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The Harrowing Tale Of 2 Illegal ‘Children’ – And Their Kids

From a tear soaked Agence France Presse:

Harrowing journey turns into US deportation nightmare

By Mariano Andrade | August 2, 2014

New York (AFP) – Evelin’s two daughters — who just arrived in the United States illegally from Central America — are facing deportation and so the concerned mother recently trekked across New York City to seek free legal advice.

Mom is so concerned she let her daughters live in ‘Central America’ (we will later learn, Honduras) for ten years without her. She then put their lives (and, we will later learn, those of their children) in the hands of coyotes for a thousand mile trip.

Evelin, who is 35 and undocumented herself, joined 200 others, including 100 unaccompanied minors, at an event hosted by the New York Immigration Coalition last weekend.

What a target rich opportunity for ICE. (But, of course, we kid.) But notice that she can afford to travel to New York City, but she can’t afford a lawyer. She can afford to pay coyotes ten thousand dollars a pop, but she can’t afford a lawyer.

"I have two girls, 15 and 18, who just got here with their kids…

So these innocent children are bringing their kids, too.

The "Immigrant Youth Fair," which took place in Manhattan July 26 and 27, provided free legal help, as well as information about jobs, schools, health insurance and English-language classes, to children and adults of all ages.

Benefits that taxpaying American citizens don’t get for free.

"This is really what we need," said Evelin, who left Central America well over a decade ago, shortly after her youngest daughter was born

Meaning that she knows once she gets a lawyer she is on the gravy-train for life.

In the case of Evelin’s daughters, the reasons why they left their homeland are grim: the youngest got pregnant after being raped, and both sisters were victims of violent crime. "So many terrible things have happened down there," Evelin said…

Maybe if they had an adult around to protect them, they might be better off. And maybe they ought to try cleaning up Honduras, instead of bringing their problems to us.

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One Response to “The Harrowing Tale Of 2 Illegal ‘Children’ – And Their Kids”

  1. yadayada says:

    “so many terrible things have happened to my children since I abandoned them 10 years ago in that poverty stricken communist hell hole….”

    hhhmmm….I don’t see the connection either.

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