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Air Force One ‘Photo-Op’ Spooks NY-ers

From the New York Post:



April 27, 2009 – A jumbo jet being chased by a F-16 fighter jets buzzed Lower Manhattan yesterday morning, panicking New Yorkers, many of whom were forced to evacuate their office buildings.

It was not a terrorist attack, however, but a photo opportunity for Air Force One, sources told the Post.

President Obama was in Washington at the time, but the low-flying 747 circling the Statue of Liberty was one of the planes used as Air Force One, sources said…

Thousands flooded the streets downtown as buildings called evacuations

According to the Department of Defense, that Presidential Airlift Group began its aerial photography mission at Andrews Airforce Base.

"This mission, involving the VC-25 and an F-16, was conducted in conjunction with normally scheduled continuation training for assigned aircrew members," officials said.

NYPD brass say defense officials expressly told the city not to inform the public.

"The flight of a VC-25 aircraft and F-16 fighters this morning was authorized by the FAA for the vicinity of the Statue of Liberty with directives to local authorities not to disclose information about it but to direct any inquiries to the FAA Air Traffic Security Coordinator," Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne said.

The mayor’s office was told the jets would only buzz the Statue of Liberty once, and not fly over downtown three times, a source said.

"Had we known, we would have pushed back," the source said…

No, Mr. Obama was not on the plane.

But still, it says volumes about Mr. Obama’s and or his staff’s er, sensibilities.

(Thanks to everybody who sent this in.)

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56 Responses to “Air Force One ‘Photo-Op’ Spooks NY-ers”

  1. Anonymoose says:

    Interesting, CBS is just saying it was a federal government 747 on a photo op:


    Not a word about it being Air Force One, unless they decide to change it. Although how many 747’s from the government would rank a photo op anyways?

  2. wardmama4 says:

    I heard one talk show host wondering if this is stunt to use 9/11 for some photo op for The One ™ – jokingly was said, probably will use the stooge Gibbs to say that this event was set up during the Bush Administration – if it goes sour – which it already has seemed to.

  3. RightWinger says:

    The current Al-Reuters story headline on Yahoo currently says……..“Statue of Liberty flyby startles some New Yorkers”

    Nothing like already dumbing down the story. Al-Reuters/Yahoo classify “thousands” as some?

    If Bush was President, he would be villified till the end of time for being so insensitive for allowing this to happen. Of course Lil’ Barry will sit back, chuckle and say “Let me perfectly clear…..here….I inherited…this situation….and….again….let me be perfectly clear here….that….words have to mean something…..Thank you”.

    On a side note that somebody posted on WCBS website, Hollywood can shoot a blockbuster armeggedon movie but the military can’t photoshop some planes into a picture with the Statue of Liberty?

  4. RightWinger says:

    This is true Odie, unless you are selling photoshop pics to Al-Reuters to claim Isreali aggression against Hamas or Hezzbolah. They will buy those up in a heartbeat.

  5. proreason says:

    Why on earth would any New Yorker be the slightest bit concerned about a 747 flying mysteriously around?

    Now that Bushhitler is out of office, foreign contingency warriors have no interest in New York. Particularly now that the contingency warriors know that they will be treated with respect if captured, rather than being glared at by CIA agents who haven’t read the Koran.

    I mean, really, if I lived in NYC, I’d be so confident that I’d be wearing T-shirts made with bulls-eyes on them saying “Safer than Ever!!”.

  6. On 9/11, I lived in Milwaukee, WI. Still do (a suburb thereof). I was, thankfully, far removed from what happened in NYC and know no one personally who died in the terror attacks.

    But, to this day, I always follow planes flying in the sky with a wary, skeptical eye. I always wonder if they’re supposed to be there and if the people who are supposed to be behind the controls are. 9/11 will always affect how I think of air travel and how I watch the skies. It’s just a reality.

    How selfish and stupid to scare the living daylights out of people who thought 9/11/01 was the day their world ended, and – for many of them – marked the end of the lives of people they knew and loved, for a photo op.

    Barack Obama will go down in history as being President Narcissus – all about him, unless there’s someone else to pin the blame on.

  7. Colonel1961 says:

    I like them calling it VC-25. Uh, yes, technically correct, but do most people understand that designation – no. It’s AF1 without the POTUS onboard…

  8. Douglas says:

    The question that won’t be asked at the next press conference: “In light of your recent directive to save $100 million, how much could have been saved by not staging this publicity photo op?”

    • jobeth says:

      Not to mention all those carbon credits that MUST be paid for…by you and me of course.

      So…..You and I must squeeze our “too fat” (and earth killing) butts into a tiny tiny little pregnant roller skate of a car, because we must save the planet from our nasty fumes.

      However…its perfectly OK for a “photo-op” to take place with a 747!!!
      Not to mention the “Sunday drive” of a flight all over the country.

      I’m taking bets ol’ Algore won’t say a thing about this.

      I survived Hurricane Hugo in ’89 in Charleston. To this day I get VERY nervous if the wind gets high! I can’t imagine the trauma this inflicted on the New Yorkers in those tall buildings

      That was just plain…cruel. Torture in fact…..Hey! wait……torture?….

  9. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    So how much did this little photo-op contribute to Obama’s carbon footprint?

  10. curvyred says:

    Interesting at least the NYPOST had some details, here is all Reuter/Yahoo said:

    “NEW YORK (Reuters) – A photo opportunity involving President Barack Obama’s backup plane flying over the Statue of Liberty created a stir in New York City on Monday, but authorities said it was only an authorized exercise.

    Obama was not on board.

    “Please be advised the U.S. Air Force conducted an authorized photo flyover of the downtown Manhattan area this morning,” the New York Police Department advised local businesses in an e-mail alert”


    • caligirl9 says:

      Dear Reuters:

      The backup “Air Force One” is NOT TOTUS’s plane.

      Supposedly it belongs to the taxpayers and its care has been assigned to the U.S. Air Force for use by the POTUS on official business.

      Or perhaps it really is his own personal playtoy, at least the way he uses it for personal reasons … pizza baker, “romantic” dinners in Chicago.

      TOTUS’ motto: Do as I say not as I do.

  11. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    The people of New York City have always been of a different mindset on how they perceive the military.

  12. canary says:

    Now that is torture, a threat of possible death on innocent people. No doubt no one could even make a phone call, just as after 9/11. New Yorkers will suffer sleep deprivation or nightmares, from acute stress reactions, for some it won’t end. The memories of 9/11 either pushed aside, embedded deep, or relived daily, of New Yorkers… means torture. New York will now never know if an attack is real or mock. Trust and feeling safe is gone. Torture. The Left-Wing extremism is DHS’s true threat.

    Great new terrorist interrogation tactic. Put them on a a roof of a tall, tall building, and dive airplanes towards them, dropping simulated exploding bombs that are used in training. Intelligence can’t be prosecuted or sued for the new tactic, because they did it Americans they knew to be innocent.

  13. catie says:

    I still don’t get what the point of this was. A photo op? I cannot believe this clown would even allow this in NYC. Evidently the people remember 9/11 more than they want to admit or that the left wants to recognize.

    • DW says:

      Well, somewhere soon we’re going to see pictures of Obama One Airforce One with the Statue of Liberty in the background.
      Personally, I’m betting we’ll see new markings on the aircraft -ala the way he pimped out his campaign plane prior to the November elections.

      Just a thought.
      (and if I’m right, I’ll be really insufferable here :-)

    • Kilmeny says:

      Just a photo op for a President with the most incredible tin ear for the actual public that I’ve ever seen. We’ll see this picture later on, I’m sure. DW is right.

    • catie says:

      DW, you’re probably right. Perhaps they can give out the pictures to the Gordon Brown children when they give them a plastic model of Obummer One the next time their daddy comes to DC to visit.

    • jobeth says:

      “Personally, I’m betting we’ll see new markings on the aircraft -ala the way he pimped out his campaign plane prior to the November elections”

      Be watching for bright and shiny spinners on the landing wheels…

  14. JohnMG says:

    …..”Well, somewhere soon we’re going to see pictures of Obama One …..”

    I’d settle for pictures of him on a milk carton!

    • DW says:

      You may never get the milk carton, but if a serious crisis comes up you can always look forward to seeing him on a PGA brochure…

    • JohnMG says:

      Tiger Woods he ain’t. I could maybe see him as head ball-washer, but not in any high-profile position.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:


      You gotta have ’em to wash ’em.

  15. 4USA says:

    The panic was unnecessary and it was insensitive to say the least. However,

    #1) If you believe GW and pals instigated it in the first place, then you may not see the connection between a low flying jet being chased by fighters in NYC and a “man-made disaster” in the works.

    #2) If you didn’t have a problem with all the “little Eichmanns” dying, you don’t care.

    #3) I guess if you didn’t actually experience that day in NYC, then you may not realize the trauma that something like that could cause.

    Clueless doesn’t begin to scratch the surface with this poseur.

    It’s hard to imagine someone didn’t suggest an alternate plan. It would be interesting to know if he has surrounded himself with complete idiots, or if they tried to tell him, but he was too “gifted” to listen to reason. I suggest the latter. In which case, he’s the stupidest person in any room.

    • DoctorRock says:

      There you go. I’m thinking this has something to do with that “pre – 9/11 mind set” I’ve been hearing about. Clueless or insensitive or just plain stupid, it’s obvious they don’t get it.

    • proreason says:

      They don’t care.

      Remember, The Moron has never spent a day worrying about whatever position he held at the moment.

      He and his puppet-masters are now focused on how they can control the entire planet.

      Panicing a few plebians who are throughly brainwashed anyway is the least of their concerns.

  16. canary says:

    It was torture. It’s getting little press. Two news sources claim the plane also flew by Ground Zero, and that 9/11 survivors were in near by buildings, thousands evacuating. You can bet aside emotional wounding, people were injured in the chaos and trampling. One news clip, showing the airplane flying by ground zero, had people screaming and running, even bleeping cuss words. Lot’s of “oh my God”, which is what I thought already knowing it was not an attack.
    We may never know the truth, as many news outlets claim D.C. took a long time in responding. It’s possible that there has been a threat and the decoy Air Force 1, was used as a target to check out a threat. If something would have happened, then we still wouldn’t know the truth.
    Amazing just days before the DHS report came out bashing vets, Obama in passing made a comment he wanted every soldier returning screened for PTSD.
    There have been rumors since Obama first became elected that veterans with PTSD would not be allowed to purchase guns. So, all is falling into place, the
    attempt by Obama to take the 2nd Amendment away. It explains that Washington D.C. knew damn well, that this would traumatize New Yorkers. Even if police did get advance notice, such a replay could trigger great devastation, as PTSD may lay dormat within the brain, and become full-blown years and years later. Unexcusable torture.
    heh. No one even knows where they took off at, before diving into it’s target, terrorizing NY and NJ.

  17. Kim J says:

    What were they thinking?
    Computer + picture of Airforce1 + picture of our lady liberty = saving tax payers how much money.
    You could have put me on your payroll for a year along with how many other unemployed Americans for the price of that stunt! please hire me to photo shop your next stunt!
    Please find out, how much that nucklehead, owes the gov in back taxes and yes you reap what you sew.

  18. canary says:

    That plane is not Air Force 1 or 2. That may be Obama’s 747 campaign plane being taken out for a spin test, by a potential buyer, most probably Prince Charles who has been in the news due to his taking another secret plane global trip to speak to other countries about global warming. Prince Charles and Camillia took a lot of heat when they flew a 12 seat private plane, and have been keeping the plane they are using on this global warming warning trip a total secret. Possibly the Obama’s recent sight seeing trip to meet the Royal Family when economy is so bad in the U.S., may have been a business trip. The type plane Prince Charles is flying remains a secret. Article’s highlights April 25th, 2009


    Prince Charles is being accused of hypocrisy after it was revealed that he is chartering a luxury private jet for a five-day tour ….

    The flights on the specially converted jet, which boasts a master suite with its own lavatory and shower, ….

    Last night Clarence House refused to confirm which type of plane Prince Charles was using or how much it would cost.

    “When you couple Prince Charles’s private jets…..

  19. Reality Bytes says:

    There are plenty of photos of AF1 with F16’s taken while we actually were udner attack. But the press won’t let them used because it was Bush who was President then and they decried them as politically bad taste.

    No, instead this stunt is for the sole purpose of promoting the Obama image and has nothing to do with America’s, which by the way the president slanders daily.

    How pathetic!

    What obama hack requisitioned this stunt to the WH military office?! He or she should be fired! Alas, we’ll never know for the media is content with protecting their like minded imbeciles who are running America into the ground.

    • JohnMG says:

      The claim that Obama knew nothing about THIS is laughable.

      Just like the “veterans-paying-their-own-health-insurance” matter, this was floated as a trial balloon. Only when public reaction was loud and highly negative did the ‘small people’ have to fall on their own sword. And asshats like Schumer and Bloom(ing idiot)berg hop in as the good guys to run interference, soaking up what they believe to be good press and defending Obama’s honor(?), making hjim out the victim of some underling’s blunder.

      The claim that Obama knows NOTHING, however, is not only believable, but plausible.

    • ptat says:

      Of course Obambi knew and, of course he is too stupid and naive to have anticipated the outcome of this , uh, uh, “bonehead” move. Proving once again he is unqualified and in way over his head. God help us!

  20. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Never in the history of the US has an administration been so detached from reality. Taking it for rote that winning the election means that ALL of America must be in favor of all of them.

    Will Rogers said that “fanatics are always those people on the other side.”. And so it’s easy to see how, being diametrically opposed on simple philosophical grounds alone, that never will “they” or “us” be accomodating of each other’s views.

    With that said, do tend to find that conservatives are far more tolerant, patient and will listen to the liberals rather than the other way around. For us, the logic is both glaring and inescapable. However, the real point becomes how to get the midle-of-the-roaders who lean left to see reason and understand that what’s happening right now is basic destruction of our system and well-being.

    The time to realize this is not after it has heppened.

    BUt going back to the previous remarks, since the liberals view conservatives as “fanatics” and with the media a willing accomplice to that end, our work is cut out for us. Personally, I really don’t need any more examples to demostrate to me that this government couldn’t care less about anyone else, even their own constituents; It is now academic at this point.

    I have decided that now that I can say without question this path of destruction must end, it becomes up to me to look at who is eligible for election in 2010 and thereafter and make sure I vote for the right candidate. Not the moderate, not the “lesser of two evils” etc. But instead, to get the right candidate to the podium to begn with. A concerted effort needs to be made as to who our choices will be and what they stand for..and even more important, what they have actually DONE in their lives.

    Yeah, so the 747 flew around over NYC and scared its citizens. I’m not the least big surprised. In fact, I’m somewhat numb over all the dumbass things these people do. But talking about it here much as I do, does me almost no good save to voice my opinion that, like many, many others, that their actions speak so much more loudly than their empty, vacuous, mean-nothing words.

    The next dumb thing that comes to light in the next few hours or days will be met by me with a shoulder shrug and barely an acknowledgement. Not that I don’t care; I just have ceased to be amazed. From the day that Bill Jeff stopped LAX air traffic for hours to get a haircut on the big jet to now, nothing these spoiled, self-involved hollywood wanna-bes do surprises me anymore. In fact, I’m surprised there aren’t more hollywood-esque sexual scandals. I’m sure they must exist but as long as the MSM thinks they are royalty and “allowed a little leeway, because they work so hard”, we will never know about it.

    The difference between Hollywood and Washington DC is that hollywood has standards. (chuckle)

    • texaspsue says:

      “The difference between Hollywood and Washington DC is that hollywood has standards. (chuckle)”

      Yea but, their ALL ten year olds trapped in an adult’s body. :-)

      BTW, Great post RS.

    • proreason says:

      “The next dumb thing that comes to light in the next few hours or days will be met by me with a shoulder shrug and barely an acknowledgement.”


      I wonder if that might be part of the strategy with the 747 fly-by. Get em numb so that when the sword is finally fully thrust in, they don’t know what hit them.

      But personally, I think the strategy is more likely the lobster in a boiling pot. (in other words, a final thrust won’t even be necessary).

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Yes, you could say I’ve grown numb in a short period of time to all this crap. My statements are of a twofold purpose. One: To point out that I jut don’t have the energy to put up with it and much as it pains me to try to ignore it, for obvious reasons, I have to Two: worry about me and it is sufficient to know that he and they will do all they can to pretty much ruin it all. That’s why nothing he/they do will really surprise me anymore..kind of like when an idiot pulls out in front of me at the last second. It’s exactly what I expected and was prepared for just that.

      So I’m saying that I am prepared now for hte worst, while fortunately, I have no outstanding loans on anything, no home mortgage and no property that can be taken away.

      Although some day my mother will pass on and my brother and I will have to deal with the criminals in office when it comes to dealing with the taxes and what they will try to do to us. But otherwise, if I spend a lot of time caring about it, worrying about it and seeing what’s left of what was once a bright national flame die to a smoldering ember, I would cry every day and be so depressed that I wouldn’t be able to function.

      I think they are going to do what hey want to do and I will try to do my part to protest but I happen to believe we have become so complacent that there is precious little we can do other than watch it self destruct. Defeatest? Perhaps. But yes, I feel defeated. Not to the point of capitulation as I will forever defy this administration…but like the poor bastard who has to cash his winning lottery ticket by 5PM and he’s stuck in gridlock traffic, and it’s 4:59…that’s the way I feel.

    • wardmama4 says:

      I’m with Rusty on one point – so much stupidity, arrogance and political shoving down the throat has happened in just 100 days – with hardly anyone (and certainly not the msm) rising up to say No. I’ve been part of the Tea Parties and am frustrated that this is starting to stagnate as people return to their daily lives.

      I’m also with Proreason on this – as I think it is intentional – and it scares me as to what these socialists have in the works – as they scream crisis every week and shove through Congress another Un-Constitiutional piece of ‘legislation’ that will cost trillions over the next few decades.

      1360 more days of this pathetic, arrogant, vapid, insolent, immature, and socialist empty suit. I do not think I can take it – and I know that America will not be better in the end, if even still in existence after the ‘change’ instituted by The One ™.

      And yes, I do also believe that he is looking toward Master of the Universe position – this man makes the Clintons look like pikers – and what would he do afterward? Go home to Chi-town and think of a theme for his library museum? Nope, I think The One ™ actually does believe all the posi-wasi warm fuzzies heaped upon him and is looking to be the First President of the Global Community.

      Imagine that – a little black boy from the south side of Chicago – what a great story that will be (gag me, but that is how the msm will present it).

      And still the sheeple dance to his tune – I thank God daily that I am not that stupid and shallow.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I agree with you there, Ward. “President of the world” may be on his “to-do” list but I do take heart in the fact that O-blowme is as despised worldwide as any other American, as evidenced by his “doncha-just-love-me” world tour. Maybe not that bad but as Rush pointed out, at the G-20 summit…he got nuthin’ and nasty little dictators flipped him the bird and talked smack about him as soon as the wheels of N166ER were up.

      However, I keep running into people who are so angry at CEO’s and “the rich” for either being rich or taking company money in bonuses that they feel perfectly justified in siding with the black stick in his actions against them, not realizing that the issue for CEO’s is a shareholder and board of directors issue vs labor..and not government vs CEO’s.

      The line got crossed and that good ol’ American attitude of “Well, SOMEBODY finally said something and put those nasty, evil CEO’s in their place”.

      Class envy.

      I’m not rich and never will be. And yes, it bothers me when the company I work for is struggling and some CEO gets fired and walks with over 330 million in “compensation”. But I do not EXPECT nor WANT GovCo to intervene. And that’s just one example of “So, what’s the answer; Who do I turn to to make sure that doesn’t happen again?”

      And I come up empty-handed. Helpless. Living in a nation that used to celebrate true, actual underdogs….that has now resorted to creating them from cardboard and glue.

      Our government has often been accused of being gangsters….usually tongue-in-cheek but now I think it’s a reality. They divvy out the money, pay off the entities that would normally hold them accountable and everyone keeps their mouths shut. Meanwhile, they are free to operate their illegal outfits unfettered and bada-boom, bada-bing….”everybody’s happy” right?

      Many, many on this blog have noticed the similarity to organized crime within GovCo. I think it’s as close to being a reality as one could imagine. Maybe just a testimony to the amazing, modern world we live in.

      In the greater scheme of things, maybe it was bound to happen sooner or later.

  21. Barbie says:

    ‘NYPD brass say defense officials expressly told the city not to inform the public.’

    Why would defense officials expressly tell the city NOT to inform the public?

    This ‘Obama stunt’speaks volumes about the empty mindset Obama ang his corrupt wh thugs has about ‘terrorism’ – it never entered his head (maybe his teleprompter was ailing again) that this would be fully reminiscent of 9/11 to people. The reason? 9/11 is a’non issue’ for him and his dummy administration. I guess Obama’s been so concerned about the immorality (I laugh if he even knows the meaning of the word) of pouring water down a terrorist’s nose that he forgot all about those who were viciously attacked by those terrorists. Arrogance and stupidity = the Obama administration.

  22. texaspsue says:

    Call me cynical but, I’m curious if anyone in BO’s circle of friends/family took this joy ride to New York on the 747. Do we know WHO was actually on the plane? This could be a “photo op” situtation as well as a ride at Disneyland for BO’s “people”. (Maybe Soros was bored.)

  23. Reality Bytes says:

    RS & Tex: No Worries! U got RB in NYC beating reality into the mushbrained libs here every chance I get (and in the design field, let me tell you there are Pullenty). U should see the looks on their faces when some clarity shatters their comfort zones – somewhere between incredulous & epiphany. It really is something to see.

    As to this escapade: The press continues to contort & distort this story, from first a training excerice, then a photo op, then the fault of some dolt military officer (who as they like to say probably joined the military out of lack of opportunity anyway). In the end, if NY can stand the Yankees, they can put up with a screw up. Our brass was told not to disclose it for obvious reasons & like any liberal plan – IT CRAPPED ITSELF OUT OF THE GATE!




    YES – I’M YELLING!!!

    • JohnMG says:

      I particularly like this;

      …..‘NYPD brass say defense officials expressly told the city not to inform the public…..’

      And DOD did this on their own authority??! Not likely. When the Navy has to ask three times if they can take out a few terrorist pirates in a hostage situation??! The Moron is micro-managing every aspect of the military. The military was following orders. Nothing less. To believe otherwise is to deny reality.

      With Obama, the buck always stops ‘somewhere else’. He lies, and the MSM swears to it. No one should be surprised. Rusty’s right.

    • Reality Bytes says:

      They deny reality JohnMG, because Reality for them Bites too much (er, I mean Bytes).

  24. Faye says:

    We’ve got a bunch of lying 12 year olds running the country. How monstrously stupid. We’re supposed to believe Obama had no clue among others high up in the chain of command. And on top of that – no one thought it would cause panic? Even if everyone was notified, what a thoughtless and stupid thing to do for a “photo op”. Idiots!!!

  25. BigOil says:

    A day later, Barry has suddenly become furious and launched an internal investigation. Any guesses as to how long it takes the Messiah to exonerate himself?

    • proreason says:

      A head or heads will roll.

      And the heads that roll will be in the military.

      The scapegoat(s) have already been identified, or the investigation could not have been announced.

      Since it will be a thorough investigation, the guilty party won’t be able to be identified until there is some good news about Republicans that the msm can’t otherwise escape reporting.

  26. spiffyw says:

    He couldn’t bow to lay a rose at Ground Zero like everyone else did,he just kinda threw it ,
    o doesn’t think he did anything wrong and I’ll bet he knew something about the photo op too.

  27. Kim J says:

    I am sorry but this sounds like they screwed up and then called Texas to ask George what they should say. Oh try photo op! Sooo stupid

    Ok enough said, lets see the photos and they better not be photo shopped. Can’t provide… then 2 people need to be fired and the flight manifest needs to be published (you know “transparency”), can’t or won’t show that, then 2 more people fired. I voted for him and I am not really interested in looking back… except for really stupid thing like this!

  28. canary says:

    Considering hours of the WH not knowing of the simulated terrorist attack on NY and NJ, it’s possible Obama was on the flight.
    A recent article in NewsWeek, has security aids anonoymously complaining of Obama hating to be “cooped up” in the White House. Complaints that he is running his security ragged, with the dining trips, dates with Michele, or insisiting on walking instead of taking the bullet proof limo, etc. for blocks at a time.
    Strange to is the Director of White House Military that Obama appointed for the position, Louis Caldera, was on the Board of Directors at IndyMac Bank, when it was closed do to an FBI investigation for fraud activities at the bank. A former
    Airforce pilot, and he knew darn well, that this would cause the 9/11 victims flashbacks.
    So, much for Obama’s excuse to create a new position aid over security of technology to communicate faster than ever if there is a crisis, failed miserably. Kundra should get canned too, never should have been hired after laughing he did not learn of 9/11 til 8:20.
    It’s estimated the short flight cost approx 1 half million dollars. Course NY and NJ
    work force disrupted and taking off, probably cost the folkes millions.
    And when Obama was asked today about the incident, no look of compassion, or pain, showed on his face. No apology. It would have been worth a tv prompter.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      canary said:

      “And when Obama was asked today about the incident, no look of compassion, or pain, showed on his face.”

      Yes, I’ve noticed his abilities to run the full gamut of emotions from A to B.

    • JohnMG says:

      ….“And when Obama was asked today about the incident……..”

      I know…….but he said, “I won”!

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