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Ahmadinejad Mocks Obama’s Remarks

From Iran’s Press TV:

Ahmadinejad censures Obama over Iran remarks

Sat, 26 Sep 2009

Iran’s president has criticized the US President Barack Obama and blasted his British and French counterparts for their recent comments on Tehran’s nuclear program.

"Mr. Sarkozy and Mr. Brown’s statements lack any real credibility. From our viewpoint, what they say is not of much value… If they have the guts they sould [sic] solve the problems they face in France and Britain," Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told CNN host Larry King on September 25.

"Who exactly are they to decide about others around the world? In which part of the IAEA regulations does it allow France and Britain to make such statement on their own? We are a member state. We are not a subcategory of Britain or France.

"Their mind frame is still in the colonial age. That era has past… It does not matter to us (what they say), but what Mr. Obama says does matter… We did not expect Mr. Obama to violate the commitment that he spoke of at the UN in less than 48 hours."

Ahmadinejad elaborated that he was referring to Obama’s promise to try to bring about change, adding that Tehran welcomes the "change" that the American people hope will occur.

The president implied that Obama had made his recent comments based on the "wrong information" that had been provided to him, adding that misrepresentation of Iran would not help the US leader’s efforts to improve the United States’ global image.

"[Obama’s] statement was very weak and illogical. We have cooperated with the IAEA and then been accused of wrongdoing."

By talking of cooperation, Ahmadinejad was referring to the September 21 announcement Iran made to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) about the construction of a new uranium enrichment plant in the country.

Although several days after the publication of the Iranian letter, a US counter-proliferation official claimed that Washington “knew” about the second Iranian nuclear plant “for several years,” the Iranian announcement drew some heavy criticism from Western leaders…

Commenting on the possibility of more sanctions against Iran, Ahmadinejad told Larry King of the previous US and British administrations’ efforts to pressure Tehran through embargoes, and said the West had not gained anything from those measures.

"Whoever imposes sanctions on Iran is adopting sanctions against himself. The time for sanctions has passed… So what Mr. Sarkozy says lacks any value… It is regrettable that an individual like him is the president of France," said the Iranian president…

In addition, in a statement issued on September 25 by the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Ali Akbar Salehi, Iran’s nuclear chief affirmed that "As with Iran’s other nuclear facilities, the activities of the [newly announced] facility will be within the framework of the IAEA regulations."

Of course, as Mr. Ahmadinejad has recently admitted, he and Mr. Obama are really on the same page.

But they have to go through this dance to give the US President cover.

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3 Responses to “Ahmadinejad Mocks Obama’s Remarks”

  1. proreason says:

    “The president (Akmanutjob)….adding that misrepresentation of Iran would not help the US leader’s efforts to improve the United States’ global image.”

    That should solve this little spat among the fraternity brothers..

    When the other guy (Akmanutjob) has a bigger threat than you do (frowns and toe-tapping), the outcome is pre-determined.

    And there is NO WAY Obamy is going to let his global image suffer.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      “……NO WAY Obamy is going to let his global image suffer.”

      He doesn’t have to …. he has our MSM kissing his arse and booboos. They would never let this go by without a turd polishing!

  2. canary says:

    Liberal agnostic Larry King, vehemently said anti-Semitic and racist remarks angered him on his show condemning the Congressman who did the right thing and said “You Lie” to Obama.
    I guess Larry will do anything for $ ratings, to include interviewing a thug who promised to wipe the Israel Jews off the face of the earth.

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