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AFP: ‘Negative’ McCain Lost ‘Decisively’

From the DNC’s Agence France-Presse:

McCain goes for broke in final debate with Obama

by Jitendra Joshi

HEMPSTEAD, New York (AFP) – John McCain went for the jugular in his final debate with Democrat Barack Obama on Wednesday as the Republican sought a game-changing performance to sustain his flagging White House dream.

But instant polls by television networks said voters were dismayed by McCain’s negative barrage, with Obama declared the decisive victor in probably the candidates’ last face-to-face clash before the November 4 election…

McCain, down a hefty 14 points in one poll as the United States weathers its worst financial crisis in decades, savaged Obama’s ties to 1960s radical William Ayers and said his tax plans were nothing more than “class warfare.”

Keeping his composure, Obama in turn accused McCain of trying to distract voters on a day that New York’s Dow Jones share index posted its second-biggest points fall ever on mounting fears of a crippling US recession.

At the third and final debate, McCain, 72, said he did not care about “an old washed-up terrorist” like Ayers, once a bomb-throwing militant in the Weather Underground group who is now a Chicago professor of education…

McCain also assailed the liberal group ACORN, which is accused in several states of adding fraudulent names to pro-Obama voter registration lists, and chided Obama for persistently linking him to President George W. Bush…

Obama, 47, accused McCain of wildly distorting the truth over both Ayers and ACORN, and said voters were turned off by the “100 percent negative” tone taken by the Republican’s campaign at a time of rampant economic anxiety

McCain adviser Steve Schmidt, the architect of the Republican’s get-tough strategy, insisted the Arizona senator had triumphed in the final debate

But the post-debate TV polls told a different story. In CNN’s poll, 58 percent of respondents said Obama won the debate compared to 31 for McCain, with 70 percent saying Obama was more likeable. A CBS poll scored the debate 53-22 percent for the Democrat.

“(McCain) looked frankly desperate, he looked angry, frankly he did not look presidential,” Democratic Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm said…

What a coincidence:

Obama, 47, accused McCain of wildly distorting the truth over both Ayers and ACORN, and said voters were turned off by the “100 percent negative” tone taken by the Republican’s campaign at a time of rampant economic anxiety.

The AFP (and the rest of our one party media) just happen to be saying the same exact thing that Mr. Obama said.

What are the odds?

This article was posted by Steve on Thursday, October 16th, 2008. Comments are currently closed.

17 Responses to “AFP: ‘Negative’ McCain Lost ‘Decisively’”

  1. bill says:

    The drive by media is dispensing Obama-cons like rain out there today. Be sure and wear your ACORN helmet for protection. Chin straps are advised. Obama-cons can hurt and inflict serious injury if you are hit on an unprotected head.

  2. Phil Byler says:

    Don’t let anyone try to tell you that John McCain did not win the last debate. John McCain did clearly win.

    John McCain was rightly aggressive in going after certain issues with Obama, such as the partnership with Ayres (about which Obama lied) and Obama’s intended increases in Government spending that will inevitably result in higher taxes. It was a nice approach by John McCain to refer to Joe the Plumber to emphasize McCain’s pro-family policies. The mainstream media doesn’t like it because they know instinctively that what McCain said will have an effect before Election Day.

    Overall, in a debate dominated by issues that are considered issues for Democrats, the Republican candidate John McCain showed himself to be in command on those issues with policies that are not the kind of bigger Government and higher taxes approach of Obama and the Democrats. However smooth Obama talks, McCain was superior on substance and controlled what was being said — for example, the discussion of vouchers and school choice in education. Imagne how much more knowledgeable John McCain would have shown himself to be had there been foreign policy issues on the table.

    In contrast, I don’t know which was worse: listening to Obama’s effort to cast himself as something other than the radical socialist he is, or listening to FOX regular commentators after the debate saying what they did. Kristol has gone stupid after starting to write for the New York Times. Juan Williams is letting his skin color lead him to shill for Obama. Krauthammer was in an alternative universe. John McCain’s excellent performance deserved far, far better reviews. More sensibly, Drudge Report has 72% voting for McCain as the winner.

  3. BillK says:

    Does it matter?

    Obama’s up in the polls, and his performance last night will only keep existing McCain voters from defecting.

    The American public in general wants the socialism Obama’s selling, and really, it’s not Obama they want per se, it’s the Federal Government being Mommy and Daddy and giving them what they want for free, and of course using someone else’s money to pay for it. A fact that must make Hillary’s head literally blow off steam like in old cartoons, as she would be just as far ahead at this point if not further.

    The rich are evil and once more and more private businesses fail, Government will be forced to step in and provide the services the private sector once did. We’re seeing that at every level, and it will just get worse with time.

    Two years from now “Joe the plumber” will very likely be a Federal employee because he won’t be able to afford to keep his business going, and his neighbors will all be happy that “the greedy rich guy” has been “knocked off his high horse.”

    Alas, Drudge’s poll holds no more import than one run by National Review, or for that matter Kos. A self-selected audience is saying their guy won. No shock there.

    Reagan’s Library in Simi Valley should have just burned down in the Simi Valley fires over the past few days, as everything he did and in fact his entire legacy has gone up in smoke as far as the American people are concerned. Higher taxes, bigger Government and more Government control of every area of life are the new answers to all problems.

    Welcome back to “malaise” – it’s going to be the new American norm.

  4. ptat says:

    McCain sure did win! He did an excellent,substantive job and nailed the Annointed One many times. How about that dazzling smile that Obama flashes? We sure didn’t know what the hell he found so funny—it was condescending and an obvious defense mechanism whenever John spoke the truth about him. Still, what a charming smile, and what a nuisance under the circumstances. It was inappropriate. Obamessiah needs to save his extravagant, impish charm for the stump and not waste it around adults who are trying to be serious……

  5. Liberals Demise says:

    The MSM can say anything they want to. I dont buy into the fact that they are just reporting the facts. Turn on the TV and what do you see? You see in the tank Obamacraps with obama smudge on their noses! It amazes me how obama can pull his underwear up with all those noses’ and tongues’ in the way. Mac won hands down!! Get ready Team McCain/Palin…..as I speak to you ,we are being labeled racist by the left. While I’m standing on the soapbox it is with great pleasure to say thay Sarah and I have the same belief in Gun Control…..1 shot……1 kill……. Remember that when they come for your 2nd Amendment Right

  6. Anonymoose says:

    Obama has his silly smile because he’s certain he’ll win. He’s content that the economy has fallen apart and is banking (pun intended) that it’s a done deal, nothing McCain says or does will keep him from his crown.

    If you think about it, it’s amazing the Republicans have made it this far. The Democratic party is bigger and has had the media and entertainment people in their pocket for ages, with nonstop propaganda and sound bites.

    McCain should have known Obama (Or more properly his backers) were counting on attacks and media support. You can’t attack someone well armored front on, you have to hit them where they’re weak. But with a media that could ignore anything negative about Obama, what can be done?

    The next two years at least will be pure hell, with the liberals thinking their multicultural dream will come true with a Democrat congress and president. But Obama has to live up to his hype, and I don’t think he knows how to straighten this economic mess out. Neither do his cronies, who won’t always be able to hide in the wings. Obama won’t have a teleprompter always in front of him, and someone please give Michelle a microphone. The more talking she does the better.

    I’m really expecting in four years Obama will be looked on at best as another Jimmy Carter, and more likely as one of the worst presidents we’ll ever have.

  7. czar says:

    Are you saying that Jumpin’ Jimmy was not one of the worst presidents ever?

  8. gipper says:

    “The American public in general wants the socialism Obama’s selling…”

    I don’t think most in the American public really want socialism–they just think they do or they don’t understand how socialism will affect their liberties. On the surface, socialism sounds great. Socialism takes care of people. And who doesn’t want people cared for? The other side of socialism is not seen–massive tax increases, huge bureaucracies, wealth redistribution, diminished incentive and innovation, and taken away liberties. But cheer up, BillK, an Obama win may be better than a McCain win. With Democrats controlling both houses of Congress and Obama in the White House, this country will take a hard left. Then most of the American public will wake up and realize the mistake made by choosing Obama. The pendulum will then swing to conservatism. Sort of what happened in ’80.

  9. Anonymoose says:

    The label of worst of the worst goes to Warren G. Harding, regrettably a Republican, but a level of corruption Clinton could only aspire to and a national embarrassment who made Jimmy look like an elder statesman.

    However, I remain hopeful that Obama will outdo him all, as he makes it to office and the movie Wag the Dog comes to life. George Soros will want his payback, Jesse Jackson will want his…..well, you know, and the liberals will want theirs, and Mr. Change will start to believe he really was the brains behind it all. Just wait until Michelle moves into the White House and starts opening her mouth……….oh my, I only wish I had a rock to hide under until the Obamafracas is over.

  10. sheehanjihad says:

    I agree. Once the democrat socialists led by obama are in total power, they will lose the luxury of having someone to blame. Oh, they will alright, but people will feel the fallout from failure after failure, and begin to resent having a government interested only in staying in office at the expense of the American people.

  11. BillK says:

    sheehanjihad, you’ve forgotten the Clinton model.

    The Dems will simply say “the infrastructure has been so eroded by decades of Republican irresponsibility that it will take decades to fix, to staff our Government agencies and to restore a consumer-balanced focus to our economy.”

    Voila, they get a free pass for decades.

  12. sheehanjihad says:

    I totally agree BillK….except slick willy didnt have sites like this one to expose his lies and largesse….S&L will play an integral part in the downfall of the democrat party and it’s cronies…..time is on our side, because in the history of the world, evil has always been defeated by good…..and right will triumph over wrong.

    Obama and is democrat empire are evil, and wrong. Their days are already numbered. Remember when the world thought that the Nazis’ were unbeatable? Most dont, it isnt taught anymore and for good reason. but their hubris and believing their own propaganda gave us the means to defeat them.

    And defeat them we did. This country hasnt had “enough” yet. Obama and his socialist brownshirts will do that in spades. We will endure, we always do. But unless he successfully eliminates the internet’s conservative websites, which he will attempt to do, he will be exposed.

    Hell, he already has been exposed. It will take the hardships brought on by his socialist administration to bring people here in droves. S&L and sites like it represent the one thing he fears most. Unfettered truth.

  13. pinandpuller says:

    I know for a fact that Obama’s birth certificate is a fake: It should say “James Earl Carter II”.

    OTOH I think that it will be great seeing Helen Thomas holding up cue cards for Barry like he’s on SNL.

    Either way you look at it there will be riots in the street, akin to South Central if he loses or like Baltimore and Chicago if he brings home the ring.

  14. wirenut says:

    Pinandpuller, I know this isn’t breaking news, but . Obama is also a fake, and a bad one at that!

  15. Lipstick on a PIAPS says:

    I’m so glad that McCain “lost” the debate. I remember John Kerry “winning” all of the debates against George W. Bush, but guess who won the election?!? I guess you can’t beat those Master Debaters from the Democratic Party! ROFLMAO We will just settle for the White House for consolation prize OK?!?

  16. Lurkin_no_mo says:

    “I just don’t get it. We keep polling and polling and it shows our candidate winning. We’ve got the MSM in the bag. We’ve go ACORN and dozens of others stealing the election for us….. and we keep losing to those facist Re-pubic-cans. How can this BE!? Is America so out of touch?”

    This is what the demoncraps will be saying after the election. They just don’t get it. You can’t be a real American and hate all that is good with our great country. If you hang out with people that believe the same BS as you do, of course you’re going to think that “everyone” has those same beliefs.

    Hey, Barry! Found that Birth Certificate yet?

  17. BillK says:

    sheehanjihad – You’re right, if the public cared if Obama (or Clinton for that matter) were lying.

    His supporters never have, and the balance of Americans want their goodies so badly they don’t care either.

    Rush had a piece about one such person today – effectively if Obama were Hitler himself it would be OK because “Republicans ruined this country.”

    Lurkin_no_mo – don’t expect that he’d ever have to present it.

    It’s “racist” to even ask…

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