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After Beating UAW, Can GOP Fulfill Jobs Promise?

From the Associated Press:

After UAW defeat, can GOP fulfill promise of jobs?

By ERIK SCHELZIG and TOM KRISHER | February 17, 20014

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) — Republicans fighting a yearslong [sic] unionization effort at the Volkswagen plant in Tennessee painted a grim picture in the days leading up to last week’s vote. They said if Chattanooga employees joined the United Auto Workers, jobs would go elsewhere and incentives for the company would disappear…

Exactly who are these nameless Republicans? And where did they promise more jobs? (Turns out they are referring to exactly one person. Senator Bob Corker. Who was just passing on what VW officials had told him.)

But, while we’re on the subject, where was the AP headline: ‘After Romney defeat, can Obama fulfill promise of jobs?’ We don’t remember any headlines like that.

Now that workers have rejected the UAW in a close vote [sic], attention turns to whether the GOP can fulfill its promises that keeping the union out means more jobs will come rolling in, the next great chapter in the flourishing of foreign auto makers in the South.

Again, where are the quotes from named Republicans promising these jobs?

Regardless of what political consequences, if any, Republicans would face if that fails to happen, the Volkswagen vote established a playbook for denying the UAW its goal of expanding into foreign-owned plants in the region, which the union itself has called the key to its long-term future.

You see? Those evil Republicans have ‘a playbook’ for denying the workers their rightful union representation: Promise jobs if they vote against the unions.

On the first of three days of voting at the Chattanooga plant, U.S. Sen. Bob Corker all but guaranteed the German automaker would announce within two weeks of a union rejection that it would build a new midsized sport utility vehicle at its only U.S. factory instead of sending the work to Mexico.

"What they wanted me to know, unsolicited, that if the vote goes negative, they’re going to announce immediately that they’re going to build a second line," Corker told The Associated Press of his conversations with unnamed Volkswagen officials.

The company reiterated its longstanding position that the union vote would not factor into the decision, and Corker acknowledged that he had no information on whether the company would also expand if the union won.

And never mind that the company would have to say that, at least in public, because of labor relations laws. Anyway, the AP is almost certainly quoting a UAW spokesman here, who said this practically word for word in the original Reuters report on Corker’s comment:

"Gary Casteel, UAW regional director for a 12-state area that includes Tennessee, said on Wednesday night, "Corker’s statement is in direct contradiction to Volkswagen’s statements. "They have specifically said that this vote will have no bearing on the decision of where to place the new product."

But the implication was clear, and union leaders said after the vote that the senator’s statements — coming in concert with threats from state lawmakers to torpedo state incentives if the UAW won — played a key role in the vote…

So this comment from Corker is the only ‘promise’ from Republicans that there would be more jobs.

Corker, who had originally announced he would refrain from making public comments during the election, changed course last week after he said the union tried to use his silence to chastise other critics…

Once again, the President of the United States didn’t refrain from public comments, either. Where is the outrage?

Corker’s claim that a no vote would quickly mean more jobs actually fit in with an assertion Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam leveled days earlier, when he said a union win would hurt the state’s ability to attract auto parts suppliers and other future business…

Which is not a promise of more jobs. That is a claim that unions would hurt growth. (Which, of course, is true.)

But that’s it. Corker’s one comment is the reed on which the AP based this preposterous article about the GOP promising more jobs.

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2 Responses to “After Beating UAW, Can GOP Fulfill Jobs Promise?”

  1. untrainable says:

    How many times has Obama “pivoted” his “focus” to “laser-like” on “job creation”? 22… 23? I can’t remember. (I’ve also never used so many air quotes in one sentence) Does anyone hold up his results to the media. Well, maybe they do, but Obama will never be held to account for the wanton destruction of our economy.

    Giving the UAW the boot is, #1 good for business, #2 good for consumers, and #3 good for the workers. The only losers here are the UAW bigwigs, because they won’t get quite as big a bonus as they might have, and the democrats, because their coffers won’t be filled by forced dues of people who don’t support them, but fund them through unions.

    Win, Win, Win.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Gobbldegook mush nonsense aimed at stoners and single Moms ..

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