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Ahmadinejad Proclaims Iran’s Nuke ‘Victory’

From the AFP:

Ahmadinejad proclaims Iran’s nuclear ‘victory’

by Stuart Williams

TEHRAN (AFP) – President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Wednesday boasted a US intelligence report on Iran’s nuclear programme was a “great victory” for Tehran, vowing never to yield to Western pressure to halt the contested drive.

The report by the US intelligence community said Iran halted a drive for atomic weapons in 2003 — despite years of statements by US President George W. Bush accusing Tehran of actively seeking a nuclear bomb.

Russia and China argued the report diminished the need for a third set of UN Security Council sanctions against Tehran but Western powers pleaded for no let-up in the international pressure.

“This report tries to extract America from its impasse but it also is a declaration of the Iranian people’s victory against the great powers,” Ahmadinejad told thousands of supporters at a rally in Ilam province.

“With the help of God, our people have resisted, are resisting and will resist until the end. You are victorious in all areas and especially in nuclear,” he said in the speech, broadcast live on state television.

Describing the report as the “final blow” to the hopes of the West, he accused Iran’s enemies of wanting to deprive it of civilian energy when fossil fuels run out “within the next 50 years”…

Ahmadinejad also renewed his scathing attack on political opponents in Iran, who he had previously accused of being “traitors” for pressuring the government in the nuclear standoff.

“Certain people within the country are hand in hand with the enemy and are pushing us to give advantages to the enemy and step back,” he said.

Speaking of the AFP, didn’t Mr. Sarkozy recently condemn Iran’s nuclear weapons program? And didn’t Ms. Merkel pretty much do the same?

What do their intelligence agencies know that ours don’t?

And in any case will someone ask Mr. Ahmadinejad what they need so much enriched uranium for?

They still have no nuclear power plants.

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