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Afraid Intruder Calls 911 On Homeowner

From CNN:

Intruder calls 911, afraid homeowner may have gun

(CNN) — This time it was the intruder who called 911.

A man who broke into a house in Portland, Oregon, called police — afraid the homeowner may have a gun.

The suspect, Timothy James Chapek, was in the bathroom taking a shower when the homeowner returned to the house Monday night, Portland police said in a statement.

At least Mr. Chapek is concerned about cleanliness. Hopefully, that will count in his favor at the trial.

Accompanied by two German shepherds, the homeowner asked Chapek what he was doing in the house.

Chapek locked himself in the bathroom and made an emergency call, police said. He said he had broken into the house, the owner had come home, and that he was concerned the owner might have a gun.

The homeowner also called the police to report that he had found a man in the house.

Police with dogs took Chapek, 24, into custody "without incident," they said. He was booked for criminal trespass.

They did not say if the homeowner did in fact have a gun.

This is a great argument for states requiring that everyone keep a gun in their house.

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4 Responses to “Afraid Intruder Calls 911 On Homeowner”

  1. proreason says:

    I’d like to see our congressional criminals in a similar position.

  2. untrainable says:

    Wait a few weeks, the intruder will be suing the homeowner for PTSD.

    “The fear of being shot, or being eaten by dogs has led to severe post traumatic stress disorder your honor, and my client is seeking damages in the form of some ungodly amount of money.” The ACLU will claim the guy’s civil rights have been violated. Every American has the right to a shower and shave, right?
    He should have shot the guy. He was already in the shower, it would have been easy cleanup.

    • proreason says:

      Criminals have successful sued homeowners in England. “civil rights violations”

    • preparing4theworst says:

      Yeah AND no need to buy dog food for a while….(is that politically incorrect?)

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