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Aide To NY Gov’s Wife Got Raise, Bonus

More great reporting from the inimitable New York Post:


February 24, 2009

ALBANY – At a time when state workers are being asked to forgo any pay hikes, the chief of staff to Gov. Paterson’s wife was given a $25,000 raise in December – plus a $3,866 bonus – even though she began working for the state only last July, The Post has learned.

The whopping 28.4 percent raise – granted while Paterson was asking 130,000 public employees to give up 3 percent pay hikes because of the state’s fiscal crisis – went to Michele Clarke-Ceres, who was hired on July 10 as an $88,000-a-year "special assistant," records show.

Five months later, her salary was raised to $113,000 a year, retroactively effective to Oct. 2, giving her the windfall $3,866 bonus.

Clarke-Ceres’ name was not on the list of more than a dozen senior Paterson staffers who received pay hikes of as much as 46 percent made public by The Post last week because she’s not on the payroll of the governor’s central staff.

Despite Clarke-Ceres’ assignment to work for Michelle Paige Paterson, she’s listed as an employee of the Department of State – a catch-all agency used as sleight of hand to provide political jobs – and not as an employee of the governor’s office.

A Paterson administration source said, "Many of the governor’s employees have been placed on the payrolls of state agencies in order to make it look like the governor’s staff has been reduced."

Paterson claimed last week that despite giving sky-high raises to many of his employees, the overall number of his immediate staff had been reduced in recent months

The Post reported last week that Paterson had handed out pay hikes worth about $250,000 annually after the governor declared an "emergency" budget situation in August.

After a storm of controversy and apparent criticism from Mayor Bloomberg, Paterson conceded he had second thoughts about granting the raises.

While Mrs. Paterson has no official responsibilities as New York’s first lady and holds a lucrative private-sector job, she often accompanies the governor at public events and makes occasional appearances on behalf of such causes as reducing childhood obesity.

The chief of staff to former First Lady Silda Wall Spitzer was hired at $100,000 a year and saw her salary rise to $120,000 and then $128,000 before she left the state payroll last spring.

As the article notes, all of this on top of the Post’s recent revelation that Mr. Paterson gave secret raises to his staff.

Why on earth does the governor’s wife even have an aide?

Maybe Mr. Paterson should spend a little less time feigning outrage over innocent cartoons and more time explaining (and ending) his rampant cronyism.

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6 Responses to “Aide To NY Gov’s Wife Got Raise, Bonus”

  1. Flession says:

    Well, if people didn’t protest when Lord Barry’s wife got a raise at her position while the school got a increase of government contracts, I don’t think that they will say much about this.

    I do wonder if he’ll get extra immunity for being blind and black.

    • catie says:

      Flession, I seriously doubt anyone will make a big deal out of this in NY Democrap circles.

    • Flession says:

      If anything, this shows great promise for the ADA.

      “See, disabled politicians can be just as corrupt as any other politician!”

    • MinnesotaRush says:

      This .. and being blind and black .. should put him on a fastrack into o-blah-blah’s administration and possibly on his way to being the country’s first (real) Black president.

  2. GL0120 says:

    Why do you think he wanted everyone else to forgo raises? Someone had to pay for the bonuses.

  3. brad says:

    Buddy, you ain’t seen cronyism, until you have worked for the government. My family and I have worked in the military, universities, public schools, and the level of waste, bulls**t, and other things is jaw dropping.

    Officers used police cars to go grocery shopping on duty.
    Used cars for sex while on night duty.
    Used cars for sleeping on night duty.
    Filled up personal gas from the police vehicle pumps.
    Stole things not claimed from the theft/recovery department.
    Spent most of the shift at dunkin’ doughnuts.
    Left loaded shot guns in interrogation rooms with suspects.
    Promoted friends in the department despite terrible test scores.
    Refused back up requests from officers they didn’t like.
    Stole drugs from drug addicts.
    Engaged in racism, sexism on duty.
    Beat people even if they weren’t suspects.
    Took bikes home to their kids from the stolen/recovery department.
    Pulled over cars to flirt with woman.
    Fixed tickets for friends.

    Public Schools:
    ~Pricipals higher children from staff member of other schools and vice versa.
    ~Principals hire children from long serving staff members to fill their retirement seats.
    ~School purposely categorize black kids as L.D. learning disabled to qualify and get more money from the government, even if the kids aren’t. Those same black kids are THEN exempt from standardized tests, so that low scores won’t show the school as failing, and keep the gov’t money rolling in.
    ~Teachers and staff misuse parent/teach fundings for their own kids, or their favorite students.
    ~School encourage minority parents to list their children as poor, so that free breakfast/lunch programs will stay funded. (Title 1 program$$)
    ~Teachers are encouraged to give minority student favorable grades so as to not look like a failing school. + more federal money!


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