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Ahmadinejad: US Failed To Sabotage Speech

From Iranian government’s stooges at IRNA just can’t let go:

President: World people heard Iranian voice in Columbia University

Tehran, Sept 30, IRNA

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Sunday that thanks to grace of God, the world people heard voice of Iranian nation whose positive effects will appear in future.

He said in his report to the cabinet meeting that his visit to New York was successful and that the enemy’s attempt to sabotage the meeting in University of Columbia failed.

They had attempted to isolate Iran by sabotaging ordinary process of the meeting in Columbia university, but, thanks to grace of God, they got negative result.”

President Ahmadinejad said that those who were present in the meeting and observed the entire program got the sense that Iranian officials were honest and what the manipulation had been made by the organizers beforehand.

He said that the Islamic Republic of Iran has plans for the international peace which is in contradiction with that of the World Arrogance.

“Though the enemy had made preparations for not allowing Iran (president) to make his voice heard, but, they could not succeed and thanks to grace of God the world people heard our voice.”

Press reports said that 500 million audience of three
international television networks listened to Iranian president’s remarks in University of Columbia

President Ahmadinejad received emblem of ‘Dove of Peace’ from the Society of US Churches.

I wonder who the Society of US Churches are.

Of course next Mr. Ahmadinejad will be getting a Nobel Peace Prize.

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