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Iran Demands UN Help With Its Nuke Program

From Iran’s IRIB:

Ahmadinejad: IAEA Must Fulfill Its Duties

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad urged the International Atomic Energy Agency to fulfill its duties and commitments toward its member states.

President Ahmadinejad speaking on Thursday among the people of Shadgan in the southwestern Iranian Province of Khuzestan, referred to the oppositions of certain bullying powers of the world as well as the IAEA to Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities added: "In the general treaty of the IAEA it has been clearly stipulated that the Agency is obliged to help the member states to enjoy peaceful nuclear technology and produce nuclear fuel.

President Ahmadinejad further added: "Although Iran is one of the first countries which joined the IAEA, Tehran has not yet received any scientific, technical and legal support from the Agency.

Meanwhile, Iranian President on another leg of his tour of Khuzestan province went to the port cities of Mahshahr and Imam Khomeini. Speaking among a large gathering of people the Iranian President described the Zionist regime as a shameful stain on the face of the world which is being equipped and backed by the United States and Britain.

Referring to the Israeli crimes the Iranian President said: "The US and Britain stationed this illegal and corrupt regime in occupied Palestine and today after 60 years this illegal regime has become a shameful stain for the US and Britain."

The scary thing is that the United Nations will probably oblige him.

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