    A Trillion here, a Trillion there, pretty soon you are talking real money.

  3. catie says:

    Typical Frenchies but if their butts are in a sling again they will be pleading for us to spend that much and more to save their derrières. But what does it matter to them? They didn’t send anyone did they? Or perhaps I missed it but I don’t believe there were any French Soldiers in Iraq (of course French Soldier is an oxymoron).

    • Liberals Demise says:

      france sent their bravest and brightest cheese eater to toss out the first Offical Surrender Flag then scurry back to the vineyard.

  4. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    Lifting the ban on pictures of flagged drapped coffins has given a powerful PR weapon to our enimies, both domestic and abroad.

  5. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    Was it worth it for the U.S. to lose thousands of troops on French soil on D-Day, to liberate Paris and all of France, just to have them spit in our face and treat us with contempt? I’m surprised they even gave us the land to bury our dead.

    ‘American blood is too precious to shed on foreign soil.’
    An unapologetic quote from my late father.

  6. BK says:

    Unless this article was directed to the Iraqi people and the Servicemen that set them free they are barking up the wrong tree.

  7. Howard Roark says:

    Right on, BK. For the limp-wristed hands that write these stories, the issue of Iraq (or any war, really) is some odd, foreign territory that they can only squeal about. Just as they don’t know of the way that a war can bring about new hope afterwards, they also don’t know enough to ask “was the war worth it?” to the correct person: he that fought in it.

    I’m sure these yellow journalists will be singing a different tone when TCO ramps up our Afghani presence. They might even wear American flag lapel pins, ocassionally. 8-o

  8. GetBackJack says:

    Well, first off, the AFP needs to go back to Editor School and learn up The Elements Of Style. That first sentence should read … Undated picture at Dover Air Base in Delaware showing US military personnel offloading coffins of US soldiers killed in Iraq.

    Cart before horse, AFP?

    Geez, I’m the hick rancher out here in Flyover Country yet I can bake decent croissants, know my wines and slaughter my own hogs and still get subject and predicate in correct order. But the AFP is oooh la la sophisticated.

  9. cjokry says:

    Even many conservatives I know ask if the war has been worth it. No wmd’s, and the price of other people’s freedom, and where’s Bin Laden? These objections can be overcome with a little reasoning and a bit of looking past the msm’s Bush-hater agenda. But the real consideration here is the whole idea of free democratic society versus the various dictatorships, collectivist autocracies and prohibitionist theocracies that pepper the unfree world.

    The ideas that have made America great cannot exist in stasis, and neither can those ideas that oppose ours. If democracy is not expanding, it will start to contract upon us. And where people are oppressed as badly as the Iraqi people uncontestedly were, that’s a great place to start spreading freedom. Plus we were able to eliminate a dictator that hated us and simultaneously position our military forces right in the middle of several of the radical islamic theocracies that hate us, which allowed us to fight them in a military capacity rather that at our airports and in the middle of New York City.

    I know I didn’t do any of the fighting or the dying, but the best of my ability to discern, it was definitely worth it in many of the most important ways.

  10. Rusty Shackleford says:

    To be fair, there are plenty of French who are very mindful and respectful of the sacrifices made on their soil in 1944. Unfortunately, our MSM is all too supportive of those French who boldy (and “bravely”) announce their disdain for the U.S. Trust me, they are not ALL like that. It’s a skewed view at best, manipulated by their own and our own media to raise angst and guile against conservatives….as always.

    There are as many French conservatives per square kilometer in France as there are here in the US. Interestingly, that percentage grows the closer you get to Normandie. Many there are not too keen on the government as it sits but, unfortunately, have also found that there is precious little they can do about it. Perhaps they feel very sad that they didn’t act when they should have so many years ago.

    It does seem though that the conservatives of the Western world are losing (lost) huge amounts of ground to the rhetoric, empty-emotionalism, victim-hood and false “bravery” of the liberals. It is sickening to be sure. Sad, reprehensible, unbelievable, farcical, etc, etc, etc.

    You will find, in France, the large concentrations of liberals to be in the ….*gasp*….urban areas. When you get to the countryside, where hard work and self-sufficiency are “de rigeur”, the mood changes. They are as accommodating, friendly and warm towards Americans as they can be, provided you can hum a few bars of “La Marseillaise” and can adequately judge a good wine, or “le vin bon”

    I’m no fan of liberals at all…but to categorically accuse “France” et al as “liberal” and “anti-US” is perhaps wrong and needs rethinking. Their government, I think, is what everyone is aiming their distaste at here and I agree. Yet, in joint exercises in the military, the French are very good soldiers and airmen and sailors. Their government largely refuses to put them in harm’s way to avoid backlash and….largely due to the liberals in their nation….just as we have that problem here.

  11. LewWaters says:

    Was it worth it? Why not ask the millions of Iraqis holding up purple thumbs?

    The real question is, will it be worth it to abandon it too early and allow the country to fall under Al Qaeda’s control?

    Democrats have a strong history of facilitating the destruction of freedom and liberty elsewhere. Next is America herself.

    • Consilience says:

      You are correct, sir. The democrats want to destroy America, and we need to frame them in this light and destroy/discredit them and their lap-dogs in the media. We’re playing for keeps and it is time to take the gloves off with our “historical” president. Enough is enough!

    • MinnesotaRush says:

      Long ago, some American heroes pledged, “to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor”.

      Those who would violate and invade the sanctity .. the honor and memory .. of these American heroes .. likely aren’t terribly worthy of the fruit of these heroes’ sacrifices.

  12. wendyann says:

    How could the war not be WORTH it? How could those men and women fighting for what is good and just not be WORTH it? We need to see their sacrifice everyday…and pray that they know that they were WORTH it to the their country.

    Showing the flagged draped coffins is what Obama wants and he wasted not a nanosecond getting WHAT he wanted – he is a master manipulator. He never stops playing us with his shucking and jiving.

  13. canary says:

    5 Ex-Gitmo Prisoners Released in France
    In France, five former Guantanamo Bay prisoners have been released after a court ruled they were illegally interrogated. The prisoners had been jailed since the US returned them to France in 2004 and 2005. All say they were tortured at Guantanamo. On Tuesday, the court ruled their interrogation by French security agents was illegal, because conditions at Guantanamo Bay violate international conventions.
    Defense lawyer Paul-Albert Iweins: “It is an excellent decision which recognizes the law. We have asked the court to consider the procedure as illegal, and they did, so it is a very good thing for the law in this country. We could not accept that the interrogators would question people imprisoned in a foreign territory in conditions contrary to international conventions.”
    The five prisoners say they plan to seek compensation from the US for their Guantanamo ordeal. The ruling came one day after the Guantanamo prisoner Binyam Mohamed returned to Britain after his release by the US.


  14. aze_216 says:

    It would be nice if they’d ask the soldiers and marines who are volunteering over and over to return to “finish the job”. After all, wouldn’t they know more than anyone if it’s worth the sacrifice since they’re the ones who win the battles and pay the ultimate price.

    These incredible people have made more sacrifices in a single tour than 99% of our population yet they’re treated in the press like the invisible man. It is really disgusting for these “journalists” not to simply ignore the heroism and incredible sacfrices of the military, but to take every opportunity to actively work against them. For example, Abu Ghraib prison and Guantanamo stories were pushed and pushed to an extreme that DID cause the deaths of Americans, but they didn’t care.

    Every time I see one of these rags go under I rejoice.

  15. canary says:

    Below article in the New York Times gives some opinions of the soldier’s after hearing oOllah Obama’s big mouth. However the above link to article written prior to New York Times, shows it was 4 soldiers. Yet comments were made after the presstv. article and heartbreaking photo. The link on the bottom is about the most telling link to keep up with Iraq news, as so often our soldiers do not get mentioned in the news. Diayla Province is the little Iraq, and most dangerous area in Iraq. But, my buddy there and his men’s bravery is amazing. Our soldiers have been amazing.


    “We’ve been here so long,” he went on. He is 14 months into his second tour of duty in Iraq.
    “We’ve come so far,” he said. “No one wants to cut and run.”
    The sharp drop in violence in Iraq has made serving here less dangerous, if not yet safe. Three American soldiers and an Iraqi interpreter were killed in Diyala on Monday.
    In interviews this week, many soldiers and officers expressed relief that violence was down; some spoke of boredom. Few had confidence that Iraq’s government and security forces were ready to stand on their own.
    Others, like Capt. Craig A. Giancaterino, the commander of the 287th Military Police Company from Fort Riley, Kan., said they were concerned that a deadline for withdrawal was a horizon for the insurgency, too.
    “It’s our own worst enemy,” he said. “You’re setting a target for the enemy to wait us out.”


  16. GetBackJack says:

    Write this down … those who control the DNC are the North American franchise of S.P.E.C.T.R.E. (SPecial Executive for Counter-Intelligence, Terror, Revenge and Extortion). This is the EXACT definition of the Democratic Party. They are vampires with fangs in our national jugular. Anything said by anyone belonging to, or sympathetic to the Democratic Party about war, terror, aggression, military operations or defense is going to be the worst possible thing for our national sovereignty.

    That said … military ops in Iraq, in my opinion, did not do what had to be done. I wasn’t there, I didn’t get sand in my face, or shrapnel in my back, but I still get a vote in this because I am a citizen.

    The problem is not the Ba’athist Party in Iraq and Syria. The problem is not Taliban and al Queda operations in Afghanistan. The problem is Islam. The problem in Germany was not Germany, but the religion that was Nazi. If a man won’t keep the rats from running out of his barn into my fields, he has no say when I burn down his barn. The citizens of Germany had every opportunity to burn down Hitler and the vast network of corporate and business interests which stood to gain from a militarized Germany led by Hitler. THAT’s what the citizens had a chance to burn to the ground, but they did not. They chose to wait and see what would happen. What happened is the Thing that grew amongst them like a cancer on steroids was finally confronted by the violent armed response of the Allies. ‘Innocents’ were slaughtered right along with those responsible. Tough. If you can’t keep your own house clean, you have to accept what happens afterwards.

    The same with how we conducted ourselves in Iraq. All nicey-nice. Afraid of the MSM. Afraid of lawyers and legislators. Afraid. Afraid. Afraid. America is the very definition of being afraid. We’re afraid of our own shadow. We’re so afraid that the our political enemies have executed a stupendous psy-op on us … there is No Big Brother Watching You …. YOU Watch Yourself, fearful of the cost of political correctness! Good Lord! Always afraid of the weak, the shadowy and the back biters. We’re a nation of bed wetting silly weak sisters with mind boggling fire power, the best warriors in the world and bunch of whipped wet noodle cry babies holding the reins to What Can Solve The Problem, Right Now.

    At least William Ayers had the stones to actually do something. The man is despicable to fifty decimal points but he exhibited more balls than any of the commanders commanding our commanders in the field. We can solve Islam by twelve noon tomorrow … but no one in Washington has the spherical brass to do it. This ain’t rocket science. We can save Israel, rid the world of Islam and go back to peace and plenty in less than 24 hours.

    But no.

    So … given the state of Gelding-hood that is modern America, I cannot see anything but more and more limp noodle response to very real problems. And we did not get the job done over there. We got a third of the job done. That’s like building a third of a dam …. the water will rise and the dam will erode and it will be as if we never built a dam to begin with. In this the AFP is regrettably correct, the price was not even close to what was ‘accomplished’ …. and I salute every mother-loving hard assed bullet-biting, flea infested, wrench turning, camp cook, doctor, nurse, pilot, driver, escort, armorer, supply sergeant, rookie, veteran, and sun burned member of our God Blessed military whatever your branch of service for doing an impossible job with both hands and a foot tied behind your arse. Look at you … hobbled like livestock and STILL the best there is. Almost no way to carry out vastly contradictory orders and still you rid the world of terrorists and ragheads left right and center by the hundreds. No one can touch you. You … are … the …. best. You are of fable and legend and if I have to pay taxes, I’m damned glad my taxes go to you.

    But we did not do the job. Not even a third of it.

    Because Islam is stronger than ever.

    Idiot Politicians.

  17. BuddhaWasNotAPacifist says:

    Time will tell if it was worth it – if Iraq can remain an anti-jihadist force in the region. If not, then…. I’m not sure.

  18. brad says:

    When it comes to Republicans, it is the liberal media making statements in the form of questions.

    When it comes to Democrats, they make cover-ups in the form of statements.

    This is why I have NO FAITH in the intelligence of the American people.

  19. marya says:

    I’m glad we left Afghanistan before we found Bin Laden. Hussein did threaten to kill the president’s father and deserved to die. Bin Ladin had kidney problems and is probably dead anyway. It’s worth however many soldiers had to be killed to get hussein. He deserved it.

    Kipling knew all about
    Afghanistan and we would do well to listen to him:

    If you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains
    And the women come out to cut up what remains
    Just roll to your rifle and blow out your brains
    And go to your God like a soldier.

    Now how would you like that? No worries about a flag-covered coffin then.

  20. toxicbrainpoison says:

    Soldiers are coming back really messed up. If they weren’t messed up by the enemy it was blackwater poisoning them. Its really sad what these companies did to our young soldiers. The army has routinely covered for these companies too.

    • Steve says:

      You name suits you well.

      NYT: Iraq War Turns Troops Into Murderers | Sweetness & Light

      Don’t believe everything you read in the New York Times.

    • 1sttofight says:

      My son came back from two tours and he is fine, going to college and making straight A’s.

      Personally, I think you are Full of Shit toxicbrainpoison .

    • canary says:

      toxicbrainpoison/you dont know the facts behind the blackwater. When you see so many civilians go up and blow up groups of innocent civilians, and see so many roadside bombs, it’s hard to know who the enemy is. You and Obama clan should go over there for awhile, and show how it’s done.

  21. Howard Roark says:

    Looks like Toxic and Brad drink from the same well.

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